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Cade Apr 2018
the woods are a frighteningly beautiful place,
strong and ancient, they either protect you with their grace,
or become your enemy and swallow you forever,
give them the respect they deserve,
worry not for the children
for they are safe within their confines,
worry for your own soul,
as they have yet to deem you worthy,
Cade Nov 2017
you sit next to me, warmth radiating off your posed form,
giving me a sense of mars, alien and cold, but warm on the inside,
you fill me with feeling, a longing for a fishtown I’ve never known,
where it is grey and green and iridescent, and calm,
and you give me long conversations, in a car when it’s raining,
philosophizing with our minds, until we move to the back, and use our bodies,
and you are hard to predict, being an ever shifting scape of thoughts,
flipping feelings like a coin, full of potential, wild and unrestricted,
I wouldn’t change you from the fluid form you currently possess,
moving like water, graceful, and dangerous,
and when you ***** up your face, I use the moment,
to watch you freely, feeling lucky
Cade Nov 2017
All I’ve ever wanted, is to be the best version of myself,
and no matter how hard I try,
I haven’t been able to find her,
but in you,
in you I see her,
sometimes sad,
but supported,
despite my objections,
she is loved.
Cade Nov 2016
of warm blankets,
under which limbs are tangled,
and skin is touching skin,
as we try to exchange words,
using only our bodies,

and bright screens,
filled with adventure,
and competition,
setting our minds to focus,
even though,
I am thinking of you,

and bright blue screens,
waiting patiently for a time,
yet to come,

and quick moves,
projected strategy,
on a blank wall,
a canvas of competition,
shedding light on our warring minds,

and a smooth talking voice,
flowing like silk,
from a smirking mouth,
that does unspeakable things to me,

and a face,
like a sinners,
beautiful and dark,
hiding things,
I can only guess,

and cool nights,
with softly shining moonlight,
goading me outside,
so I can remember who I am,

and a lithe body,
pressed up against my stocky form,
sporting a somehow curvaceous,
Cade May 2016
you warm me to the bone,
and then there is fire in my veins,
and it’s never enough,
I’m left with a raging need,
boiling and bubbling,
I want more,
more heat,
more warmth,
more life,
pooling warmth,
nimble fingers,
a heat in my heart,
my mouth,
a pulling feeling,
a savage need,
touch me.
Cade Apr 2016
two loves,
two lives,
two more to protect,
two more to put in danger,
two more to fail,
two more to bring me to life,
both different,
both loved,
Cade Apr 2016
i am fire,
but fast burning,
and you are steel,
but cold,
when we come in contact,
we make something new,
we both reform,
into something more,
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