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King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
Im the hardest to Hit
Since Tupac *******
On Killuminati
Somebody pass me the 12 guage shotti
Now feel these slugs hit yo body
Enemies bleed indeed love for greed
Feeds a ***** soul
Since theres no rest for the wickedness
Evilness is an imperative of mankind
Pack a chromed .45 and a black .9
As thoughts began to unravel from my mind
lookin' for adversaries to put
on flat lines
******* to one time
I pull down my pants
so them ******* can **** my ****
im reachin' through souls
Of young boys n girls
They hate me cuz the way i swirl
Money with my two middle fingers to the world
Have no fear cuz the Lord is here
In flesh he puttin' me through a test
For my heart
Battlin' tactics im growin' frantic
Never see me panic
Now you punk *** critics show me yo heart
Puttin' rounds in yo chest
Now ya dearly depart
No sorrow from me on a mission
Hittin' yo number one charts
With this **** ****
my ****** feel this from East to West Coast
Though I'm  From the South  i still
Love to boast
Makin' a ghetto toast
To the real
Got every heart in the burbs to slums
Packin' steel
No time to back downs soon ill be holdin' the crown
Mild scars from breakin' the slaveryyy
Wither its reason or rhyme to crime and strife
We embracin' that **** life!!!

King Tutankhamun Feb 2016
Its the all.seeing eye
Look me in my eyes
I can give any vivid illusion
Given by I'm a catastrophe
Better yet an infamous epitome
Got.multiple imperials
Use fake serials
Got births recorded in scripture
See the picture
I started back 1913 the king weighing supreme
Got the pollys and pigs to vote me
In Cuz I told them.I'll break em in
If they let set system
Use minorities against minorities
Make em feel like they have freedom
But still.remain dumb
Its the immutable.bylaws I.make
They nobody questions just intake
And accept change subconsciously
Scared to.embrace intellectually
Cuz closed mind don't get bread
Just like closed mouths don't get feed
As I established my demands
Raising demands praising reprimand
Ridiculing people with open hands
Taking out loans when I am the loan
Then make an addendum to interest
Dig this??? I played it so cool
Indoctrinated the schools got fools
Thinking that higher money equals higher education
When you celebrities that make more than doctors or PhD candidate alumini
Just search for the eye
And you'll see my history been done slandered manyusing
Hegelian dialects killing introspects
Wasting all the intellects
Tryna make dockets how when ya attaches to debt
13 trills and counting
And no ones finds this astounding??
Model citizens plugged into the matrix
Waiting for another civil.war
I never even the score  
Wars is funded by me death done be me
Depopulation is the answer
Coming up many chemist to cause cancer
But at the same time finding a remedy folks can't afford the medical industry
Profits I've been none to scorn manyu

King Tutankhamun Dec 2014
Let all the adversaries be crucified
hung high with blood drippin'
from head to toe
like Jesus no love to 'em one shot fills 'em
now they got the holy ghost
as I see there bodies shakin' lovely
no ones above
its better to be feared than loved
cause they keep they distance
i ain't got no hate in my heart
cuz it's cold as Pharaoh
im in revenge of my past battles
my folks lost but the war still goes on
and after i past will anyone grasp the song?
naw to busy sippin' the koolaid
fools gettin' sprayed over defendin' these charades
politicians tell anything
to gain a vote popular and demand then a reprimand
pay attention to the secretive hand
shakes they foment wars turn heros to zeros
in a matter of seconds tv is an invention of the devil
yea im a rebel
so **** peace only peace is war and thats the real
i put my life on it cradle to grave
i can't find heaven if im here in hell
maybe thats the eternal fire? livin' in this jail
body trapped into mud atoms
imma keep on marchin' like Garvey
til they bury me
watchin' out for Killuminati
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
I heart haters *******
N spectators
You just assist my promotions
**** a notion
I rock flows tighter than ya ***** clothes
N ***** hole
Bump Lamar n J Cole
Cnotes of **** at least in the bowl
Never will i fold
Them critics be  suspicious ridiculous
On my **** cuz its so delicious
No diamonds are precious here
I make cumbulus clouds drop tears
Another fear
Sent by me cuz im ya nemesis
Takin' on all of the genesis
Its beginnin' of my slaughterhouse
Created the world in six days
On the seven i came out the crud of clay
Judgment day
When they see me they pray
Lile Muslims givin' honor Mecca
Ultimate wrecker microphone check
One two im.comimg with words that spew
Turn leechers face blue you n yo crew
Can catch a contact
But cant numb me my raw raps
Leave you guessin' n stressin' im a blessin'
In disguise close ya eyes
Say with me " im the best"
Just before i give you a pass
I put 3 in ya chest
For tha holy the father and the son
Never disrespect the don corelone
Kiss my rings when you see me
When i spit on the mic
They nostrils flare glare
and quote
"it's the ghost of

Why yall sportin' honeys
Im flashin' money
By the ton like CBo
My career shine like Glo Mo
Movin' so fast
Got my critics in slow mo
you ******* can kiss the rain bow
******* check how my **** hangs low
**** slow spit sloppy
We gettin' busy in a bugguati
Killuminati got my own imperial
We makin' mad loot
Clockin' our own serials
My team dangerous in guns we trust
Not God wipe out the must
Get away cleab if ya kniw what i mean
Dip the scene extract the cream
From these powder puff emcees geez?
Why so much of em
Try to talk hard but end up of roughin' em
Now they in bluff
I say quick prayer shots off to the head
Dome put em to rest the best
To ever mic test mic murderer natural born killer
Im deservin' tha
Praise keep eyebrows raised yall gettin' played
I sprayem with my venom like raid
Like roaches they only come in the dark
Once i put the spark
They clear out of the park
My rolex gets ***** with ease
Pack desert ease
If ya wanna test I'll make chest sneeze
Oozin' with blood soaked clothes
Now count them holes
Embedded passin' me forget it now ya admitted
To I C U now i see you gaspin' for breath
Close ya teary eyes be prepared for death as i..

King Tutankhamun Oct 2015
The thought is real simple
Trust nobody even ya own family
Cuz they quick to defame
Ya name but only shed tears
When they see ya fame
If i was a ghetto rap star
Rollin' in new jaguar
Would ya be satisfied of who ya are?
Knowing that im self made hustla
Creep on a come up
These bustas be watchin'
Ill catch em slippin' up
Still rippin' up
**** from my passion and fire
Breakin' all those who desire
My potency which be deadly
Destroy every things that touched
Now you ****** an OG of King Tut
Strong strut no luck
Im raw with my ****
Hardest in the pit
Once i strike everybody get hit
Falls rest in peace my fellow deceased
Killuminati i told ya trust nobody
King Tutankhamun Jan 2016
though i wanted to be the toughest on the block
i didnt get a check til i was face to face with a glock
**** i hear deaths tick tock
beforehe pop
he gave me some mercy?
maybe it was the lord speakin' to me?
through telekinesis
now i gotta prepare for this thesis
scatter my drama like reeses
better believe they'll be back again like a whistle in the wind
times goes on life flows on
and ill be rappin' til they early morn
cant stop wont stop the music
its in my soul down for this ghetto blues
gotta short fuse but dont loose
control my mind and body
gotta focus killuminati
aint nobody takin' **** from me
ill die for this **** my family
thugs og to tg and the little homies
who gotta push dope in the blocks
in the late night yea the ghettos in a struggle
but them ******* canr even see it with a hubble
as i bust like a bubble ya know im addicted to trouble
yea we dont give a ****
about the law
51 states with a million plus ****** dawnin' an AK
takin' heed to the words i say
and let the blood spray
it was a good day dont go astray
even though we get worried
just tradin' a little tasteof war stories

Rest in peace
To all the homies deceased
As the ****** rates increase
I can hear the painful heartbeats
Of the families that be mourning
Til the early morning
Uh wish i could change the worlds view
But most of our minds is see through
Cant build a foundation
Cuz the feds cut off our communication
Break through litigations
**** im spendin' cash
Just cuz the courts get a sensation
Crooked *** system still in segregation
I got mad aggravation
So my ammo is store galore
Just incase u muthaphukkaz want warrrr
See me soar
Over these cowards like eagles
In my thousand yard stare
You can see a glare
Of my death images inside my head
Im hurt from all the pain
Ask my passed kinfolks
We still in the same gang
Which i could hang
With my homies on the block
Who was murdered by the nine
As the sunshines
Bright the next day
I feel my judgment day coming soon
Open wombs cant yield the bleed
When i bust ill make the whole nation fatigue
My mind feeds
Off knowledge of the books
Check out these crookes
Power to black man
Aint no loot for us in Afghanistan
Or Iraq dont hold back
As make a new category  
Just a trade of a war story
Illuminati  bingo
King Tutankhamun Dec 2015
Yea so uh this ***** thought
She played me ruin me
But'll be still bailin'
Even if they lock me in the penitentiary
Worry me ?naw im care free
She must sense jealousy?
Hatin' for what? ******* ****
Since i let u in the yard
U used to be hard
Til ya put down to guard
Ya say im wrong n ****** another broad
But aint found nothin'
Just all in her feelin' and ****
Just cuz another chick likes my ****
Poetry is what i do
So why the **** would i play you?
Try to set a ***** up
But i caught ya on a slip
Choked up
now ya gaspin' for air
N if you die *****
I wnt even care and dare
Any muthafucka from ya family
To bring drama to me
Ill bring a graphic fatality in reality
My mood is chill
But fools take ya out ya character
So now the blood spills
Bodies chill i got no heart
***** we been off since the first start
Im yellin' **** life enticin strife
Now im stickin' to ya intestines like a knife
Ya dont know me **
I blaze a blunt then commence
To bust rounds
Leavin' bullet holes
Through out ya body killuminati
N ill be chillin' in Brazil with thick hottie
*****! !!!!!!!!

GUESS whos back?
Its the villian in black
Quick **** all chit chat
Run to ya homies n homettes
Go ahead and make a death threat
I wont break a sweat
***** been overseas
I been blown up by IED-s
In the army ya cant harm me
Like honeys
They always swarm me
Its soldier in me ya cant stop me
Pop me
N still be talkin' ****
Til im in a casket though a *******
My raps is hazard
Approach with caution prepare
For danger
I aint no stranger
To deaths cells thrive on pathways of hell
Turn ya skins pale sail yeyo
I takin' no ****
Its the dawn of new millennium
New years baby i gotta new lady
So **** the past i let my shot gun blast
Yea i always get the last laugh
Its gauranteed so go ***** n hate me
Yall under me im above thee
So bow down ya ***** *******
I gotta new queen
Mary Jane fixed with *******
Make my thoughts go numb mayne
So suckas beg in pleas
When the bullets speed freely
Mobbin figures
This for my real ******....
King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
AiYo check it
First comes the happiness
Second comes love
Greed and money goes with the above
muthaphukkaz ain't watchin' the game
Too busy tryna maintain
An image
I broke the jaws of the laws
No more grips on me I'm free
So **** lady liberty I entice treachery
To enemies at the count of three
let the pistol smoke freely
Its the shot heard around the world
Shakin' the hearts of all little boys and girls
In the ghetto **** nation
Taking over  bleed the mayors and council city halls hands
Millions starving millions dying
and everybody crying
Cuz a celebrity died but no one cries
For the innocence of souls tookin'
Got them.demons lookin'
In the poverties around the globe
Clergy preaching Jesus is God and Jesus is for everybody
Religion is one of the biggest war propagandas
They ****** your image if you change there agenda
How many Brenda's?
Out there with a baby on welfare and they don't care
As problems continue to rise nigguhs open ya eyes
Don't be baptize by the TV lies
Pressure young gs to slang keys
End jail next to they father
I ain't knocking the hustle but make ya endz
Then build ya own community
Don't let the dea cia fbi lead you astray
They know money feeds a hungry soul I'm like Castro keep the cash flow
Moving silently
don't let em braille you with greenery
Art of war ain't went no where sun tzu will tell ya what to do
Use ya enemies against ya enemies
And watch em crumble mumble end up killing themselves
While you sit back and laugh at the blood bath
The last thing they want is a ***** with brain and begin to taunt
The biggest mystery is who are blacks peeps in history
And the vision occurred me I'm the chosen just like black Jesus a revolutionary at heart from form of life I gotta bad start .
I see the ghetto with me puffin' **** and Hennessey
or better yet cognac
I'm.back reincarnate
Takin' the steps of ancestry tears and scorns
Through decades centuries and millenniums
I'm rockin' nigguhs cranium
See what I see niggih don't be scared of a trigger?
Hells on earth we living in the end times skin is our sin
We know better but yet show it
Knowledge is bad thing to waste
Uh im.probably gone get buried with a another case
Innocent but shown guilty by the system
Brothers doing time for the dimes the governments drop they go back home and you go off the patty wagon name is ya number cogitating in ya cell as ya in jail can't make bail
Its heaven inside hell I shed tears for many years
Through tattoos uh I know I'm.bound for a casket
I'm still gone get drastic
my murderers wherein'
Black suits and shades unload rounds in my body Killuminati
I'm dead but now resurrected
The father gave me another chance redemption for my sins
I'm trapped in the corridors which doors
WIll I open heaven or hell is just another place in a cell ??
spiritually ensnared
Only.time will tell
Yea get yo mind right homies this ain't a game
Things done changed turned for the worse break the curse
Its never to let the change the game
Just a to let you know
How it go
Been feelin' this way since '94
Pac pain i got wisdom
**** the education institution
They never got a solution
Money always boostin'
While the pistols Shootin'
Government still lootin'
Takin' us back to slavery
One world order word to my unborn daughter
She facin' tragedy and she aint even here
I hear
Her soft cries watery eyes
Baby girl hold on strong
This is yo father so i know you strong
Uh im takin' this fame wayback
Back to Solomons temple and his wives
Along with his concubines
They done perveted the line
Wake up befor we see the flat line

King Tutankhamun Jul 2015
Im a black sheep so i can diguise myself
Keep an AK 47 on the shelf
Dont ask me   Who i am?
Call me ****** i really dont
Give a ****!!
Action im built tough
Since i am public enemy one
The media will never get enough
Suckas aint nothing but a bluff
Sound the alarm
As the Dj gets rough give me some of that
Funkyy stuff
**** aint never hurt nobody
Guns leads to so many dead body
Is what i yell stop naw get the bail
And lets free
All my brothers incarcerated for free
Smooth.  As a criminal
My rhymes subliminal maximum minimal
Is the wage im in rage
Get the twelve guage
Lets do damage to the higher powers that be
I wasnt born a sucker
Im ready to die for free
In this world
Ya need fame just to get a little love for ya name
**** hip hop is where my heart is?
But its lost dont know where it is?
Killed by the jewish society gay mafias
Women and ill know they'll despise me
Truth is what i am
Urban radiooo doesnt even slam
Promote sloppy music to keep a rate on
I used a calling card
To dail in i tell them cut that ******* off or we'll break in
Entering to the station
play old school records rock the nation
I see you hesitation
Scared of a revolt took the emcees then jolt
Them out the way cuz they gay
Fashion fad lookin' peculiar
I still wear saggy jabos stocky medium afro
Is the sound **** all these club sounds
No consciousness surround
The black community im all for unity
But how when the pushin' racism G ?
But ya know my topics will get tossed
Lost in the hour of the chaos
Cuz of the rebel i amm

Aaron LaLux Nov 2017
Who cares who shot JFK I wanna know who shot Tupac,
who cares about the CIA's JFK Files release date,
it’s 2017 and I’m on a plane watching All Eyez On Me,
flying westbound outta the Westside of LA,
on All Hallow’s Eve and it’s all feeling kinda spooky,
because I’m on this plane with another Libra The Boy Drake,

and I don’t care who shot JFK,
I want to know who shot Tupac,
met Suge two times and got the feeling he didn’t,
plus when they hit Pac even Suge got two shots,

so who shot Tupac,
as I write with all I’ve got,
in red ink as my red eyes blink,
pen lines looking like blood drops,

all eyes on me,
until my eternal slumber,
but enough about the words,
what about the numbers,

75 million albums sold,
713 songs,
7 films that’s 777,
same as the title of the latest book I put out,

seems Tupac and I,
share a mutual obsession with the #7,
plus his last album Killuminati was subtitled 7 Day Theory,
not to mention the fact that Pac was shot on September 7th,

as I trace the early similarities,
between me and Tupac,
I think back to when I almost signed with Suge,
and I too feel like Tupac,

I too was raised in New York,
I too got put on in LA,
I too almost lost my soul in Vegas,
I too am both profane and a saint,
I too feel confused and conflicted,
I too both sin and pray,
I too write with a sense of urgency,
because I too know tomorrow isn’t promised today,

I too have found my street instincts to be risky,
I too have gotten it on at the Luxor,
I too know there’s a thin line,
between Love & Hate and between Enemies & Lovers,

trapped between over the top celebrities,
and detectives undercover,
and I’ll a pirate sailor sailing high,
but still I have to fight from going over,

oh Lord,
forgive me for I know not what I do,
and maybe the reason I feel guilty,
is because I waste my gifts on **** and *****,

your own adventure,

caught up in the trap that’s why they call it a trap,
winnin’ till when that window rolls down and you don’t know,
if it’s gonna be a gun shot or a camera snap,

I know what’s coming even though I don’t know when,

signing my own death certificate,
like Pac signing to Death Row,
see he thought he was just giving Suge his Music,
but really what he was giving him was his soul,

nobody know when they’re gonna go,
we’re at the table at the Last Supper till they pull our card,
which I guess is sickeningly befitting,
considering Tupac was shot in Vegas on Las Vegas Blvd.,

and all that’s left of him,
is this movie that I watch on this plane,
and what’s happened to our music,
lost Tupac and gained Drake,

and that’s not a shot at Drake,
I mean Drake’s cool,
I’m flying with him to Australia,
but Drake doesn’t have Tupac’s soul,

our music has been watered down,
now Hip Hop sounds like Pop Rock,
I mean how can you even compare,
Hotline Bling to Keep Your Head Up,

what the fck,

how’d we go from Black Panther,
to ***** cat,
how’d we go from I Ain’t Mad At Cha,
to Best I Ever Had,

and I’m not even mad,
I mean I respect Drake for sure,
he gets that money and has always been good to me,
but Drake is no Tupac that’s for sure,

but I won’t elaborate further because,
we all know what happens when you ask too many questions,
so I’ll just keep getting my money and writing my books,
& keep going to church without admitting confessions,

and I’m ending,
this poem right here with an RIP,
RIP to Tupac,
Rest In Peace,

another leader slain,
and I’m so caught up I forgot what I was saying,
even forgot where I was,
which is flying westbound on this plane,

writing verses in blood red ink,
feeling like Pac All Eyes on me,
wondering who shot Tupac pen lines like blood drops,
as I write what I think with all that I’ve got in ink,

ink as red as my red eyes that blink,
sending this poem off as a literary Hail Mary,
with California Love even those it’s Me Against the World,
Keep Your Head Up & congratulations Brenda’s Got A Baby,

and I know I’ll likely Live & Die in LA,
so I wonder if there’s a Heaven for a G,
& if there is Dear Mama I’ll meet you at **** Mansion,
& please know I Ain’t Mad At Cha but I’ve gotta go so peace…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

I've never told anyone about this, but I've met Suge Knight several times and he was always cool with me. We flew to JFK airport in NYC & discussed a lot of things. I wasn't going to mention this but a combination of factors led me to coming out about it. 1st of all a photo of me and Suge popped up online, 2nd, the JFK papers were released last week, 3rd, I flew with Drake to New Zealand, and 4th, I watched All Eyez On Me on the flight... Which led me to writing the following poem. Please let me know your thoughts on this, or anything else related to Tupac, Suge Knight, JFK, Drake, or your boy Aaron La Lux... ∆
King Tutankhamun Mar 2017
to all my people livin' in satans prisons
keep yo mind strapped
and tapped out let the guns rain out
as we pour a blessin'
got the whole nation stressin'
cuz real thugs cant be tested and
this for my deceased homies
n homettes take a sip of moet
with a blunt to blaze
to the old times ****
i wish they was here to kick a few rhymes n my mind
half dead envisioned myself ****** red soaked in Egyptian sheets watch what every enemy speaks
knowthe rules *****
and dont follow no *****
i got the laydown its the art of war
muthaphukkaz aint listen
or payin attention
to the end times how many signs?
do we ******' need
but too many strung out off that bomb **** but popped out the seeds
n regrew my own thoughts
in the garden.of my mind
watch out for one time
cuz they itchin' to put a brother on the flal line
this for all my real gs
that aint scared to die
and if we die watch the thugs
in the hood multiply
check yo eyes
ya braille son god callin' me home soon to heal the wombs
but i know my purpose is greater
so **** a hater
i got the tactics of a true soldier immortal words
being spoke through inhales of smoke neva choke
uh i feel dead people tryna reach me teach me
the worlds coming to E N D
but betta believe ill dump
til my whole army is with me
and the clips is empty

though i wanted to be the toughest on the block
i didnt get a check til i was face to face with a glock
**** i hear deaths tick tock
beforehe pop
he gave me some mercy?
maybe it was the lord speakin' to me?
through telekinesis
now i gotta prepare for this thesis
scatter my drama like reeses
better believe they'll be back again like a whistle in the wind
times goes on life flows on
and ill be rappin' til they early morn
cant stop wont stop the music
its in my soul down for this ghetto blues
gotta short fuse but dont loose
control my mind and body
gotta focus killuminati
aint nobody takin' **** from me
ill die for this **** my family
thugs og to tg and the little homies
who gotta push dope in the blocks
in the late night yea the ghettos in a struggle
but them ******* canr even see it with a hubble
as i bust like a bubble ya know im addicted to trouble
yea we dont give a ****
about the law
51 states with a million plus ****** dawnin' an AK
takin' heed to the words i say
and let the blood spray
it was a good day dont go astray
even though we get worried
just tradin' a little tasteof war stories
King Tutankhamun Mar 2017
Everybody run to step up
Unto the greatest show
Entice flows
Around ya mental I go
Leave ya more wrapped up
Than a lasso
No empty space I'm a black hole
Get it naw forget it
Most won't admit it
Ya slaves to the hands of the dead body
Puppets on a string
I write dope poetry no I don't sing cling
Why don't you
Shoot more poems than the boys n blue
Who do what I do
I'm trying tear down these brick walls
Of madness sadness
Follows every instinct
Known to humans understand
We just under the fans
Cooling our glands
Prepare fo the overload
Body explodes soon to corrode
Enter into
Another dimension lynching
Haters to spectators I spit greater
Than the average known savage
Like Randy
Slim Jim stocky with the low cut trim
Who could stop me
My flows go past all stops
Hop on ya nerves like 64 top drop
I tangle like knots
Hate dumb folks to thots
They get dropped
Out my circle
Boxing topics til my intellect turns purple
No rejects allowed
Only rejects from society allowed
Outlaw and a outcast
Put my thoughts on blast
Fast cash
Leave ya in a dash
While y'all playing Chase the paper
I play evil like Darth Vader
Known crusader
No I don't hate cha but hate tha
Way ya think
Open ya mind up fool
Before ya start to sink
In spiritual waters
Drowning with no soul
Never sold
My hood for the cheap gold
So listen to the stories being told
I make ya switch roles
Like kinobe
So you haters can kiss
The inches below me *******
I got admit I'm sick with it twisted
Thoughts so deep ya swear
Its sadistic ballistic with statistics
****** is what I write
Just being realistic
**** the world
Is what I'm yelling
First worse comes to worse
Dry fools beggin in thirst
Drops bombs like Osama
Como te llamas
Role joints bigger than llama
All for peace but I make drama
If I have to see what guns do to you
Brains imploded body bloated
Weight gaining
Things remaining
The same I see
I invoke prophecy don't need brighter days to see
The Sun comes up then goes down
All around
You can see darkness manifesting
The universe testing
Our every life aspects collect
From what I learned
As the incense burn
Open my third eye glare
Over the city in hills entice thrills
That make ya mind chill
Entice windmills
As ya visions spills
Out a blurred picture
No cameras no images could finish this
Masterpiece I made perfect
Watch the words get
Deeper and deeper
Like Barry White
Always on sight soaring the blight
Who can stop the Black Knight
Took my pawns of the chess board
To excel my thoughts without using vocal chords all aboard
The night train
Cuz we going all out no doubt
In an out
My maw spitting nothing raw
No gimmicks
Fools mimic I'm in it to win it
Survive like me
That's the way to be
Poetry saved me
From snapping and spine tapping
These lyrical hallows
In ya body Killuminati
Ghost like a phantom
You can hear the words chanting
Non verbal
And I'm still ranting standing
All on my own retAining throne
Under my feet
I got skull n bones
Fighting with all my might focused My sight
As I crush the covert world
And sail with me
On my brain surpassing the speed of light

— The End —