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Ryan P Kinney Dec 2015
Somebody Take Me
by Ryan P. Kinney and J.M. Romig

You shook me up
And poured out my mind
Cooked me ‘til I crystallized
Crushed me up and smoked me

You got high on my experiences
Took my stories into your body
You loved it

Then the bad trip came crashing in
The heartbreaks, the beatings,
The suicidal thoughts
I made you paranoid, cynical, and distrusting
Every loss peppered with a smile
Each warm, glowing moment
Tainted with the debauchery of the act

You’ll pay for all this in rehab
Blood and tears diluted with stale coffee and ****** cigarettes
(They all taste the same)

Go ahead, Detoxify.
Spit me out
No matter how you try to purge
You’ll never be rid of this poison
Erali Pisce Apr 2015
He is good.
He suprises me with how good he really is.
He makes me,
Can you believe it?
Sometimes I can't.
He loves  me.
gender fluid,
that I am.
I didn't really think that was possible.
Not because I am not deserving of love.
Just that I am different.
He loves my different.
He is in love with my different.
Ryan P Kinney Feb 2015
by J.M. Romig, Amanda Whitlock, and Ryan P. Kinney

The first time I watched a man die
It wasn’t a man anymore, they told me
Just like my mother wasn’t my mother anymore

I will never forget the wrong answer
And the empty hours
When the minute       hand was always longer

I often welcome sleepwalking through most of the week
In the few instances the machines malfunction
I curse being awakened

I don’t see how anyone
Can smoke at a time like this
When the air is so heavy
It’s like breathing cement

I’m in stressed and panicked misery
And I’m vomiting
Lots and lots of                              stuff
That stretches vast
And expands to eat up everything

The guilt of my sin
The heft of your innocence
Weighs heavily on my soul
As i drag you down with me

Her lit cigarette burns
So brightly from the porch
Against the darkness
It reminds me of a lighthouse
Or a bug zapper

And what is that moth doing there anyways?
People are trying to sleep

This was part of a project called Jigsaw, where several poets deconstructed pieces of their various works and recombined them into another work. Below is the description for the project. If you wish to participate, please message me or leave a comment.

Jigsaw involves taking pieces of several writer's poems and arranging and working them into a new piece. Patchwork is a similar concept where each writer in a group come up with one stanza (of varying themes) and the whole group works the piece together. Jigsaw is pre-existing content recreated into a new piece and Patchwork is original content. Both projects involve a whole group of writers working a new piece together.
katie pratt Jul 2014
Dos personas con pelos rubios
Una niña y un hombre
Caminando en la biblioteca
Un beso en el piso
¿Buscando para que conocen?
El amor, sí el amor
Nieve nieve
No puede devolver en casa
Duerme en esta cama
Nieve nieve
Películas del gobiernos argentino y Iran
Te amo te amo
Escuchando de josh pyke
Tocarías la guitarra y piano
Comiendo la pasta de tus manos
El vino, más besos
El mar, nadar
Y entonces
this poem was written sometime last year regarding the past

— The End —