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Rhiannon Grace Jul 2014
she's behind every smile
saying "this is what it takes"
she's behind every smile
both real and fakes

she holds my hand
when my mind becomes weak
she holds my hand
telling me not to eat

i'm tied to Ana
by the lies i've listened to
i'm tied to Ana
there's nothing i can do

i fade away piece by piece
as Ana watches on
i fade away piece by piece
soon it won't be long

maybe i'm addicted
to the lies Ana shares
maybe i'm addicted
maybe only Ana cares

can't let her go
i only wish i could
can't let her go
heaven knows i should.
i know this one won't make sense to a lot of people, but it makes sense to me.
Alexis A Jun 2014
I felt so alone
No one seemed to care
I went for a walk
And thought about calories
That was odd for me
Then You came
And pushed my food away
You told me you'd make me perfect
Your name was Ana
You put me through hell
Made me question everyone
And every little freaking thing
I started to obsess
Over the number on the scale
I stopped eating food
And started eating numbers
I had to punish myself
When I went even a decimal
Of a calorie
Over my limit
That's what you trained me to do
You sentenced me to the gym
Made me lie to my family
And even my friends
Put me in a hospital
But still I loved you
And honestly, I still do
I won't stop counting calories
I had at most, 1194 today
while only burning 1500
evil little calories
I might drop an ounce
But I'll keep working
Because I have you
My dear friend Ana
The only one who cares
So, this is a letter to Ana, also known as Anorexia, which is something that's been a part of my life for awhile. As I count calories, I know she's there, beckoning me on. I know I can do anything and everything through her. She's my best friend, and my worst enemy.

— The End —