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Joie Yin Nov 2018
Goals are like dreams
Uncertain but vivid
Flow through the streams
Smooth like liquid.

Dreams are like stars
Small but confident
Grow through the scars
Firm and resilient.

Stars are like stories
Told at night.
Of failures and victories
In life's fight.

Stories are like a myth
Exists but unsure
As long as we have faith
Dreams will come true.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
You walked into my life
When I least expected.
Knowing each other taught
Values of friendship
Love and hatred.

This friendship was not
Formed overnight nor easily.
We had gone through storms
Heartbreaking days yet still
Care about us deeply.

If only friendship comes
In four different seasons.
You are spring, for you
Bring joy and happiness
In all occasions.

You made me want to be
A better friend than today.
I'll strive harder to find
Ways to forget hurt and
Pain of yesterday.

You have given so much
To I who have nothing to give.
It is I who scars still vivid
From the past that I am
Too afraid to believe.

I shed tears many nights
Knowing this is sincerely true.
Little did you know
I was preparing myself
To leave you.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
We met each other in college
It was in two thousand and seven
Along the years we have age
Friendship years have been eleven.

Being friends were never easy
But you were there for me
When I doubted my own reality
This friendship is meant to be.

Yesterday we were much younger
We laughed, fought and recovered
We've rebuilt this friendship stronger
To this stage of life we have reached.

Today I have captured moments
That will never repeat itself again
We shared a hug of happiness
I hope these blessings will maintain.

Tomorrow is your wedding day
Celebrating two lovebirds together
I'll sing a little prayer for you to say
For a marriage of happily ever after.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Oct 2018
I push myself out of bed
Messy hair and squinted eyes
Without glasses is a blur me
Sleepily getting myself ready.

Trying to get clues in my head
Wishing forever be my off days
But first a cup of coffee
To gather the early energy.

Hopes make mornings blessed
Driving through the highways
Thoughts of work come to be
With music as my company.

Looking forward the day ahead
As bright as the sun shine rays
Enjoy little things that meant to be
Starting of my every day open diary.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Oct 2018
Until when will we hold onto
Something that will never return?

Shall we wait for someone who
Doesn't reply to our unrequited love?

Should we continue to ignore
People who genuinely care for us?
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Oct 2018
When I was nine
I went to school
Enjoyed hurdle race
Laughed often
Yet to have goals
Love my family.

When I was nineteen
I stuggled in studies
Friendship dilemmas
Laughed lesser
Set to work on aims
Began to love life.

When I am twenty-nine
I have embraced life
And my own shortcomings
Smile more
Let life flow as it is
Love humanity.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Sep 2018
Life is like a melody
Strumming to a love song
He who always smiles gently
Begins to hum along.

Sitting at one corner
She looks at him shyly
He sings his heart to her
Someone he loves dearly.

Coffee is their favorite
To share with each other
One in each episode
Of their love story together.

He strums while waiting there
Brown teddy bear by his side
Flowers placed everywhere
For proposal to his future bride.

He nervously make his vow
Asks for her hand in marriage
She kisses him on his eyebrow
Crowd cheers as they embrace.

Happy International Coffee Day! :)
Joie Yin Sep 2018
I missed the train
I should have rode
To see you
On the other side.

Bought a new ticket
Waited another hour
Thinking of you
In my feelings I confide.

An extra hour
Increasing anticipation
For our new
Home at the countryside.

I. Miss. You.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Sep 2018
Before I realize it, I miss you
Whom I grew up happily with
Since I was as young as seven.

I am left with memories of you
In God we shared same faith
May you find peace in heaven.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Sep 2018
Here I am
Missing every piece
Of moments
Had brought me peace.

There you are
Continue to grow
To another year
Anticipations follow.

I miss you.
Joie Yin
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