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FloydBrandon Feb 9
Cradle your violets
and keep roses safe
Close to the dynamite heart of abyss
Blown by the gravity of situations
that **** out of hand
People mishandle their limbs
when used as per torturous means to get wealthy
This state of mind is ‘help me’
I’m too weak to fight
My body’s unhealthy
nick armbrister Dec 2019
Boom! goes the dynamite as we fish for fish
No line, net or hook needed
Just a few sticks of dynamite and a Zippo
Light the stick and toss it in
Wait a few seconds and Boom!
There’s a dozen fish ready for the ***
Try not to use fast burn sticks
You’ll end up in heaven or hell
And make sure you throw it far
You don’t want splash backs
Or to sink your boat if afloat
I’ve caught sticklebacks and great whales
And a U-boat and dozen other types besides
Ate my fill in twenty nations
While dynamite fishing
It’s no good for the reefs
But we pay off the officials
No permits needed
You know how it is cash talks
So I’m allowed to fish where I want
And am off to France soon
Followed by Spain and Italy
To do some illegal Boom! fishing...
from Side of the Hill – Varied Poems...  Nick Armbrister
I don’t mind you bringing your mind
To add to the treasure
The pleasure is all mine

Lest it be a dynamite
I would secure mine
And escape out of site
They told me in all honesty,
"you're a flying carpet"
and still they walked all over me.

I'd do the job for nothing if respect was what it gave,
but it seems to me Aladdin wants nothing
than for me to be a slave.

It feels like jellied eels out there
cold and wet and slippery
I think I'll put my slippers on
and watch catch up
on the TV.

But I've got to go out in the snow
fodder for the cannon
going on and on to a thousand
variations of at least four different
seasons in a day.

I know it's summer somewhere where
the Winter's left behind and its up to me
to find it, but at times this man's so blind.

If 'open sesame' won't do
and the bell don't seem to ring
I'll use a stick of dynamite
and blow the door right in.

It's a Sunday,
they say
let us kneel and pray
to some greater God
who's left the World in such a mess
I think that rather odd
I get down on my knees
ask for forgiveness

A chess game and they congregate
make their moves
until they reach
a stalemate

sixty seconds on the clock
the gun is cocked
the casbah's rocked
the door's still locked
I light the fuse.
Martin Narrod Mar 2015
I called to give you a rearrangement of irony and a bucket full of Jews, I tailor made a rebreather because the past connections were used . Indeed, just like a crossview that encouraged stars to collapse, then did a fix up for the X's and O's so every oxymoron followed with a laugh. A pail of shrubs, an ounce of yore, yesterday you were following your very own bated breath. Up until you challenged yourself to a duel, you didn't look so bad for a disastrous mess. Harms' Way could be the place in town where odds go to get even, or it could be the street where Blow-Pops aren't just made, but also handed out to toothless citizens. We the captured, please and thank you, sir and mam until our captors go, like if you imagine  The Godfather in The Graduate, describing how the Komodo dragon roasts. We haven't made it thru a single day since they've come in packs of seven, but today we'll have the chance to share some face time with the hours that we are being given.

Misty-eyed, mournful, and very sorry walked in separately from the yard. They drank cold-filtered PBR and joked about all the kids they may have fathered. Has it been four weeks or just four days, since the Ferguson, Missouri Captain resigned his post? I was always taught that for a captain to go out, he or she must go down with their boat.

In time where boredom lays around with dynamite by the loads, tomorrow remind me of the basorexia I've had since we met not long ago.
samana Dec 2014
To Love is to offer someone your heart strapped to a stick of dynamite; and trusting they never light the fuse
it's tru.
Jamie Aug 2014
The challenge we all have
When we take the next step
With expectation and eagerness to impress
Seems like you either settle
Become mundane and hope for the best
Or grab a some dynamite
And blow away everyone in clear sight

— The End —