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Glenn Currier May 14
I have slowly loosened the grip
of one hand on hell
for a slow and gradual gain
but its persistent flame
still licks at my soul
has made me old
and beat in its heat.

I will not win this fight
with the dark and hoary blight
til I loosen both hands
to be wholly free
for the warm and deep embrace
of heaven’s healing grace.
Her perfume
I just love it so

Her perfume
Where she got it I long to know

Her perfume
It now clings to me

Her perfume:
The last memory of her that will ever be
I am writing a story with a character whose girlfriend goes missing. Just really felt that if she wrote a poem, it would be like this.
Nameless Dec 2014
For as we lay
Together in tangled arms
To regret the land that's too far
Waiting to grasp any hope
Us finding a way to cope
Love is a difficult thing
Never the less it clings
But you are the blinding light
In my no longer dark night
So run away with me
For our fate will see
"Just one call Brooke... And I'll drop everything and Run"

— The End —