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Rudy's idea
that trump
hush money
with character
witness in
a defamation
law suit
rescind the
amount in
question for
favorable glance
with Stormy's
****** this
question of
honesty no
longer applicable
in case.
A mayor on patrol counsel Trump
ryn Jan 2017
Eyes have vision
Mind decisive
Words bear meaning
Actions hardly furtive

Body is hale
And legs could carry
Resolution never stronger
But heart remains a liability
The hardest of men bear the softest of hearts.
Chano Williams Apr 2014
Let the flames consume me
Swallow me whole
Hellfire brings life
T­o my deadened senses
It used to be you
Maybe there’s a correlatio­n
To this thrilling sensation
I feel most alive
When prepared to ­expire
Please, keep me here
Release these fears
I don’t know warm­th
All I know is fire or ice
Why do I feel old
At such a youthful­ age?
Young me down
Dumb me down
Numb me down
What was wrong befo­re
Is still what’s wrong today
Sometimes I just won’t say
What it­ is to you kids
Thanks, but move on
You hurt more than help
Thoug­h, helping more than hurting
Pains me much, still
Don’t assume so­ many things
Give your eyes a break
Put down your stone
Shoot you­r high horse
Chop up that pedestal
Become low and lesser
Then may­be you can hear me
Between the shouting
And the lashing
The tears­ and the blood
The put­downs to build up
Until the once built
Hav­e crumbled to your consent
What’s my content?
For you to complete­ the job
Most business is unfinished,
But you’ll complete this ta­sk
You were contracted since, “Hello.”
Sad, I know, but
Don’t be ­sociable otherwise
Get over it
Burn me, burn them
Burn you, burn ­friends,
Burn whomever, whatever
Just leave ashes, dust,
Smoke, s­mog, haze, regrets

— The End —