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Dyrr Keusseyan Jun 2016
Reflections invisible, O self, eternal, rising forever high,
Wings of Justice, Wings of Darkness, in ether, forever fly,
At any age at any stage,if Kindness is our roots, Heaven's our Ally.
Light in-divisible, seeing both just and evil, forever reflecting in the sky,

Time forever passing, Eternity contain both truths and lies,
Evil time shared, Of all truth beware: Illumined Minds cry,
For a Caring Heaven, Watching all men. A Mighty Mirror in the sky,

reflective and cool, all men were once fools, yet successful when they try,
Be yourself, Love yourself till death, enlightenment comes in time...

someone dies, A Soaring flame, now becoming wise,
an image imprinted, now in the Mighty mirror ...
forever watching from the sky.
We belong
Neber der. Todo
Love eterlna
Kenshō Aug 2015
Give me a moment I've lost my breath.
Hold it in, it's all I've got left.
Renew the true
And exhale the stale.

Once it slips away, I g(r)asp!
Running after it, it goes too fast!
Look, almost nothing left,
Better take a breather,
Hope it will last..

Ask yourself what's the difference between either and neither?
Better not to choose,
Waste your time, it's the breath you'll lose.

But, a 'mountain high' can be found;
Upward, one may look at a mountain around,
But it is here under your feet, the highest earthly ground.


Hold me up prayer of the nigh,

Immanent and strong~
I hear thy song.

Wrap me in
What there is to see.

Dream out ten thousand flowers,

A dream of you and me.

What's left to say
But that "I love you."

Kenshō Jul 2015
Weary traveler among'st a dusty world.
Emptiness and form dancing,
As if they stand for something.

Not many comprehend a man of solitude.
Let me cast my dreams like a *** against a sleeping tree..
Jackie B Dec 2014

Beauty in the details. Intheplacementof spaces. In the p.o.i.n.t.s. between words.

With sense and presence, no perception, I live in truth. In a real place, not like my room, or my house, or new york. A real place, you know, like the one in your heart. The place you imagine. A real place.

Blindness veils, thoughts tear away, but when everything else quiets, I’ll get there. A real place.

Where I feel. Everything, in the palm of my hand and the beat of my heart. In the hand of a friend. In a fresh start.

Don’t prepare. Don’t obsess. Just be. Forget the rest.

There’s a sky. I promise.

There are stars and a moon.

There’s order in the world, it’s just called disorder.

Feel you’re heartbeat.

Come with me.

Don’t miss the chance to kiss the sky before you die.

Don’t ever, just get by.


It’s all in me. Its all in you. Every molecule atom electron in the world. They move. They change. But they stay. So everything is really the same. Can you ever feel that in your heart? Sometimes I can. When I listen— sometimes I hear.


your smile,

leaves blowing on the trees,

Water trickling down a stream,

Ice floating on the top.

Flowers pushing through the frost of spring,

Bloom and die, die and bloom

Come and go, go and come

Good, bad and beautiful. My heart. The world.

Stop. No-


— The End —