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Amanda Sep 2019
April 28/30

Let me be your Sunshine from Harlem Nights.
Taste this cookie, you'll fall in love from the first bite.
I’ll have you contemplating about leaving your wife;
you said your kids will be all-right.

I want to be your sunshine when your days feel like nights.
When darkness clouds your mind, and you're not sure
if you should shoot or fight.
Let me be your clear conscience.
I’m not the devil on the left shoulder,
I’m the angel on the right.

Let me softly kiss your cheeks when daylight peeks,
I like to express my love to you in the morning.
I can bring your wet dreams to reality.
My juices dripping down your shaft,
we didn't even take a bath.
You get me wetter than the dew on the lawn.    
I wanna' be your sunrise lick my crack of dawn,
from dust ‘till dawn then put it in my mouth when I yawn.

Baby, I’m a lucky dime.  
No, I’m not gold, but
I glitter from within my soul.
My curves are so fine, my kisses are divine, and
my ***** is so good,
if you threw it up in the air,
it would turn into sunshine!
Asominate Jan 2019
I'm running out of moonlight,
Soon it will end, the nightfall
Dawn would break, and I'll live to see the daylight
And fall apart at sunrise

Keep myself together while the moon shines
Cause at the sunbeams I fall apart.
When you work through the night and still not finished when the morning comes
LUNA Mar 2018
i dont know if it is because your 
too white skin
too skinny neck
too long hair or
too deep soul


i feel you too much
i need you too much 
i want you too much

i dream too much about us
i dream too much about all my feelings,
the feelings you may have...
and i dont even know

everything is too much for me
i am afraid, that after all, i’m still here having nothing
not even your kisses
how can i survive without your lips on mine?
tell me how
because i am dying inside
i die everyday waiting your text asking me to go out and have some coffee

i miss the fact that i dont even know how is your funny face of getting to much soda while you laugh or when you listen to your favorite song 
or your favorite movie

i know your address
i know where my love is
but i cant go
do you see how it's ******* hard? 
i am just trying to fix what you have already ****** up

i’m still here, you have my number
you know the color of my eyes
think about it
dont you want me staring at you in the morning? 
just think about me 
and look up here
i wont be here forever
but i promise that i will try harder and stay here for a while
i love you
Laurel Leaves Oct 2017
I'm not awake
And he's not here
The sun is peering through the crack in the curtains
The crow is outside
But I am not awake
And he's not here.
SummertimeLace Dec 2015
I woke up
Got ready as usual
Found eighty dollars
Kissed my little brother
and hugged my dog
slipped on my socks
and slid on my shoes
walked to my bus
In the warm morning air
To my surprise
My best friend Lily was there too
And I thought nothing of it
We chattered like normal girls
And giggled a little
I got on the bus
she stayed behind
The buss driver was different
But that was no matter
I silently took my seat
And then my alarm went off
It was all a dream!

— The End —