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Dec 2014
Spark up my cancer stick
as the mist rolls in.
Enchanted, I sit on these steps
and catch water rivulets
while holding my breath,
the smoke entwining
with secrets I've shed,
all the while cherishing
the thought of shared bed.
My wicked streak
no longer welcome here
there's no room
in our nest
for this shame
in my chest
I find myself nourishing
what hasn't happened yet,
the tender side of my soul
in the dead of night
I sit here alone not cold,
for beknownst to me,
my inner vision in sight,
orange cones
surround the scene,
that cannot obscure
oxygen growing in trees
and all the famed whispers
cavorting with me.
All congenial
with our convictions,
this depiction
of snow Winter sent
has me lifted.
Every fence i lean over
has only meant that
I see you.
Spring sprouts as a human,
your hope makes me feel new.
I've hit the ground running
to pick up your pace,
but not for a second
do I feel in a race.
We have hit
a harmonious stride,
and Dear, I do find
that your words
are the grace
in this ephemeral place.
I'm right beside you smiling
because home is your face.
"Man on the Moon" series. Collaboration with my former man on the Moon, my mirror, my leopard, my artist musician, my Mediterranean bliss kit.. Well you know, when we were amidst hope love lust and ambition as one. That's when we wrote this. He wrote most of it, but I'm proud of my contribution and proud to have had the honor of such inspiration to my life path. Peace out **** beast I release u I set u free. I didn't say it's pain free, I'm saying I'm a tough ***** when I'm not a mess and I'm doing it so never fret for me, thank you kindly. I  thought since I heard it, codependent as it is, That when u hit the ground running to pick up my pace, I knew indeed that YOUR  words are the graceful ones in this ephemeral place because I found the protective tone in your notion and also this line to be the most romantic love potion in all of existence. Wow I am codependent but so are you and that's why we stuck hard and fast like super glue, we're both passionate and protective and all the downsides of that if we remain oblivious victims to it. Home is still your face my dear friend.  That notion never ends.
Lunar Luvnotes
Written by
Lunar Luvnotes  Hell, California
(Hell, California)   
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