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Mel Jun 2020
Seven Wonders Of The World
Could soon be turned to rubble
There have been some
Political Issues
People getting their mouths into

Pictures appear
Of the statue of liberty hiding behind
Redwood Trees
And the pharaohs from Egypt
Trying to hide behind
The Pyrenees
This is a concerning time for the petrified
Mel May 2020
Beautiful Dragon
Shining green tail
Flying high
With the wind in your sails
Where will you land next?
What will you do?
Another world is waiting out there
For you.

Dragon, land on a green field
Make a nest with flowers of steel
And leaves of green teal
Mel Mar 2020
Moon of Venus
Moon of Osiris
I’ve been thinking
Of Corona Virus

Get Some
Get Some
Coca cola

Play some
My Sharona
It may be
Over Soon
And You Know
I love you
To the moon and back.
Mel Mar 2020
Phil McGee
Will you marry me
I want to be your bride
I'm smelling
Cigarettes and Pacorabanne
And ***** on your breath

Do you remember 95
When we crept outside
In the backstreets
Looking for chinese meals
And taxi wheels
in the darkness

No one told me that you passed away
But i found out the other day
In the paper
I was so sad that i wanted to hit my head on the wall
But i threw my iphone on the floor instead
it was better than hitting my head
Phiil McGee i wanted to be your bride

Phil McGee
I try on your clothes and do a pose
In the mirror
I discovered some shirts that you wore
In a charity store
Just near Andover
And when you smiled at me
It tore me up inside
Phil McGee
I wanted to be your bride
Mel Mar 2020


Mel Mar 2020

Sitting in the bedroom
Avoiding the news
Teenage girl
Curls up
On top of chocolate wrappers
And phone leads

With cat lying next to her
She texts on her phone
And curses her mothers
Embarrasing comments

She talks
To her mother
On the squeaky phone
Her mother visualises her as a toddler by her voice
Child groans
At being told this

Ten years later
She sits on a beach
With her toddler daughter
Making sandcastles in front of her
And smiles proudly
And laughs about her simple tasks and life
In the teenage years.
Daughter Love

— The End —