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Jan 2015
I lay atop the grass with Cecily,
taking in the sun anew.
He calls down,
Come see what I've done now,
come see this new tattoo!
I'm rather proud!  
   Not now cuz, I'm busy.
Oh come now, it's profound!
A portrait of Edgar Allen Poe!
   Speaking of poets,
   I'm quite in the middle
   of an epic something...
   DO YOU MIND?!  
It's realllllly good though!  
   Oh, fine.
I plod my *** up the stairs
in the heat and reach the balcony.
I'm blown out of the water.
He's right, it's a masterpiece!
Edgar's soul ringing out
through skin to me!  
   Oh, wow.
   You know,
   he owns my favorite poem.
Which is that?  
   A dream within a dream.
Ah yes,
the canvas muses,
reciting a verse,
just like music.
Well isn't this canvas kindred!  
The length of his cigarette
the duration of time we quip.
Back and forth, our own prose.
He says not to kiss your ***,
but you are quite moving my soul.  
You are inspiring me,
the way you tie emotions to paper,
in utter splendor.  
Smoke break over,
to return to mechanical buzzing.
His eyes sincere,
I'd like to share,
hear more your words.
   And I yours! I descend stairs,
with Godson in towe.
Are you of this town?
   Yes, for now.
As am I, you should take my digits.
I'm still descending.
   Oh, right..
pulling out my phone.
    I'm a stickler for full names,
   what are you called?
   Oh, I'm Italian too!  
Well, I'm Sicilian, it's quite a difference.
   Oh is it now?
******* elitist.
Handsome though.
We'll see where this goes...
"Man on the Moon" series really more a short story, my absolute favorite. Soulmate reunion.
Lunar Luvnotes
Written by
Lunar Luvnotes  Hell, California
(Hell, California)   
   Eric Ian Huffman and ---
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