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King Tutankhamun Sep 2015
Yo check it
So many folks out there jealous of yo riches
Multiply the stitches
Eradicate em leave em in ditches
These hyprocrite
Still suckin' lady liberty ****
I aint backin down ****
Til burnt to rubbles i got troubles
Just cuz im a stolen man
My enemy aint even in another land
My enemies be of the USA
so i give a **** what a cop say
Justice aint never there for us
All they show is guns to bust
Faced off closed caskets open caskets
The nerve of these *******
We gettin paid off
Even though ya cant bring back the dead
Tears still going to shed
From all of the hurt and bloodshed
My nigguhs need to reunite
**** black n white
Thats just a game the media love to play
So they led us astray
Followin' the path of these devils
Rebuke these *******
So i had no choice but to be a rebel
See me uh this is tha life of an outlaw

In the 90s fools didnt hear me though
To caught up in the dope cash flow
Yo i got rocks to go and fiends to blow
Yea even though we lost in the eye of the father why bother
Cuz we on some *******
The matrix
Got us actin like dumb tricks
Cant make our own profit
If we rebuilt our ****
Lets make it bulletproof
So it'll be hard to knock it
Al sharpton jesse jackson
Cant see the actions
They house *******
Only get a pension for the
White surpremacys satisfaction
Yea we know jesse killed king
And the crows sing
****** ****** blast homie
Tell me what ya see now
If i showed u lynchin' of me
Would u still smile?
Or go buckwild
**** the fortune and fame
My momma had to struggle man
Tryna keep.out the prison system
But they provoke a *****
So i gotta show em im not ya average *****
Uh when i fight back they get mad
When we get surpressed and bow
They get glad
Uh even though never had my dad
Son of *****
Left me with missing puzzle pieces
Of life so i had to find a fit
And get this americas a culprit
Guilty of killin' us since slavery
Ask the indians about thanksgiving
And how they living?
And bet they smack the **** outta you
Make you get a clue
So the words i speaks is nothing but true
Vanish demons and replenishin'
Souls through barrel gunfire life expire
Dont ya know never step to my crew ?
Only a few
Can be down so indulge the silence
In yo jaw
Or else be prepared to face a millions
Vexed outlaws
This is the life of an outlaw outlaw
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
it all started when i signed the contract
i knew i was ****** just cuz im black
fresh in its like a jail cell with no bail stepped into a world with no feelings
no heart apart
from this contract i got a duffle bag m 16 rifle
Told mama im.goin' to war
she dont understand i may come back in a box hard to dodge the ****
of the government over here
fightin' for some silly *** oil
negoitating with the enemy
but at the same time i am the enemy? United states burnin' up country while we workin' for free
got **** congress makin' millions more times than me
they say it aint a conspiracy?
they say i think too much and that my feelings touched
cuz i been in combat but truth is
they dont want your kids
to know the difference between reality n illusion is but
i say **** the press the army and im coming back vicious revenge
is delicious malicious
acts been done since man crawled out the sand pit times tickin'
grease the c.o.p so gun dont start trippin' and im still.wonderin'
will i escape the pain and misery the governments done to me and my comraderie
we earned the title of a vet
but they pawn us as trophies they get good publicity
sayin' we winnin' the war
when the war is at home rights being takin' every single day CIA Linked with the NSA no more private security
what the ******* think an IP is?
watchin' over us scared of us cuz of a revolution may bust out the cobb webbs been meaning to do this art is a reflection of reality i callit how i see why so many of military corps endin' up in the penitentiary?
cuz fools is pickin' truth over a numbered name excercisin' rights brings society pain got all the conservatives goin' insane
these muthaphukkas know the real
but they braille with they mass appeal startin' race riots white vs black black vs mexican
nigguhs u aint a American
ya stolen
secret society dont want us in unity
so do what the ******* want to embrace ?Crowleys tactics ?
use that black magic and watch em go in flames
use frankincense and myrhh to focus my brain
i got wealths no riches
nigguhs cant put a price on a mind
im the son of garvey malcolm even that crazy boy Carlin
as long as they stand for true
imma stand with you
army fatigue galore guns indeed
breakin' the demons seeds
that was planted long ago in the garden of eden
serpents been on earth since
darkness was first they had to separate dark from the light wrong from right
now that im out on bail
the military losin' there sight too focused on drug cartels
when they ones who sail
the dope in but the hood gets the pen? ultimate perdition folks in the senate listenin' say its us but we ain't got no passports why the **** they hidin gold at the fort?
Knox imagine that if we were to overpower the system the wouldnt have no choice but to listen they silence the powerful voices that influence minds
fools stay on yo grind
and so what even though my comments is being recorded and audit
but im at peace with self i dont see sunshine cuz its shorted
now take this to the daily news
so these public speakers can report it uh
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
In the ghetto
Huh they say you can be anything
You wanna be
So i joined the army
Notknowing that I'll still
Face tragedy and racism aint went no where
It feels ghostly evil stares
Of past scornful memories
They traded stock off the fields
And put us in the penitentiary
I got my first arrest in elementary
Just for being black on a sunday
Walkin' on a one way street
Preachers aint talking about that
Cuz they know theyll get lynched for that
Now they follow anything
And everything
That attracts money fortune and fame
You know the name?
We die more for the name of the father
Religion is *******
No matter whats coming out the puplits
They still gone ****
Think of you as a nigguh belittle
Troublesome and only good
For cheap labor
Be good and ya might get a penny  raise
For good behavior
Still lookin' a savior?
That ***** been dead think abiut it
He died at 33 ?
Now ask yo self how many nigguhs
Died before 33? Ships full of slaves?
Lots of babies young men and women
Mothers fathers to sons n daughters
Two thousand fifteen and we
Still seeing slaughter ???
Can you see me running from the police
And we still think we run the streets
Peep game homies
Its no longer about racism
Its about us as a minority
Wither white black mexican or puerto rican
We all slaves
Payin' debts to society before we
Took our first ****
**** how could this be ?
My birth belongs to a bank industry
So all my real gangstas thugs to hustlers
Yea even wall street yall slaves too
Wake up the time is now
Gotta mind gotta use it
Or else these muthaphukkas will abuse it
This aint nothing new
Since the sun been shinin'
The same from beginning to end
The world was castedwith sin
There was darkness before light
Now that I'vegot the light
Its time to enlightened others
With the torch i aquired
Not long before ill be retired and life expired
For trying to reach for the truth
And many more
Live carefully
Cuz this is somethin' 2 die 4....
The ghetto!!!!
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
Everybody wanna hate me
And be me
In the same sentence
Im grimy no need for repentance
They say im too controversial
**** the media
I stay underground f the commercial
Ya born with nothing
Ya die with nothing
So why would I
Try hug the flames in the sky
Searchin' for light
Putting up a fight in the blight
Light my blunts to open my cells
Destined for jail earth is hell
Cant get a break from a job
So 9 to 5 switch to robs
At night i conjure my darkest identity
Me myself I triple darkness regardless
How many form come
I got many algorithm one by one
Step by step page by page
Im in a rage
on the verge of slayin'
Witha 12 guage
MUASSEnBERG **** what ya heard?
ignore the singining birds
They get hot shots for coming to my spots
And **** cops
They deserve to get drop
Slayin' the innocent people
How is thr land of free
But believe youll wake up soon
In this 21 century
Ill be. Exposin' there secrecy
So go ahead and hate me
***** but??????

Histories a lie
I seen imagines
Of Caesar
pretendin- to be Son of Man
They deify humans
Nothin' but carnal minded
This world  is precisely
Im caught in the diabolical imperial
How i survive is a miracle
Gave up childhood became a miracle
Spinnin' cob webs
Over my enemies and my ashes be
Tokes from **** smoke
Guns is tote
Just incase of an altercation
And you'll be at deaths administration
Beat the case with no hesitation
Im bringing chaos to every nation
Hope them ******* hear me
Clear me out
By the time they find me
Ill be out
Like Snowden spreaadin' luv
With Russia
Dont come to me cuz ill crush ya
Know the 48 laws to power
as i devour your flesh
With gun powder
Try to escape the reign
Only to entice more pain
To ya brain
Since the game done changed
Fools still aint rearranged
The pieces to the puzzle
I found i was stolen
From centuries ago and where do i go
From here i hear the heavens tryna
Give me a sign
Light coverin' the dark spark
For the spliff
Im the edge of th3 cliff
Soon to crossover throwover
Government entity
But nobody will see what i see
I got envisions of my
Enemies in casket im drastic
With the designs i illustrate
And if you hate ?
That means you ******* cant relate
But you...
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
Everytime we makes moves
There always a critic to prove
Keep us down we violate
My peeps can even create
Our own money militia and business
Instead we recreate
More problems
Its too **** deep to resolve em
Wish i wasnt born in the first place
Eradicate my race
Cuz i gotta brown face
So i gotta slow pace
And jealousy aint never leavin' this place
Earth is hell hell is on earth
Why you think women give pain at birth?
Cuz the sin is brought in
Unconscious to conscious
Being hypnotize by the societies eyes
Learn the game and get wise
Kick the wickedness good bye
Enticing adversaries they die
In vain through much pang
No sympathy from me
**** the haterd police and the grand jury
The courts is mad
Since we got emancipated from slavery
50 years later we still aint free?
Fools singing same ol
***** hymns
Aint going no where
We shall overcome
By dumpin' rounds in the heart of city
Make all them politics feel ******
Since i ****** all the milk
Out my mothers tittie
I gain knowledge from being fed healthy
We my moves we aint playin' no more
Knows it's time to even the score
**** peace we want war
And let this dumb muthaphukkas have it
We aint takin no more! !!!!!!

— The End —