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Johnny Q Feb 2019
Cinderella smokes
Cinderella stares and exhales
Cinderella what a beautiful girl
memory loss is the salvation I desperately crave
the coin shows heads whichever way you toss
the damp night welcomes me into her arms
the creamy sky, it sighs and sheds a few tears
a tear for you, for me and for what we never used to be
a tear for every night I didn't spend in your bed
a tear for every day where distance grew in confidence
a tear for this crouched shadow hiding from me.

Cinderella's boots maltreat the spare stub
you look spacy while searching for a tree to jiggle
there's no shortage of choice, this forest is all yours
oh, it's all yours tonight
yet all the choices make you feel dizzy
and you sit down on the ground
to smoke a ciggy.

You always liked to read my gaze
guess all those pictures in my head
and watch all those fish floundering in your net
You light another and think about all
the milk cartoons you trashed
you're still squeezing the last drop out of me
wash me down your sink and smile and think
you probably got it all
and you probably did
I end up down your drain and mingle
with your last boy's ***** and your period blood.

Your place to rest is always the kitchen
my place to sleep, it's near your pillow
just six feet under
oh, six feet down I lie and close my eyes.
You believe life's just a laugh
I believe Eros will always get the last laugh
he waits for my desperation to reach boiling point
and then he spreads his wings and flies away
Oh, that's you
spread your wings and fly away.

Your last dream was a plushy ball
your dress was rose gold and my cheeks were just plain red
and your wings
they clung so firmly to your back
Oh, Cinderella, if you want a smoke, just take one of mine
I was born to swindle you, born to lie, born to deceive you
and you were born to never even notice.

The doves come land on the edges of your balcony
you ask for their help and they say yes and I melt
'cause I know the doves have never failed
and you'll see him and you'll smile and I won't be there
and you'll sign on the dotted line
he'll be yours for as long as you desire
and you'll be his for as long as you desire
Thunder roars approval
and from six feet under I wince objections
heard by no one particular.

It's fine for you, you'll sort the peas for 80 years
And I'll drink the sleet and breathe
Stairs of pitch will keep me in this prison underground
Stairs of pitch will discourage you from ever peeking down
Stairs of pitch jam the way to your mind
and you like the fact that your prince will now have to climb the window.

I'll dream of cutting off your toe and your heel
to stop you from ever fleeing me
and then I'll desperately sob
and when I wake up, I'll be six feet down
looking up to you and you'll ask:
'Care for a smoke?'
Johnny Q Feb 2019
the sea
so different from the sand
go down deep enough
and you'll find
sand at the bottom of the sea.

the sand
so different from the sea
dig deep enough
and you'll discover
water hidden under the sand.

you're so different from me
and I'm different from you
beyond the surface
at our very core
you'll find
me hidden in you
and you in me.
Johnny Q Feb 2018
Bella was young, Bella was fair
With bilious green eyes and velvet hair
Her face a work of art
Made her creator's eyes squint and fall apart
Bella never let my filthy tongue near her silent heart.

My Bella, she loved nothing more
Than to be a sled one had to grind
Through a desert of white, a sea of ice
He pulled her all over frozen fields, past the last of crystal trees
And then he hid her in the glistering white of nature's eyeball.

For my Bella, I'd always find time to mourn
Addicted to hazy cigar heat and first-degree burns
But dreaded thoughts of her lovely chest freezing to death
Ultimately sent me on the pointless quest
Of searching for Bella in her icy mess.

Bella never saw the dozens of dead dogs
I had to leave by the wayside
She turned to me at the end of this cruel ride
And said: 'George, be careful what you preach
You might be feel cold, but I don't
'Round here, you're looking at nature's peach
And for me, it's right by the beach!'
Johnny Q Feb 2018
Love and peace and all this drivel
Hate and war and damaged people
Sadness, hurt and the eternal clock ticking
And you're the scratch that's badly itching.

And when the universe explodes
Giddy girls drop all their clothes
Stop the grind, enjoy the show
We all live discreetly on death row.

You and I, we didn't meet by chance
Blooming summer forever rejecting winter's advance
Werewolves outrun the sunset in stolen cars
Eyes full of blood and chests full of tar.

Ants crawling over my body form your name
Around you, my hormones form a tidal wave
I'm so far from Tarzan, yet you'll always remain
A velvet mystery named Jane.
Johnny Q Aug 2017
My sweet delirium
two copies of strong coffee
Trump Reality any day.
The people around you
chasing shadows out of town
pictures of war
getting blown away
And then time will stop
getting stuck in this one moment
I'm fine with it.
Johnny Q Aug 2017
The future, the future
What's false now won't get any truer
Who's winning now won't turn into a loser
The future doesn't wait for anyone
And neither do you
It brightens the bright
and darkens the dark
Five years and I'm still waiting for you to ask.
I was promised something else
Surviving on something borrowed and something blue
The future says
"I will be sorrow.
And I will be loss.
I'll never really start, but I'll definitely end.
And I'll take everyone and everything you have."
"Do you happen to have any upsides?"
I'm the same for everyone."
Well then.
Johnny Q Aug 2017
He lifts you and carries you someplace
Doesn't even matter where
I sit someplace and stare
Doesn't even matter where.
Pictures flash before our eyes
Mine just in my head, yours come from outside.
Every day, there's so much at stake
I don't even gamble it all away
Already lost my money on the way to the casino.
Will you think about
What marriage and Stockholm Syndrome have in common
When you stand at the altar and tell him you love him?
Hear me sigh
It feels so ******* bad
Being a ******* rat
And not the live one on your sweet shoulder
Just the dead one under your boyfriend's shoe.
Johnny Q Jan 2017
I'm sitting in your tiny dark kitchen
You say "Now I'm here and all is well
No need to cry, no reason to dwell."
I say "Stop kidding, sweetie, just look out the door
there's nothing there but your balcony
You may get me out of depression
But you'll never get depression out of me."
Johnny Q Nov 2016
A house painted in white, the colour of peace
Autumn covers its frontyard in leaves
The masses gather and scream
A crackling voice betrays seething beliefs.

It's a lie waiting to be sold to the highest bidder
Honey, everything will get better if we add some glitter
Warning signs covered with election posters
A popularity contest, let's introduce the imposters.

I'm a special kind of candidate
For decades, I've endured all your hate
And those you despise, I know them all by name
But will they ever listen to what I'm saying?

I'm a self-made man just taking care of business
And since I've made it, every day is Christmas
Push their bodies off the pier, this is just a modern witch test
And if the weights make them drown, at least they're gonna ***** less.

This car without breaks is gaining traction
Let's ask the Romans how to stop a chain reaction
Both sides scream
People to the ballots, cast your vote for our very last bastion.
A waste of paper, an American election.
Johnny Q Jun 2016
I found you when I strayed too far north
sailed further than it was safe
They warned me, begged me to return
but I had found the sea and left the shore
said goodbye to the days of yore.
With my destination in sight, I could hardly believe my eyes
The sky turned pink, green and violet
I stared at my life through a wide-angle lens.

You graced the night, you made me go blind
A dancing, smiling, breathing light
Your icy thighs
My northern lights.

Then I stepped out of a buzzing fridge
eagerly awaited an exciting new age
couldn't wait to tear off my ****** thorns
But you just made me eat my words
Count my faults
Finished dreams and swallowed thoughts
But who was responsible for all the pictures in my head?
I never chose to be caught in your fishing net.

You graced the night, made me go blind
A dancing, smiling, breathing light
Your icy thighs
My northern lights.

I tried to stay in the desert of snow
but over time, you just grew cold
you stopped shining for me at all
resisted my screams and ignored my calls.
I sailed home and left your frozen paradise
and today, I saw a girl I liked and lifted my heavy eyes.
She was dressed in white, feet all bare
I wonder
What if Jesus Christ had bleached blonde hair?
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