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Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
We all could have equal rights
If the world would only grant them.
We could all sing a brand-new
A truly joyous national anthem.
We could sing about at last
The words of the Constitution
Finally will match with reality
Without another revolution.

This is the tale of the autocrats
And how they got badly out of hand.
They decided they knew more about
Things they could never understand.
They decided they knew better than
The people with proper education.
So they elected their supporters to
Lay waste to their own fine nation.

This is a morality tale about greed
And what it can do to men’s minds;
That turns them to skulduggery
And makes them act as if they’re blind
To reason, decency and even honor
Taking advantage of the weakest
Who then grow weaker by the hour.

As many times in history, they promise
A shopping list of impossible dreams
And the weak think they’ll come true,
Say reality is not quite what it seems.
They think by listening to carpetbaggers
They will all get rich and supported
By each elected lying *******.
But those dreams are soon aborted.

For a while they believe the woes
Are made by their predecessors.
They’l blame the losers, the gays
The blacks and finally the electors.
They won’t question themselves
About the choices they all made.
By then the path of doom and death
Will be almost permanently laid.
Rockie Jul 2015
The difference between
A bird and a map
Is that one knows how to read the lands
And the other
Is made for morons
Who don't know how to explore.
It was fascinating
Very helpful and enchanting

Yet all else is limited
Or should I say limitless

For they are capable of things we aren't
A lot says it was for the better

As if it was the best
Simpleton, if I were to label all those who proclaims

But they have not opened their eyes
Or maybe something was covering it

Evil was seeping and overtaking
Those weren't being used for JUSTICE

They were far from what we call Human
Just because we DESIRE for the eternal
Doesn't mean we need to make careless decisions
Don't be blinded by those shiny golden bricks we call GOLD or those green papers with faces of deceased people

We must think thoroughly
For this creation might go to EXTINCTION
Let's peel off our masks
All of those covering the windows of our soul

These aren't completely helping
They're making the case worse
DESTRUCTIVE if I may say so
Those people who are ****** by the desire for power, their ****** reputations and craving for even more money... those bunch of pigs... I hate their guts...
RW Dennen Feb 2015
Yes, you out there wherever you may be
You try to steal our souls in poems
We know you, to the tee

What twisted motives to be us, by proxy, what cowardess you be
What an empty vessel posses you, such sadness, such despair
You pick our hard imagined fruit and not from your own tree

You clone our minds, like leaches on our skin
You wish us harm, you thieving ***
You wormy monster, a slug, next to kin

I curse you
I loath you
I hate you
You stealers of our youth
Betrayers of our written souls
What lacks is pride, and owners of the truth

— The End —