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RJ Dec 6
Sometimes I feel like nothing is right
Like there isn’t really a reason to fight
When it gets real bad I think that I might
Live and breathe for my final night.

These demons I resist but I’m getting weak
Their strength still grows reaching its peak
I feel like it’s my death that they seek
Urging me of them never to speak

“Don’t tell them that, they won’t understand
What it’s like to be dealt this terrible hand
Drifting through life seeing everything bland
Fighting each moment this pain to withstand”

“Just give in, it’ll never go away
Even if it does it’ll come back some day
You’ve tried to win but never found a way
To ease the pain with your life you’ll pay”

These are the thoughts that drift around
In my head they continually pound
Forcing me to chamber the round
That ends it all with a deafening sound
AditiBoo Sep 2
Reason advocates against you
And logic supports the argument
But the heart pleads for what it feels to be true
As the brain dwells on this predicament
Absent Minded Jan 24
The cage is cracking.
Maybe it's all the pressure that's been stacking,
But I can feel the grip loosening myself,
It's like I'm at war to not to go into a cell,
Trying not to fall off of this cliff; Wait, I already fell,
I'm too deep in this ****.
Taunted by inner demons and beasts,
With skin so tight they can't move around with ease,
They want a release and they see it deep in my flesh,
And they're up for the test.
Perpetual attacks like they can handle even the best.
They want me to rest,
Sleep for an unknown amount of time,
And the only weapon I wield is hidden in rhymes.

The sharper the words, the deeper the cuts,
And the better the concept the further out of this rut
I can manage to crawl. My backs to the wall,
I'm stumbling, can't afford to fall,
With no space to breathe I hold my ground and I stall.
They fight for their king,
Obeying the power of his ring,
The evil twin I never wanted who's eyes send a sting.
He's a demented thing. Backwards;
The anti-me,
He's just as old as I am so he's not an antique,
And he isn't unique. He's a cold hearted, hardened machine,
Apathetic and cutthroat, and his target is me.

The demons serve him, and have come for my head,
Maybe King Tony can take the drivers seat,
But he'll have to wait till I'm dead.
I've been dealing with some internal struggles lately.
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
So you must have something you really care about to call yourself a fighter. There is a certain amount of pride that comes along with that.

I’ll be honest with you, this world will try to bring you down, along with everything you care about. Maybe not all the time, but there will be days when it feels like the world stopped caring. But for some reason you didn’t give up… Why? I guess only you know that.

Everybody has something they’re willing to fight for, and maybe you had to fight physically or internally. But you have something you’re willing to defend. Whether it be your family or possessions, beliefs, or even yourself. And I get that, believe me I do. I may not know you, but I get wanting to stand up for something.

Because everybody’s got something worth fighting for. Why else do we decide to defend ourselves for what we’ve got? So keep fighting. In some cases, it keeps us alive. Take care of yourself. It seems like you’re doing a good job at doing that already. Thanks for finding my letter

~Letter Writer
I need this more than anything right now...

— The End —