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Amanda Sep 2019
Dollars versus likes.
Visions versus sight.
Flowers in my pipe.
Mangos taste so ripe.
You treat wrong & never right.
When I can’t talk, I have to write.
Drown in desires day & night.
I need a hero. Where’s my knight?
Come be my King & take the throne.
I’m licking on your microphone.
West Palm Beach, I’m ocean grown.
I pick beaches over *******.
Justice over snitches.
Friends versus feelings.
I’m feeling like I need a friend.
I pick females over men.
Bras over boys.
Imagination over toys.
My work versus my games.
My pain versus my gain.
Without love, I go insane.
Without your love, I ain't the same.
This is the first open in my April 30/30 challenge. My goal is to post all my new poems by the end of the year.
Amanda Sep 2019
April 28/30

Let me be your Sunshine from Harlem Nights.
Taste this cookie, you'll fall in love from the first bite.
I’ll have you contemplating about leaving your wife;
you said your kids will be all-right.

I want to be your sunshine when your days feel like nights.
When darkness clouds your mind, and you're not sure
if you should shoot or fight.
Let me be your clear conscience.
I’m not the devil on the left shoulder,
I’m the angel on the right.

Let me softly kiss your cheeks when daylight peeks,
I like to express my love to you in the morning.
I can bring your wet dreams to reality.
My juices dripping down your shaft,
we didn't even take a bath.
You get me wetter than the dew on the lawn.    
I wanna' be your sunrise lick my crack of dawn,
from dust ‘till dawn then put it in my mouth when I yawn.

Baby, I’m a lucky dime.  
No, I’m not gold, but
I glitter from within my soul.
My curves are so fine, my kisses are divine, and
my ***** is so good,
if you threw it up in the air,
it would turn into sunshine!

— The End —