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Norman Crane Oct 2020
If I grew wings
would you stab them
with pins
and add me
to your collection?

If I grew fins
would your interest
in me
culminate in a classroom

If I grew muscle
would a vivisection
or would you first crush my strength
within an iron vise?
Inspired by Sandra Wyllie's poem If I Grew Wings ( ), whose title and idea I shamelessly stole because I thought it was interesting how two minds could take those starting points and go in completely different directions!
Nigdaw Jul 2020
we have no fins
yet are drawn to the sea
we have no wings
and yet take to the skies
not content to be where
evolution put us
we invade worlds
where we don’t belong
without understanding
the one we were granted
anotherdream Jan 2018
I searched the ocean for my long lost treasure,
Only to forget about it and lose it forever.
I tried to dive deep, keep it together.
Searching for time just to discover,
It never existed.

I thought I had oxygen, I thought I’d be safe.
But turned out to be nothing when compared to the waves,
That pushed and slammed me back and forth,
Releasing my heart and stealing my core.
I’m nothing without it.

Fish everywhere of all shapes and sizes,
Some swimming in the open and some only hiding,
Never being revealed to the rest of the planet,
Nothing caring for them, holding their hand and,
Letting them win.

Their magnificent colors turn red into blue,
If I chose when to leave it wouldn’t be soon.
Fins shimmering through golden sunlight,
Holding all of them and nothing to lose sight.
No fitting in.

Every fish is different and sparkling with colors,
Never to be looked at and compared to another.
Because, quite honestly, that would ruin it all,
Comparing two fish by a mere flaw.
Life’s not a game to win.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I can't fly without feathers
So why are you putting me in tethers
I can't swim without fins
And still your sticking in the pins
And pulling off that little dolls limbs
Like right out of the fairytale grimms'

Your vicious as hell with that voodoo doll of twine
You made in my image so it would be mine
I constantly feel the shivers run down my spine

I don't understand why you keep me here entrapped
And leave all of our potential so untapped
Instead you think I must be kidnapped

It's trust that you're so desperately lacking
Wish you would just relize it's not me that's been slacking

— The End —