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Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Remembered best.

Conspired in listful site.
Lay upon frozen forgoing lake.
Seize in the night.
For embrace of lips of world.
Only imagined.
In the mist blue grasping through.
The pines.
Glisten of eyes.
Mirrored in soft pyro
She lay.
In nothing but amethyst wools.
Playing the 6 string.
She sleeps to the tune.
In easiness of the early brake of new.

Garrett Johnson
A Worthy mess.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
I die each time.

Rug floor.
Her Eyes.
But homemade.
& lived in.
I heard the sound.
Sent for.
For the heads.
& Sick.
With grief from the lips.

Garrett Johnson.
Always you.
Garrett Johnson Dec 2019
Once again

I fell into those eyes,
Once again.

Garrett Johnson.
As it rains in azure
storm siren Mar 2017
I'm sure one day you'll see me.
One day you'll appreciate that I stuck around.
One day you'll realize that this is give and take,
And that I've given more than my fair share,
(But I'm okay with that.)

One day you'll understand that I can't read minds,
And one day you'll articulate that you care,
And one day you'll verbalize how much I mean to you.

One day you'll hear me,
Without words.
And one day you'll see me
With your heart.

But until then,
I'll keep guessing and hoping
That maybe I am enough for you.
And maybe there are just words you haven't said,
Maybe there are actions left to be done.

One day I'll be healthy.
One day I'll be better.
One day I'll be what you subconsciously want me to be,
Because maybe that's the problem.

But until that day,
I sit here with misty eyes,
Choking on whimpers and sobs.

I just want you to show that you care.
storm siren Feb 2017
I love in vast amounts.

With all of me.

With my whole being.

How do you "low key" love someone?

How do you not give your all?

How do you not wear yourself thin?

I'm destroying myself
Because I love so much.
Because with the amount of love I give,
I know I'll never be worth half of it.

And maybe it's some kind of cosmic punishment.
For whatever sins against whatever god I may have committed.

Too much of anything is too much.
Even something like love.

My skin is starving for your touch,
And my heart aches for your voice.

I don't think I'll ever get better
And maybe that's why you're so far away
Even when you're right here.
Cade Apr 2016
our colors bleed together,
into a beautiful, beautiful,
It's my favorite color
Cade Apr 2016
i can see the fight within you,
it tears you apart,
are you a monster, you ask?
will you allow yourself to be a monster?
your hands they can create,
but it is much easier to destroy,

i have been where you have been,
pushing feeling, down
but please hear me out,
they will only come bubbling back with a vengeance
you try to shield yourself,
from the hurt,
but you’re only locking yourself away,
from all you could know,
Mark Ball Aug 2014
Your silence is a kind of
From words that were left
But when swept in a drunken
The words of then are bled.
I know you more;
Yet, still I don't.
There's more for me to see
But keep your mouth and desires
Do not be familiar to me.

— The End —