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DubJDaddy Sep 2015
I seen you more than once within the halls of friendship doors
But it was only once that I pierced into your soul
and seen a hidden treasure that is buried upon the shore
nestled in the shade where it blooms for evermore.

In this single instance I brushed aside my life
foreseeing a lovely vision of the two of us intwind
not every moment perfect but side by side we'd  fight
So vivid was this portrait that it only needed light.

Our fingers married feelings that rippled through our hearts
Your lips they whisper healing safely in the dark we spark
with a tender silent message ......I will not depart.
I call upon these thoughts for this is where we start.
Sethnicity Jun 2015
Its times like now,    Alone in the shade
All couth is feasting on my frowning and dismay
As I sit by my lonesome crowded mid-West
A heartbeat a smile a gentle caress,
Intangibles of acceptance of ease of rest
Longing for embrace I chase with the best

My heart is throbbing sometimes in sometimes out
You are fixed in site in distance in memory and distress
The surging of mood can cause me much bout
Knowing you are here though I’m thinking quite less

In the presence of resonance I vibrate in tune
My trunk is still leaning, she tutors my topiary
In lusting and thrusting she’s willing my harpoon
Limbs cast shadows over new found leaves of liberty
Soft bodies do justice and let evil eyes swoon
In the abyss of darkness she carries a light
I’m but a moth dismissing the night
For giving myself, for breathing another sight
Foreshadows of chaos only make sacred my plight

When I rise with haste and scurry away
My maiden is waiting and waiting to replay
The tune once heard before the nightingales’ call
Before the mocking birds reminded me from which heights I did fall

Proximity and temptation so conveniently placed
Would not I have been more True, more Loyal about-face
Let me wither in silence with the tapping of Ravens
If only Poe told me true meaning of dear Eleanor
Every breeze that blew by would not seem safe havens
I would have you by my side to ground me Evermore
The ghosts in the trees,
They're all staring at me.
I'm out here alone and lost,
Can't they just let me be?

The ghosts in the trees,
They seem to be scared.
I just want to go home,
But I don't know my way there.

A ghost of a raven
shrieked from the tree.
You may hide in a ravine
You may jump in the sea
You can run to the mountain
Pray to the craven
But I will find theeee!

That ghost in the tree,
It knows my name!
Turning, I start to run,
I don't like this game!

That ghost in the tree,
That shrieked my name.
It's starting to follow me,
Does it know I'm in pain?

Raven, Raven
Stark and mad
No safe haven
To be had
Yellow beak
Upon your back
For evermore,
Forever more.

Ghostly raven in that tree,
Why do you wish to torture me?
I'm simply lost, I don't want trouble.
Can't you just go to hell already?!

Ghostly raven in that tree,
I didn't really mean that.
I'm already so afraid,
I can't stand your beak upon my back.

Flee, fly, foe, crumb
My claws in your hair
Till your heart grows numb
-Begone or your'e done

Evil black bird I can see,
With your mocking and taunting.
I see a glowing light ahead
Your ghostly image is fading

Evil black bird I can see,
With your hatred and torture.
The glowing light is within reach,
I'll be gone and you have no future.

*Begone, begone
The night is long
I fear your fear
Unbidden here
Forever more
Thank you to r, his fantastic poetic abilities really brought this collaboration to life.

— The End —