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Moonlight Bliss Jun 2018
rejection is redirection
This three words make everything sense to me.
Moonlight Bliss Feb 2018
was i blind?
was i a fool?
or what if im both?

i am blind for believing that
your heart is only beating for me

i am a fool for pretending that i am fine but in reality,
i am nowhere near to being alright

i am blind for closing my eyes avoiding the sight
of your eyes sparkles the moment you saw her smile

i am a fool for risking my heart get wounded
with thorns of roses you held the night we met
  Feb 2018 Moonlight Bliss
i don't want an apology
i don't need a half hearted smile
because you feel obligated
i don't want your pity
i don't need you to feel sorry for me
because believe it or not
being hurt isn't new to me
i just want a "thank you"
that's all
for loving you
when you least deserved it
Moonlight Bliss Jan 2018
how many more ***** should i take?
just to make this pain go away

how many more books i have to read?
just to distract myself to bleed

how many more places should i go?
just to guide my heart to the right path i follow

how many more nights i have to cry?
just to wipe all the tears at the end of the day

how many more mornings should i wake?
just to embrace my heart so it won't break

how many more days i have to survive?
just to keep bresthing but pretend  to be alive
i am tired of
this pain
i want it
to go away
but it takes
time to
Moonlight Bliss Jan 2018
tightly hold my hand,
let's go somewhere far away
just like neverland

your wendy.
Moonlight Bliss Jan 2018
and after a while of being isolated with the world
someone managed to sway her heart unexpectedly
he came into her life without a single warning
now, she is trapped in a place where fantasy exist

she is hesitant and doubtful of her own feelings
questioning herself if he is worth the pain and risks
days have turned into weeks and from weeks, it turned into months
he never failed to show that he is sincere enough of what he feels

they are two worlds apart but she feels connected to him
her place that was once a fantasy became a reality
hand in hand, they watch the sunset by the seashore
and finally, she found a home where she truly belongs
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 ; unedited. Wrote this while I am in class.
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