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Ademar Jr Jan 4
His Great works, very historical with such bravery
He's Jose Rizal having an attitude so mighty
Captured the eyesight of many
But a heart whelming shot took his life but saved a country
"Touch Me Not" his work that saved lives of many
7, 100 and more islands not including its popularity
Has been all because of his work and authority
For a pen and paper can definitely can change the country's humanity.

My Dedication to Jose Rizal.
for her
the ocean
was more than a dream,
it was a place
she needed to visit
to find herself.

and when she returned
to the city,
you could see
the sun in her eyes,
the wind in her hair,
and the taste of infinite salt in her lips.
poem by jose chaves, one of my favorites.
Hola Familia Rojas
Estamos bien agradecidos
Que nos permitimos
Volver a verlos
Hoy vamos a hablar
14 year
TW: ****
Elmo Cross May 2018
When I heard that you learned the truth
I was worried that you might give me bad 'fruit'
Hiding it is my biggest mistake
But it's the best way I can make

I'm sorry if I did not tell you the truth
That you are my most precious loot
I'm sorry that I have to hide my feelings
Because I'm afraid that you might leave me falling

I'm sorry that I always laugh whenever I'm with you
Because you don't know that my source of happiness is you
I'm sorry if I had to tell you 'corny' jokes all the time
Because It's the only way I can make you smile

I'm sorry if I can't say that you're so beautiful everyday
Believe me your beauty is a thing no words can say
I'm sorry because whenever you say 'I'm so Ugly'
I can't tell you that you are the prettiest girl and the person that I want to marry

I'm sorry because I kept all these things for myself
But I hope that someday you would see this for yourself
And I'm also sorry if I can't say I love you
But don't worry, I've been praying for you
... and that's the same thing, right?
If you accidentally read my poems for you. I'm sorry that I need to hide my feelings for you. Sorry.
Abraham Oct 2017
Like your orange bowl
of sweets and sweet love
    It’s part of me now

              No way Jose, No way.

Like the place we first met
that begins with B
    Let’s go back tonight

              No way Jose, No way.

Because all the dogs down in here
smell your disdain
    And say

              No way Jose, No way.

This boat’s going to sink
so let’s get drunk
    and love

              On this day Jose, On this day.
Or Drunk Love.
DawynSHunter Jun 2016
-Not a poem
I don't think I could make a poem about the game, Sorry Im just really ecstatic right now! Really proud they came through and hope they keep moving forward

— The End —