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xerez bridglall Mar 2018
The last night we spoke it felt like the birds would never chirp again,
The love lost silence after each sentence was what I picture the inside of a black hole to be.
You closed your eyes and cradled your head,
Sunken and broken,
We sat on the edge of our shipwreck at the bottom of an endless ocean,
I couldn’t patch the dams with my words,
The cracks were abundant.
Today I visit the iceberg we hit,
It is still mountainous,
And I am still not ready to tackle the climb.
xerez bridglall Jul 2017
Let me tell you about the days that make Atlas feel free,
When the weight of your world makes your knees shake,
When laying on the ground feels like the only good thing you've done for yourself.

Let me tell you about the nights that make the Artic feel bright,
Where the sun doesn't rise soon enough to remind you there is always another day.

Let me tell you about the feeling of glass against your back as you lean out to feel the breeze of a cool summers night,
Reaching for anything that reminds you that  feeling empty isn't forever.
xerez bridglall Jul 2017
Meet me off the beaten path,
Where lavender grows wild.

Race me through the overgrown grass,
Until we collide in exhaustion,
Our hands sweaty as we reach for each other.

Lay me down slowly under the bejeweled sky,
As you whisper our tomorrows into my ear,
Your breath is the wind,gently wrapping around my neck.

Hold me fiercely when you cannot hold yourself together,
I will be your glue, and your rock.

Even the mightiest oaks bend.
xerez bridglall Apr 2017
When we were young we are told to stay away from the edges,
That if we fall we'll be hurt.
As the years pass by we inch closer to the ledge,
Curious of what we were warned against.
We sneak peaks,
Eyes searching, hands jammed defiantly into pockets,
Breathing heavy with red cheeks.
We are taught to search our closets for monsters,
Snuggled between our clothes.
We were never taught that monsters lay in the contours of your face.
xerez bridglall Apr 2017
Some nights my bones feel like milk,
Pouring into the sheet I lay upon,
Draining me of form.
I become a suit of skin.
xerez bridglall Mar 2017
Marry me into the spaces in your life,
Because the mountains shift ever so slightly to fill empty skies.
I was once the sky,
Searching barren deserts for mountains.
Until I realized, I am mountainous.
I want a lazy kind of love
Sleeping until noon you can rummage my mind
I'll unfold the sunlight for you
My fractured eyelids have dreamcatcher eyes
I'll carry the moon in my pocket, the lightening in my core
My poetic mouth will get us  through the nights
Unbound lips gather the earth
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