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Lunar Luvnotes Jan 2015
When we met,
you made my heart wet.
Like morning dew of hope,
from Heaven, chemistry crept,
with hope and regret
of everything you may
and may not get.
Your faculties tasted me
in anticipation...
How my eyes' light
might look in your bed,
how my words ringing
swam in your head.
You perked me up like sweet grass,
onto my taste buds you bled.
Our souls danced
and sang in embrace.
When we parted they said,
Well if that's that,
mission accomplished.
Whether covert or conscious,
whether or not
she even calls him,
we have loved once again.
Less a natural reaction,
more an inexplicable combustion.
From that day on it was destined,
from admiration swapped and accepted,
We could never return
to who we'd been.
"Man on the Moon" series.
Lunar Luvnotes Jan 2015
I lay atop the grass with Cecily,
taking in the sun anew.
He calls down,
Come see what I've done now,
come see this new tattoo!
I'm rather proud!  
   Not now cuz, I'm busy.
Oh come now, it's profound!
A portrait of Edgar Allen Poe!
   Speaking of poets,
   I'm quite in the middle
   of an epic something...
   DO YOU MIND?!  
It's realllllly good though!  
   Oh, fine.
I plod my *** up the stairs
in the heat and reach the balcony.
I'm blown out of the water.
He's right, it's a masterpiece!
Edgar's soul ringing out
through skin to me!  
   Oh, wow.
   You know,
   he owns my favorite poem.
Which is that?  
   A dream within a dream.
Ah yes,
the canvas muses,
reciting a verse,
just like music.
Well isn't this canvas kindred!  
The length of his cigarette
the duration of time we quip.
Back and forth, our own prose.
He says not to kiss your ***,
but you are quite moving my soul.  
You are inspiring me,
the way you tie emotions to paper,
in utter splendor.  
Smoke break over,
to return to mechanical buzzing.
His eyes sincere,
I'd like to share,
hear more your words.
   And I yours! I descend stairs,
with Godson in towe.
Are you of this town?
   Yes, for now.
As am I, you should take my digits.
I'm still descending.
   Oh, right..
pulling out my phone.
    I'm a stickler for full names,
   what are you called?
   Oh, I'm Italian too!  
Well, I'm Sicilian, it's quite a difference.
   Oh is it now?
******* elitist.
Handsome though.
We'll see where this goes...
"Man on the Moon" series really more a short story, my absolute favorite. Soulmate reunion.
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
Never been so attracted
to one being.
Wildly attracted
to traits of many,
always fleeting.
So many rolled
into one man
leaves me speechless,
intrigued and fiending.
He mirrors my lunacy,
and my fiery independence,
our duality.
Water bearers
pour streams
adjoined from
the heavens, unencumbered.
After years of finding
the streams gravitating
into one,
we ditch a gourd.
Our fingers intertwined
under the neck
and the base of
the remaining one.
Our eyes mingle mysteriously
each morning,
and when they find stars
they get to pouring.
"Man on the Moon" series. 9/20/14 Dominant aspects of our emotional sides of our Natal chart we share (moonchildren, cancers) and strong commonality of being weirdos (Aquarius ). The thing I love the most that my past love embodied, he keeps hold of independence with a death grip except for when it sneaks out from under him. A good example for me to not hand over my power along with my love unconditionally. Us ending has brought about everything we've needed to see.. I could never fall out of love easily, but I can take notes. It's survival of the fittest out there and I'm scurred so I lunge. Not at some one, u kno, the kind to mold my ***. Anyway, back then when I was love drunk writing this, I thought it was so silly and a result of fantasmical wishes. I see now this vision painted in my mind come alive before it ever found words is a perfect demonstration of our shared skill of clairvoyance or rather shared-vision. I see from afar this symbolism is loosely demonstrating our shared vision (ditching a gourd is working past differences and holding unbreakable perfect vision, to me at least looking back, we are holding God, pouring the wisdoms of truth. Drink tha drank its good for you. I kno now how important shares vision and good faith in a relationship is detrimental to my own romantic happinesses. This man blessed my life. God sent this one and he will send another.
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
Spark up my cancer stick
as the mist rolls in.
Enchanted, I sit on these steps
and catch water rivulets
while holding my breath,
the smoke entwining
with secrets I've shed,
all the while cherishing
the thought of shared bed.
My wicked streak
no longer welcome here
there's no room
in our nest
for this shame
in my chest
I find myself nourishing
what hasn't happened yet,
the tender side of my soul
in the dead of night
I sit here alone not cold,
for beknownst to me,
my inner vision in sight,
orange cones
surround the scene,
that cannot obscure
oxygen growing in trees
and all the famed whispers
cavorting with me.
All congenial
with our convictions,
this depiction
of snow Winter sent
has me lifted.
Every fence i lean over
has only meant that
I see you.
Spring sprouts as a human,
your hope makes me feel new.
I've hit the ground running
to pick up your pace,
but not for a second
do I feel in a race.
We have hit
a harmonious stride,
and Dear, I do find
that your words
are the grace
in this ephemeral place.
I'm right beside you smiling
because home is your face.
"Man on the Moon" series. Collaboration with my former man on the Moon, my mirror, my leopard, my artist musician, my Mediterranean bliss kit.. Well you know, when we were amidst hope love lust and ambition as one. That's when we wrote this. He wrote most of it, but I'm proud of my contribution and proud to have had the honor of such inspiration to my life path. Peace out **** beast I release u I set u free. I didn't say it's pain free, I'm saying I'm a tough ***** when I'm not a mess and I'm doing it so never fret for me, thank you kindly. I  thought since I heard it, codependent as it is, That when u hit the ground running to pick up my pace, I knew indeed that YOUR  words are the graceful ones in this ephemeral place because I found the protective tone in your notion and also this line to be the most romantic love potion in all of existence. Wow I am codependent but so are you and that's why we stuck hard and fast like super glue, we're both passionate and protective and all the downsides of that if we remain oblivious victims to it. Home is still your face my dear friend.  That notion never ends.
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
Your face lights up my life
like stars enchanting the night.
Hold me strong
when it's cold and
strum my heart strings
like chords.

When you pour your guts
into the vibrating Gibson
I see babies around us clapping
and think, maybe it IS him.
Perhaps with this one
I'll let my heart beat in tandem
to his vigorous pitch
til all 8 chambers are done in,
fingers intertwined.

To invisible violin,
we can go together,
warm in bed on God's time,
perhaps stories like this
are not myth.
"Man on the Moon" series. This is old, kinda. Prolific day of thinking this Christmas. I love and respect the one who inspired this poem and all the other poems of this series and most the clutch my soul series as well, I swear there is at least a hundred. I thank God I made a space for this being in my life, EVEN for just a short time. With this love nothing was in vain, it made me a better person. I thought back to my life before I knew he existed and can hardly believe the difference. Nothing was much different, but wasn't it? No less happy, but still, a world of difference in loving myself more now thanks to him. My capacity to be shameless hadn't been developed and then discarded. I will probably never find one that makes me feel as deeply understood, but I'm starting to accept this and move on from it, no less worshipping his solace. His arms are not mine. And that is not unfortunate. It's just this life game and I'd better get used to it.
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
My muse,
how you rousse
me to come to
from my slumber,
eyes wide.
What I feel
inside for you
cannot be contained
to my heart
or my brain.
This stirring
borders insane.
For you what won't I do?
So what if you're the plank
I walk, to gift me momentum
when I wish to plunge?
To the depths of fantasy,
to shed the world above.
"Clutch My Soul" series 10/22/14
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014

I vow to bite you
when it's least expected.
To jump start your body
right when you feel winded..
and you didn't think I was listening.

I long to heal
the scars of your heart,
to cleanse you of all burdens,
to kiss your feet.
My lips, epsom salts.

You light my fire!
My passions burn bright white,
sincere like moonlight dancing
on waves of dreams,
where you ushered me
up the mountain side,
amidst rocky cliffs
and fervent tossing sea.

Atop the crest
of a forest endearing,
upon a lagoon glowing
neon aquamarine with
the alligator creeping..


Don't be scared,
come peep!
Do not worry,
he just eats chickens,
not people!

Now enjoy the scenery
while I read this book,
I need my dose of non-fiction.
Life with you beside me
is the strangest paradise of
fantasy fused with conviction.

For you, I breathe.
I will ground down
when need be, to lead.
I'll just keep our pinkies hooked while you float about.

We will find our way.
I assure you reign supreme
my queen.
Until my dying day,
you shine for me.
"Man on the Moon" series. Made a poem of a dream sequence I had one night.. This is old. Liberties were taken. The intro and outro were adlibbed, back when. The meat is straight dream sequence. I guess dating me is like holding a balloon..really not surprised I got dumped lol that's not really why, but it's ok cuss Jesus took me back..
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
If this life plane is but illusion,
let me live in your heart
where time is ceaseless,
where I have not a care,
where it's warm,
where it's real,
where the truth won't elude me.
Where I am suspended like a snare,
ringing in every thrum
of your chambered drum,
in every heartbeat.
"Thrum" of series "Clutch My Soul" I found in my phone's notepad from 10/12/14

— The End —