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Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Remembered best.

Conspired in listful site.
Lay upon frozen forgoing lake.
Seize in the night.
For embrace of lips of world.
Only imagined.
In the mist blue grasping through.
The pines.
Glisten of eyes.
Mirrored in soft pyro
She lay.
In nothing but amethyst wools.
Playing the 6 string.
She sleeps to the tune.
In easiness of the early brake of new.

Garrett Johnson
A Worthy mess.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
Paper rats in the walls.

& Like the life previous.
I sense them once more.
Clawing at the inside of my brain.
But the floor.
They wine in cancerous heat upon my door.
& Leave my wall into a galaxy of a corpse.

Garrett Johnson.
On fire in the front row.
And her kiss had to throw me.

— The End —