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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
With just a click
                    the wick
absorbs the flame.

A gossamer light
                      that ignites
into a beacon of warmth.

A temple blessed
                       A mess
My own desk.

Wax starts to melt
                       And pelt
Into the ocean of its own creation.

A flame so soothing
                     Hand moving
Page a field of snow.

Enough of this kitsch
                      Flipped switch
A flame confused and sputtering.

The fan spins and calms
                           Resting palm
A flame vanishes.
Gray Jun 2018
Some people think Ms. Rosemary is a witch
Even her clothes were somewhat kitsch
But she has the most polite set of manners
So can you blame her and her high standards?

Ms. Rosemary also sure loves to dance
Causing all who see her to go into a trance

Maybe that's why people have an itch
That Ms. Rosemary is a witch!
Ash Feb 2018
A ****** thing
When put there in the lamplight
But chosen with the utmost care
Pretend it’s just kitsch
And not some ******* you’d throw away had someone else gifted it.
Captain Trips Aug 2015

Twirl through
the uphill bottle,
and battle the
summertime blues.

Spin free
of the days
spent swimming
in expensive *****.

Dance on my tongue,
or bourbon,
whatever the hell
you may be.

Spin with me,
close my eyes
to the dream.

Spin with me,
my glass-necked fiend.

Spin me free.

— The End —