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Shakytrumpet Jan 2020
My wordstend tocle ave,
clippingthemsee mstohe l p b u t
som etim es  it do e sn't
Auto antonyms are fun
Laokos Jul 2019
born from a splitting
ache in the back-left of my head
like a drill bit whirring in an empty paint can.

i'd give you pearls for hands my love,
ever-winter washing over our foaming cerulean eyescapes.  

inside your drums I hear
a pulse that cries for
hips and thorns entangled
under your

one more summer breath from lung to lung
under moonlight for the promise of elevation.  
you are not
who you say you are
my dear - you are a
future memory
stalking sweetly today under the guise
of novel pleasure , but time will
reveal your skin to me
under the electric lavender
of my

you are wood grain
and strata -
born too, it seems, from a splitting.
Poetic T Apr 2018
The devil rides the tomb of our thoughts,
       only to hold us back from intentions

       that cleave even at his morality.

"We are always much darker that the devil
               on our shoulder, he holds us back
Yanamari Jun 2017
When do petals lose their gentle sway?
When do they detach
And begin to float away?
What sort of pressures
Cause it's smoothness to fray?
Dryed and roughened,
Weakened and flayed.

When do petals begin to fall?
Into a world of dirt and decay...
Soon after, when is it,
That they crumble and break?
Laying on a horizon strewn,
With vague silhouettes and

And if after, the petal gathers itself,
When is it, that it is raised into the sky,
Into a familiar unfamiliar atmosphere?
When is it that the petal loses itself,
And in its emptiness,
Tears at its own soul profusely?
Elevated high
Into the expansive, empty sky
Away and away
From any natural warmth
And cleaved apart from any stability.

The petal,
When it lays back against the wind,
The image of freedom it always imagined,
Was actually
A prison.
The Hadid
in weekend
plans this
plane that'll
easily shake
takeoff as
they'll break
the news
and flash
zesty Yolanda
that only
her celebs
were finally
gathered in
the Paparazzi
will trump
West Hollywood.
Daughters of the river

— The End —