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Sapien May 2018
I am an average, will that work? I always came last in my class in academics, I was weak in sports too. I have this imaginery world that I live in, where I beat all of you.
There is tedtalks, motivational seminars and videos, telling about the "The life of Average"
But the people in there are so not that.

They say find your passion, what If I don't have any? In this world where only talent helps you to earn money, where should I buy this talent from? Is there any shop nearby?
No I can't sing, neither can I write. I **** at Art, neither can I make you laugh.
What should an Average like me do this what I think.
Till how long will you love me that's what i think.
Sapien May 2018
There is thirst that I see in everyone eyes. There is lust on everyone's mind; They say. People who come here have a complex personality, I revolt. People thought It's the money these lustful men speaking.
Who cares about the world I thought. Do I even have something to lose, I checked my purse.
My purse was empty in terms of money, My respect was on the ground, already in the society.
What is my profession they asked? I simply, smiled and showed them my heart. I spread love. This is all I do, people call it prostitution but I call it nurturing the truth.
It's not necessary that your love stays with you all the time. Sometimes people just need someone to talk and listen to them. They need affection to help them to remove self doubts. Nurture them to make them and motivate to love themselves in and out.
******* is just a part of an act, The  emotional disfunction therapy is my queen of the chess.
Sapien May 2018
He rushed his finger from the temple of my eyes to my cheeks and neck, asked me if I was scared as if he cared.
I ask the same question to myself, all the time; Am I Scared? I thought
Obviously not! I am a healer.
I heal the pain of people just like him. Who comes to this room disturbed and depressed.
Every night I meet a new man with different story and pain. He tells me his tale and I reduce his pain. I reassured this thought in my mind and held his hand and unzipped my blouse , said "I am a doctor, Do you know why? "
I asked him in the most sensual manner in which I can.
His heart started beating faster, So did mine. His eyes were shining but were not like mine.  
They demaded plethora of lust, but his wealth was my only thirst.
He was desperate and impatient pulled me closer to ask; what kind of a doctor you possibly could be and laughed.
I pushed him aside and went away, Turned the only dull yellow bulb of the room off and Darkness was everywhere.
He got petrified I could feel in his voice, When he shouted am i out of my mind
I started walking towards him slowly and slowly, He tried to figure out where I am through the sound of my anklet.
There is this darkness inside every human that I witness all the time. This room is the spot bring that out.
This darkness is what you need right now to bring that beast out, I said.
But was that really true? I asked myself.
Was the darkness really for him to get his real personality out, or for me to get into the character that I play every night. Is this room a space for people that brings their reality out, Or my stage to act.
You will incarnate as a personality of your choice tonight. Told him that, kissed his lips and continued my act.
Sapien Dec 2017
Sometimes a completely unknown place feels so familiar,Sometimes extremely strange people feels like our own.
There is comfort in this strangeness, There is peace in this silence.
You don't always want laughter in your life, flicker of a smile, sometimes can resolve the complexities of the mind.
Sapien Jul 2017
There comes a point in your life when you dont understand what will happen the very next moment. When every single second astonishes you, when every other happening around you makes you question everything that you have ever done, every decision that you ever took, every path you ever choose, each word that you ever uttered. When there is darkness all around you and no hope of light. When all the motivational quotes of "finding a ray of light; hope, at the end of the tunnel", becomes as fictional as the world of potter.
But we still wait, yet we search for that fictitious light everytime, every second, every moment. Do you know why?
Because nothing in this world is stronger than your wishes, your passion, and your desire to get something that you want.
Believe in yourself and you will find your hogwarts one day.
Sapien Jul 2016
Ever wondered how unpredictable life is? You never know whats gonna happen next. Maybe just after reading this you get a lottery ticket or loose your stock market shares, Maybe your crush will reply to your text the next minute or you will get into a fight with the person you love. Someone may get his dream job and maybe someone will loose his.
In one corner of the world a baby will be born where everyone will be engaged in making him laugh and somewhere a mother will be mourning for loosing her kid.
You don't know whether you are going to survive next minute or not so how can you even sacrifice your present for future?
Each and every minute is precious and important. Live every second of your life because now you must know how unpredictable is your life and be thankful for what you have
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