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Vishal Pant Apr 2020
The silence surrounds
Laying on the green grass
Staring at the setting sun, it's a reddish round
A Twite's trill treads all around

A benign breeze breaks,
helping the wafting wherry
The perpetual pier
gathered a gleeful gaggle

The lulling lake
a serene sight
beauty bound
A dream domicile
K Balachandran Dec 2018
A lakeside egret,
Curiously watches a peerie fish;
Forgets killer instinct.
Gaius Normanyo Mar 2017
I do not want to be a fishing float
adrift on the waters of existence,
allowing myself to accept stagnation,
bobbing ever buoyant to
the ebb and flow of the mundane.
Reel me in and cast me again into living waters.
Wash away doubts and anxiety —
the fears that snag my line, my vexation.
Give me peaceful rest in fresh water
that is replenished by Your rain.
10:45 PM, 3/14/17
Inspired by a lakeside photography escape after class, the fishers that I met, and the following verses.
John 4:14
Matthew 4:19
Isaiah 45:8
Check them out sometime.
Jim Marchel Sep 2016
Tear the flesh from my bones
Til my soul is alone
And my body's a lake
Fed from red-running holes.

You are stagnant and cold
Like the moss on a stone
And a cesspool for sinners
Who you let come and go.
For a soldier dealing with a bitter divorce.

— The End —