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You are my cookies 'n cream
but I melt in your arms
as if the warmth I feel were not enough

A late spring's dream
A storm of reassurance drowns
all doubts of my love

Blossoming, they can be seen
sprouting tears only of joy
Dew ascends effortlessly, shining heavens' alight
Late 10:50ish PM, 5/7/19 - 11:19 PM 5/7/19
You know I should be sleeping, but I made this for
<3 you.
I can rest now.
Despite their intentions,
People rarely notice when I'm on the line
Seen in their mentions,
Giving so much of myself and time
Gaius Normanyo Jul 2017
Lighthouse keeper by the shore, watching life pass he did the most
Eyeing ships, so bright and lively, that would sail near his post
'Til one fateful night one ship seemed to be set ablaze
Gravitating toward the sight that was a rarity in all his days
One door he swung open, leaving his beacon, bolting downstairs
Of peril and risk, he cared not; to him they seemed like minor fares
Fiery reflections undulated from afar as the keeper dashed to shore
Yanking his rowboat into the water, he paddled toward the source
Opening his eyes truly, he awoke to hands without a single oar
Under a guise he would man his post distractedly in the night
Realizing that the ship was a dream, he turned around to a fright
Precariously placed lanterns had fallen, shattering as he slept
And flames began to claim his home and post, as if collecting a debt
Sleep walking had moved him to the shore, by grace he was alive
The lighthouse keeper would rebuild, but this time he would thrive
7-11-17 (Oh look, a palindrome date! I should book it to 7-11 for a Slurpee when I leave campus...)
It's an acrostic poem, so I hope you get the message.
The theme of this poem, the abandoned lighthouse, has been on my mind for at least three months, but I had not put pen to paper until 7-10-17. While initially thinking of the idea, I had planned to have the lighthouse burn with no conclusion of rebuilding, but in recent weeks I realized that had come from my past state of depression. I'm now starting a renewed life through God's grace and I knew I had to fix that today when I finally wrote and typed the poem out, although it did take four drafts to make something so simple.
I think it means something when you crave to speak to someone when the world is silent, When the stars are bright & there isn't much to do.

I think it means something that you own my thoughts, that to hug you feels like holding my dreams, that I wake up to many notifications & I just hope one of them is from you.

I think it means something that I can see how special you are, that I can see your unparalleled beauty exudes much deeper than just physical attraction.

I think it means something that I can see what you have to offer & what you deserve. Stars sing about angels like you, poets they write about you at 5am & you deserve to be loved overwhelmingly beyond levels of satisfaction.
Gaius Normanyo Mar 2017
I do not want to be a fishing float
adrift on the waters of existence,
allowing myself to accept stagnation,
bobbing ever buoyant to
the ebb and flow of the mundane.
Reel me in and cast me again into living waters.
Wash away doubts and anxiety —
the fears that snag my line, my vexation.
Give me peaceful rest in fresh water
that is replenished by Your rain.
10:45 PM, 3/14/17
Inspired by a lakeside photography escape after class, the fishers that I met, and the following verses.
John 4:14
Matthew 4:19
Isaiah 45:8
Check them out sometime.
Gaius Normanyo Feb 2017
At times it seems like I feel too much
Think, love, and care
Further than any other would dare
But thank you Lord
I would not be who I am if I did not
11:48 PM, 12/23/16 - 12:07 AM, 12/24/16
Gaius Normanyo Feb 2017
Mom and Pops, thank you for coming together
Mom, especially for pushing through, you weathered
The trimesters, pain, and uncertainty
Pops did not pass out, he tried earnestly

Here I am today to thank You for grace
Your example is to what I strive for and chase
While I attempt to follow heavenly steps, not quite perfectly
I will continue cherish the life given to me, eternally
7:30 AM GMT, 2/8/98 - 2:30 AM EST, 2/8/17
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