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Rosie Sep 2020
How do I know you're the one?
Because we're like two peas in a pod
Two pigs in a blanket?

You're the one because you didn't let me win air hockey
Because we think the same way and laugh at the same things
Because I didn't know I liked you until a week before I loved you.

You let me be myself simply by being yours.
We're either exactly the same or complete opposites.
What isn't identical complements.

Your curiosity of my faith makes me learn more about it.
Your questioning forces me to decide what I believe.

Your complaining brings out my optimism
Your knowledge highlights my need.

Maybe we're not two peas in a pod, but sides of the same coin?
Two pieces in a two piece puzzle wanting only to join.

All I know
Is that you make me smile
Your presence
Your humor
Just the thought of you brightens me

I guess I'm not 100% positive
Because you can't be

But if you're not the One
Then I don't believe in soulmates.
You're the one because this is the first time I've written a poem about a boy out of joy and not pain.
Rosie Nov 2017
In Africa they mutilate girls' genitals so that they can't enjoy ***.
Sometimes they just sew it shut.
They call it a ritual.
A ceremony.

In Gilead they give the women ugly dresses and make the wife stay in the room so it's not fun for either one.
They call a necessity.
A ceremony.

In Laguna Pueblo they relive their conquests. Remembering not the pleasure, but the power.
They tell it like it's a legend.
A ceremony.

At USAFA we read the stories. We feel bad. We do nothing.
There's nothing we can do.
Each one is just a story.
But it's a ceremony too.
I wrote this for English class and then I had to read it in front of the entire class and I felt very vulnerable
Rosie Jun 2017
I used to think you had to be sad to write good poetry.

It always seemed to be true for me.
But it wasn't a problem,
I had plenty of material.

I mean, the best movies are the ones that make you cry right?
It's only the really good books that you throw across the room.

But yesterday I felt the need to write a poem.

So I tried to think of all my hardships.
I couldn't really think of any.
I realized that the most poignant moments in my life right now
Are happy ones

And maybe contentment doesn't make readers turn the pages.
Maybe my life isn't as interesting as it used to be.
But I think it's my new favorite story.
Rosie Jun 2017
"Was he a good kisser?"

I couldn't say.

I know they were the best kisses of my life.
And I'm not just talking past tense.
It will never be better.
It will never be him again.

I can say he tore my heart out every time he left me.
I can say he ****** it back in every time he returned, reminding me what it was like to feel so deeply.
I can say when my knee grazed his I could feel electricity shooting up my body.
I can say he was the greatest love my life will ever have.

I have no idea if he was a good kisser.
It didn't really matter.
He was a good person.
He was the best person I've ever met.
He is funny and smart and witty and forgiving and caring and adventurous and handsome and FUN.

When I kissed him I felt dizzy and ecstatic and lucky and beautiful and LOVED.
I didn't have any room to notice how his lips moved.
Rosie Jun 2016
I have this great talent, at putting things in a box.
At not feeling guilt.
At not even thinking about it.

It's great for me.
Not so much for the people I put in the box.
Rosie May 2016
It makes you wonder, when is it too much?
This one guy was cheated on
so it's okay he refuses to get into relationships.
This one person was abused
so it's okay he has anger problems.
This one girl was *****
so it's okay she cheats on her boyfriend.

At what point does what happened to someone
justify what they're doing to someone else?

Because most serial killers
got abused by their parents.

So if something bad has happened to you
I'm really sorry
But that doesn't justify you treating others incorrectly.
Rosie Apr 2016
I always heard that guys love mystery.
And that terrifies me.

Because one day I'll be sitting in our living room
And our daughter will ask me a question.
And my husband will answer her because he knows exactly what I was going to say.

Because one day my husband and I will get into a fight and he'll say sorry, and then he'll say, "I know, I know, 'if I was sorry I wouldn't have done it.'"

Because one day I'll tell him about my day.
And it will be the exact same day as every other day I've told him about.

Because one day I'll try to lighten the mood with a funny story,
But he's already heard it; twice.

Because one day he'll meet someone at work.
And she'll surprise him.
She'll be full of mystery.
And I won't have any left.
Don't fall in love with someone who loves mystery. Once they get to know you they'll get bored.
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