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sofia l May 13
I desperately grasp at your clothes while I
drown in the void, a foreboding farewell
The changing of seasons
The changing of ages
When was it again that I fell?
Down at the shoreline
Where the sea and the sky
meet, an immense divide.
Deafening self-made arguments
What day will I finally die?
sofia l Nov 2018
***** words as you slip off my dress
haunted eyes
sunken cheeks
i lose control as you go in deep
labored breaths
forceful touch
is this what it feels like to make love?
sofia l Oct 2018
the curls of smoke remind me
of the way
your fingers used to
wrap around my thighs
  Apr 2018 sofia l
Third Mate Third
count thy words
like you count your breathes -

the estimable statisticians
can estimate
the proximate number
of breaths
our lives will take,
the inventory of words,
we shall on average aggregate

we breathe recklessly,
never stopping
to slow down the rate
with which we tirelessly
consume ourselves

think of the
mess of words,
a brain store,
like a breath,
use it and then
purposeful lose it,
once employed,
so write often,
even longingly,
as in,
write long,
write hard,
every word expelled,
a treasure,
returned to
brother poets
for their
consumption and reutilization,
the monoxide,
of a shared oxide

when thy stock of
words in trade,
almost all used up,
must write only
short little sweet nothings

in happy desperation,
alliterative allegations,
nonsensical noises,
aiming to pleases
summation of essential humanness

remain few breaths,
issue rhythmic sounds,
colorful grunting noises,

one last intelligible poem
that cannot ever be read
sofia l Mar 2018
why is it
that i'm always
making love
to our potential,
but never to
  Mar 2018 sofia l
These are strange messages,
in a sweet and deep

Thoughts I speak
from fingertips
to myself,
and maybe
someone else,
as I dance
in and out of
other peoples

aware that I
cannot connect
a hundred percent
to them
but I can get closer
then most others
ever get.

This comes from
a lifetime
of listening
and reading.

I find wonder in the warmth
of human connections.
They lessen
the coldness
of this
dark reality.

Which is why
it helps me
to see
happy in love
no matter what
their orientation
may be.
sofia l Mar 2018
Next time you talk to me
Take a second glance
Dig a little deeper
Don’t just graze over my features
And conform to the other superficials
Look me in the eyes
Peer into my soul
What you find won't be a surprise
Your eyes will fall upon the many fragments that comprise of me
The many fragments that I have stolen from others
Pieces of personalities that I have adopted as my own
For I have stripped myself of my individuality
And to most that is a incomprehensible thought
Why would one do such a horrible thing to themselves?
Why would one take the time to deconstruct themself
Pick apart every piece of their being
And will every part of them to be something they’re not?
Why darling, I’ve done it for you
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