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It's cos Love lives on desire
as much as patience

A little spark
A little fluke
A little tingling sensation,
Behold an avalanche of emotions
So love makes you cry, my friend.

Precious moments go out of touch,
Highly treasured, but
Now trapped in thoughts
(as memories)...
So love makes you cry, my friend

If love makes you cry, my friend...
You should consider yourself lucky;
Lucky to have loved,
bold enough to share,
Strong enough to hold...

But again, if love makes you cry my friend,
Fix it or
Love lives on desire as much as patience
NightOwls Mar 2021
It was a nice warm day
a little breeze that came my way
kneeling on the ground
smelling the flowers that surround
as I watch the tiny bee hum.
"Here little love,
in my garden, you can come."
Shaheera Ahmed Nov 2019
One day in summer's delight,
When the sun was shining bright,
I was writing poetry,
While sitting under the cherry tree,
I ate a cherry but strangely it was sour,
When all of a sudden my diary turned  into a door,
I entered the magical door to see,
Which surprise was awaiting for me,
That door opened into a wonderland,
Full of candies and chocolate sand,
It was like a dream and soon I should wake,
Coz houses were delicious cheese cake,
Then a cloud came near to me ,
Made of marshmallows dear to me,
From coned mountains strawberry shake was flowing,
This was all mind blowing,
I saw there was a cherry tree too,
Saying these cherries are also for you,
I sat under it for a greed,
That these cherries might be sweet,
After eating them I felt dizzy,
So closed my eyes and went sleepy,
After a while when my eyes opened,
I did smile but was saddened,
To see that there was no more wow!
The sun was also setting now,
That nap had a great impression,
I thought this should be a written expression,
So "cherry tree " I wrote a poem,
After that I went to home.
Rhea Sheilah Jul 2018
Have you ever missed someone when he is standing right in front of you?
Minutes ago I was standing with you
And I realized how I have missed you
I miss your aura and humorous side
I miss your random hugs and winks
I miss seeing you smile from the heart
I miss the part of you that allows me to be myself when I see you
I miss not feeling judged when I am around you
I miss the original US….
So for the past 2 days, my friend's moods changed and he was acting unusual
He would send texts and through them i feel the pain he has
but thank God for this talent, this poem has helped me get him to open up and tell me how he is feeling.

there are days in life, when we feel low and broken but then friends like me, talk to us and we are whole again.
Gangothrii Jul 2018
He struggles and ponders,
reads and re-reads,
My markers fail before his eyes,
his naivety takes over,
A fruit? he queries,
I burst out in laughter,
Can be, I agree, but I await for more,
he peruses and my ribs tickled,
amused and curious, I stayed,
at his innocence that shined.
A Mango! he exclaims!
No! I equally enthused

'A woman, a fruit,
delicious and mystical,
for a man who craves'.

'Oh'  the meek sigh, a tiny sound,
concurred or dissent, I know not,
In a flash came a verbal rebuff,
back to his annoying self.

He annoys and appeases,
A friend I have known for years,
Mine forever, I know for sure,
no matter what he says.
This is for my dearest friend, Andy, who just read my poem "Alluring..Her"  and thought it is about a fruit. I promised my next is on him, and I take those seriously (my promises, not him) :)
pk tunuri Feb 2018
You're the bravest I've ever known
I don't know what's hurting you to moan

When life was a problem, You stood tall
When there is a problem in life, You shall not fall

Stay strong my friend
Hard times are meant for the pain to end
We all face Hard Times.
Though it tries to knock you down,
all we have to do is "STAY STRONG".
J Rodriguez Feb 2017
The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and never explained. A smile can hide the tears. A laugh can hide the pain, but nothing stops the longing to have you back again , our Momments of laughter will never be forgotten. It seems like it's a dream but it's reality.
In loving Robinson Pujols
Wrote this when my friend that meant something to me passed away ..
In my arms lies a broken angel.
Her golden halo strung from her neck.
Her arms are covered in battle wounds, That spell out the hateful words that she always listened to.
I gently brushed her blonde locks from her face and kissed her eyes, whispering to her, once again, another good night.
I then gently laid her down in a bed of roses to let her sleep away the monsters.
Those that haunted her innocence and stole her youth.
Those that put her in the predicament of her broken heart
For my beautiful little Rose. I care for you so much and I want you to stay strong...

This was a poem I wrote a year ago for my best friend, who was contemplating suicide, and decided to finally post it.

©LogenMichel copyright 2015
In Loving Honor of Joseph Wulf
Christi Michaels  8-31-2015

Tonight my friend could not breathe
Lungs ravaged from long ago
Served our country as a young man
Shoulders, hip and leg bones
broke by the jungles below

A Harley Man through and through
JFD's became his Corps
Never wavered in his allegiance
to his country or his force

One of the smartest men
I have ever known
Could recite passages from long ago
abreast of topics from far and wide
a history buff so knowlegable

A brother to many, a father to one
Devoted to all he loved
A truer friend could not be had
So very popular he was!!

Joe was my protector
as I was a wild young thing
Was my confidant and
chaperone starting at just 17

Accompanied the first date with
my husband 30 years ago
Gave his blessings that first night~
To my children he was Uncle Joe

The older brother I never had.
Blessed to love him 40 years
My whole being trembles at the
thought of losing him
I weave Love within these tears

~Christi Michaels~April 2015~
Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

♡●♡●♡●♡    Ode to Joe   ♡●♡●♡●♡
This poem was written upon Joe entering
Hospice. His sisters provided
Constant Vigil and Loving Care.
Joe passed on 8-15-2015
This was read at Joes Military Burial
Fort Snelling National Cemetery
Fort Snelling, Minnesota
We Are Stories Feb 2015
My world!
My beautiful world!
Your mouths are endless fountains of profound shouts and
I have seen the things you breathe in man's hearts and
I've tried to tell my brothers that they're lies,
But we keep letting your voices in every time.

My world told me that poetry was supposed to be my only thing
And my only way of expressing my inner me.
It told me lies about who I was and how I should think.
It told me that I need to write like I bleed this ink.

My God!
I don't want anyone else to think that I'm still in love with me!
You are the only thing I want to see
And your hope has grounded me by your streams!
I'm in love with you and how you fill up my dreams!

I'm not an aching, brooding, bleeding, receding, deceiving
Deceasing, cheating, repeating voice with a black heart beating.
I am your son!
I don't know how you allow the dust of the earth
To be rebirth into your arms and claim you as a father!
My voice was always meant to be singing love songs to you.
Recently I've been dying to sing again.

I want you to know that
When I go that
I just wanted to hold my God's hand
And dance with him forever.

I want you to know that
When I go that
I honored my father with my lips
And used my fiery tongue to bless and encourage.
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