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Styles Jun 20
She opened her legs
        exposing her secret
        gift wrapped in wet
Styles Jun 20
    pretty pink
Styles Jun 20
The moonlight
        formed shadows
        against the wall  
        reflecting our
Styles Jun 14
you are a wild,
        that needs to be tamed.
        I am a hunter
        that enjoys your  taste
        so to conquer this desire
        I must devour you
        starting below the waist
Styles Jun 14
If *** is the cream in the pudding,
                 then I look forward to creaming in you.
Styles Jun 14
You little tease,
        You know,
        the thought of you,
        not wearing *******,
        under that dress,
        makes me hard,
        in all the right places.
Styles Jun 14
She and I
       had the same vibrations
Stuck in our souls
       it only took one look
Deep into her eyes
      For me to feel it
Styles Jun 14
Lips dancing
Across her flesh
             Where will
they go
Styles Jun 12
His fingertips,
       like whispers,
       trace her forbidden paths
       to destinations untold,
       kindling flames of desire,
       setting her spirit on fire,
       igniting flames unknown.
Styles Jun 12
She reclines, nestled amongst her stacked pillows,
                       legs spread wide,
                       hands cradle her delicate flower.
                       Fingers wander,
                       igniting sensations;
                       closed eyes,
                       biting lip in anticipation.
                      Her final release
                      standing ovation
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