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anitajehu Nov 2018
Everyone  I love goes away,
What I have become,
My sweetest dead rose in the midst of a flower season,
Blending in- mixture of confusion,
Real ones ain't of first sights,
Fake ones.. Their smiles coat it all,
In this black hole without ending,
You trip and only till you drawn,
Cause everyone you love goes,
Always tripping  on the dark side of life,
It's all sugar coated fake
anitajehu Nov 2018
Education  has changed her,
After all it's  its  aim to anyone
Or everyone,
Instead of the castle she needs,
a penthouse is build in her,
Education  has given her a degree,
Instead she needs an exploit,
Exploit of talent or a different  path...
She wants to live a different  life,
Still education  doesn't allow,
Education  has changed her,
In a positive  way to people's ego,
Though negative  to her universe,
They say learning builds you,
Or what is done today determines tomorrow,
She doesn't wanna be,
The she she is today...
#education #life #talent #path #ego #dream
anitajehu Nov 2018
You know that you're falling,
When your breathe becomes hectic,
Or the blood that flows through  you....
Doesn't appreciate  it's path,
When your heart breaks it's record
Rejecting the science laws,
You know that you're hitting a rock,
When you fall you in love deeply,
En' you're scared of letting go,
But when falling you don't see it,
People's  words become useless,
En' when you fall,
You know that you knew it before.
anitajehu Oct 2018
Do you miss me like I do?
Do you cry at the thought of those days?
Do you regret having met me?
Does it hurt when one mentions my name?
I'm told you're not worth tears,
But how  do I stop them
It's so strange how someone mends a shattered  heart,
Breaks it again, like its nothing,
Someone  you knew so much,
Becomes a stranger to you,
The most painful part is...
How do I tell my friends that you left,
Without reason,
How do I stop missing my past,
When trust was not an issue,
Cause I'm scared of crashing again,
I'm scared of meeting  new people,
I'm scared of moving on,
The past feels better than my future,
But I can't blame anyone
When I gave the chance,
anitajehu Oct 2018
They say in my generation,
A Bob is worth popularity,
Worth a bride or groom,
Worth two kids and lots of trips,
They say in my generation,
Jail is not a word....
In a rich mans tongue,
But how?
How couldn't  I see that you found my money,
How couldn't  I see...
Money  can't buy joy but heartbreaks,
I've never thought of my  signature,
On a divorce  script,
Let's blame fate though,
Cause  karma is a *****!
Gain in sunrise, lose on sunset,
Though  I promised heaven,
Hell exists too,
They say whats meant for you,
Will always find its way back,
I'm done waiting too,
This is my heartfelt final note,
Before the divorce sign off...
#divorce #sad #rich #heartbreak
anitajehu Oct 2018
When I say I'm rich,
I don't have to have a coin on me,
When I say that I drive,
Doesn't mean I got a car on me,
But when I say I own property...
Don't find for 'mine' house,
Don't look at my clothes and laugh,
Or my unleashed  talents,
Neither my wishes that swing on that shooting  star,
So why can't you look into me,
Smile and admire,
In that standard working ego,
No one gets into a sleepless mourny night,
Wakes up and scowls to the sun,
So I'll look richer in my broke days,
Cause depression is some hidden ninja,
Only you can see!
#depression #rich #personality #poor #hope #optimistic
anitajehu Sep 2018
I don't  understand  why....
I keep waiting  for you,
I keep staring for a call,
On the usual sidewalk,
At least your glimpse,
It keeps bruising me,
But I can't refrain,
I can't!
I hope for some small talk,
I hope for honesty,
I hope and hope and still hope
And keep  hoping till I bleed,
I still don't get it....
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