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sean  Oct 2014
// xo - xo
sean Oct 2014
the seasons have been changing &
i’m not sure why i thought we wouldn’t
succumb to the ways of mother nature
it’s a lot of should have, could have,
would have and not enough
stay with me tonight & we can figure the
rest out in the morning
but this isn’t about the staying or the going
you’re breathing slowly &
i’m drinking more than i should
we’re drifting through a phase of
let me try this without you but
what about the handful of nights i woke up in a
panic because i dreamt of your
name coming out of a mouth
that wasn’t mine
i heard love is supposed to be
a game of tug of war
when really it’s me & our ghost
pulling on an empty rope
because the only type of fight you know
is running until your hands feel innocent again
i crossed the border last night
& i swear that the street lights were talking to me
in a way that would lead me
straight to your house
but i kept telling them you weren't there anymore
that you had a bad habit of
moving wherever the sun looked best
the ground i walk on isn't as strong these days
& i've got to stop dancing to our song in the kitchen alone
i'm sorry that i'm anchored to
the moments you were in love with me
it's just that i think if you would've picked up
the phone that night then i wouldn't have to
keep begging you to come home
everything starts over at the time it began
& i'll wait until december comes again
lX0st  Jul 2014
lX0st Jul 2014
I feel so bloated
When I think of you
Like I've swallowed a hundred pills
To forget your silhouette
Against the moonlight
And the perfect edge
Of your sculpted jawline
And the contours of your chest
That move with your ragged breath
And your very strong hands
That are oddly so gentle.
It's almost like I can hear you
Whispering my name
Or feel your arm
Gripping my waist.
These images are so vivid
Why aren’t you here

you're our sunshine, Sean
we miss your smile
and your amazing laugh
you kept us on our toes
and good times
always moving
and having fun
you're our sunshine, Sean
amazing and unforgettable
never to be forgotten
never far from our thoughts
and always with a place in our hearts
you're our sunshine, Sean
the one to make us happy when we were sad
the one to help us when we needed it
and the one to listen when we spoke
you are always there
you're our sunshine, Sean
we miss you and we love you

Sophie Herzing  Sep 2014
Sophie Herzing Sep 2014
You better kiss me,
your mouth parted and lips
wrecking into the vagabond breath
that escapes from the center of what
I've been talking, and talking, and talking about
all the while you're trying to just shut me up.
So you better kiss me, kiss me
with your hands below my hips
pushing the skin from my bones
and pulling the sins from my mouth
just to spread them on our bodies.
We collide, half-inspired and arching
my back with your hands cupping the dimples
above my tailbone, jumping over my vertebrates,
reaching for my neck to press yourself, harder,
into me. Lights out, sheets to the end of the bed,
I sigh into your ears, XO. Again, and again, and again
gently until I'm bruised and ripened, soft,
pulsing on the verge, releasing our glow
crashing into you, kiss me, kiss me
you better kiss me.
Reece Mar 2013
California highway buzzes and the searing sun shines on the beach towel as I stroke Walt Whitman's beard
Transcendent and alive, but dead, still dead as my brother and his brothers, the 19th Century posse
We know the world better than them but are less learned, as the schools are a failure
and the business is us, but not the same as the industrial business of yesteryear
We are here to consume, consume and as we're dying of consumption , we consume more.

Alcohol, cars, phones and laptops, tablets, tablets, pills and more pills, condoms, liquor, ***** and brews, women, men, more women, more men, razors, lasers, heaters, coolers, snacks, rucksacks, ex lax and nick-knacks. They sell us dreams and nightmares, movies and bomb scares, they sell us news by the hour and power as they exert their own power. They give us gifts and incentives, draw us in so they they can stick us with a pin or a bracelet, and we too can sell to our friends on group hangs or as we stand still listening to our favourite bands. Billboards scream for our attention, or the buses stop at the intersection, and we're supposed to open our little phone and buy whatever is advertised. Why? Y?

They call us the Y generation too, why? Perhaps we ask the question  too much, perhaps we haven't asked enough. Perhaps the X generation simply ponder why we are so consumed with the technology they feed us. Why? Why must they question us, when we are the next great generation, we do laugh at that too. The internet is the new religion, bow down before Google and drink from the pixelated chalice, my child. Any question one could need answering is answered by the internet. The Bible is irrelevant in our society, burn it and download a bible app on the latest smartphone, the Qur'an too, hell, try the Tanakh, the Smriti and the Pāli Canon, for we are enlightened ******* It. And we want more.

Hey yo mane some warehouse downtown has this dubstep DJ from like ******* Iraq or some ****. *** down, gonna be hella ******* there

What music do you like?
All of it
All of them
I don't own one but I watched every episode of The Wire on Netflix
I am a pansexual being riding the ever changing dunes of the Sahara, like so many great poets before me.

Digital immigrants and immigrants of empathy too
How serious do you believe us to be?
I am not using sarcasm as a form of wit for I have no wit.
Stoicism and rejection of education, employment and training.
We surly are the neatest generation, how can we make a mess if we are not awake most days?
Save for the endless party that is life, as we throw used glow sticks at women we desire
and ***** over car windows before getting blown on the lawn

lol dat wuz cray last nite

Die young poets we have no desire for your kind, pacify us with Kerouac and Ginsberg so that we may emulate intelligence and impair the senses, for we care not about the real world either
Our world is the only one that exists, yours will soon crumble
We have trained for the end with extensive views of zombie flicks in coffee houses

@SomeFacelessJerk Follow for follow

Hey OP, you are a ******.
Why yes, yes I am. Does that bother you.
No, OP. You see I too am a ******.

Do away with your hurtful words they have no meaning today
White man died and lost control of his precious dictionary
We are here to save language by replacing all vowels with X's and O's
We are here to consume and in turn consummate this marriage,
the marriage of ignorance and bliss.
I feel as if I lost control of this particular piece and in turn lost control of myself
The snow is falling and I decided to freeze myself to death
The snow as I learned is a fantastic insulator and so I only served to warm my spirits

I am not a poet

Footnotes on The Addendum
All people are poets but only a few are talented enough to shine like [insert simile here] and cause the world to [insert hyperbole here].

Addendum to the Footnotes of the Addendum

Additional Notes
Apathy is the overriding factor in our lives, or at least that's how it seems to me. The trust fund kiddies in their beach houses are bored because Mommy and Daddy have no attention to spare them. The kids without parents in the projects are bored too, bored of the death and poverty, they're bored of the trust fund kiddies playing gangster, buying ******* from Mad Jack the Black Mack on Smack on the corner of 3rd and 15th. I am bored by the words I write, you are bored by the words you read, and we are all bored of the capitalist agenda that serves only to perpetuate boredom amongst us and bleed our pockets so that we have no choice but **** each other for their amusement as they place obscene bets on which child will 'win'.

*******, I have More Notes
Take this work for the post-post-post modern-proto-futurist-pre-apocalypse ******* that is. I have attempted to put no substance into this piece, apart from grams upon grams of ******* I brought from some guy some place, some time ago. It doesn't really matter, and we all stopped caring.
Xoaquín Oznian  Feb 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
Valentina:*  *What are you doing after the club baby?

Me:  I don't know yet. I might hit up another club. I have two other ladies with me. Wanna come with?

Valentina:  Actually, I'm feeling really ***** and I just wanna have some fun.  You should bring those ladies with you. We could all have a foursome. ;)

Me:   Count me in

Valentina:  Mmm yeah daddy.  Meet me at my hotel.  I'll text you the address.

Me:  You got the condoms?

Valentina:  Yeah baby. I have champagne too.  Just bring that **** body of yours ;)

Me:  Cool. I'm on my way.

Valentina:  Don't be late

Me:  Say no more

Valentina:  *xo
Zedler  Mar 2013
Zedler Mar 2013
Perfect way to end a letter.  
Rated x to get her wetter and o
the shape her mouth makes while she
takes [explicit] and slips another pill
that she purposefully drinks at will.

Searching for serotonin
in any kind of person.
Hard for her to see
while she abuses receptors
that release dopamine.

Snow falls from her nose
as the winter wind blows
and to keep up her habit
finds another man to blow.

How far will she go
before they all decide to let her go
and she ends up all alone.

I picked her up and fixed
her wings while she tried to
figure out what to do next.
She says she has no money and
can only repay in ***.

Keep the x and then we'll se[e]  
but first you need some help
before we know what the plan will be.

A fallen angel. I'm glad
you're in my presence.
Please don't yell so loudly
just in case we wake the tenants.

Watch you sleep while
I make breakfast.
I've grown attached to the
angel addicted  to snow
that  has nowhere to go.

Stay with me I tell her.
She's reluctant to look
me in the eyes.
She wonders if I'm kidding
and simply tell lies.

She slowly starts to panic
I claim my love for her's organic
but she doesn't know what to
think as her mind becomes volcanic.

I tell her I'm going to
shower and to
think of my proposal.

I try to be quick as
I'm convinced that after
months I simply can't let her go.
Only to find a long letter
in the kitchen with the signature
Kenji Oct 2016
"I'm always getting high cuz' my confidence low...
And I'm always in a rush, ain't no time to **** slow
It's not something I don't know...
But I'm sure I'll make you *** do it three times in a row...
And I'm sure you would've left but that ***** in control...
That ***** in control..."

"I like the thrill...
Nothings ever made me feel so real
So don't leave me here alone,
I don't wanna spend tonight alone..."

I will ******* right, til' you tired to leave me
I will do you right...
Until your subconscious got you screamin' my name
Crave me...
Sensuality got you fallin'
I am your void.

Let the madness be the only thing you embrace as your soul craves me like a drug.
There is beauty behind the madness.
Can you see?
Devour your senses I shall...

So tell me you love me,
Just for tonight
For one night only
S  Jul 2013
S Jul 2013
Lustful wishes,
Seductive kisses,
Tease me,
Touch me,
Feel my body yearn for you,
And embrace me tightly,
Never let me go.
Take me higher, as I call out your name
And praise the masterpiece of your being.
Grab my face as I exhale, our breathing in sync,
Rapidly increasing with every movement.
Look into me, see the lustful fires set aflame in the furnace of my heart.
Let me ravish the curves of your red lips in mine,
Passion taking over our bodies while our souls are intertwined before our eyes.
Don’t fight it. No thinking. Just feel.
Let the winged-love gods sprinkle the essence of desire over us as we become one.
And when it is finished, my head upon your chest, don’t let me go.
**Never let me free.
Eunice Amor Oh Sep 2014
he promised her things that only God could give yet with all of her whole, she believed:
because love was their (arcane) goal*

to them love was the roses, chocolates and the ever so cute 'goodnight' texts. it was the tiny 'XO's at the end of every love letter and the irresistible kisses on a bad day. it was them hiding under the sheets, ardently sharing every secret ever known to the world because the world that they knew was in their robust palms.

little did they know that love was also the screams on a terrible day, the tears of a tortuous heartbreak and the piercing 'goodbye's after repeated arguments. it was the shredding of past love letters, the tearing of photographs and the burning of every remembered moment that was reminiscently shared in the creases of their hands (or their clenched fists).

soon, the little lovebirds turned into fiery ravens because love was inexorable
-- it was the wings that made them fly (in which direction it did not matter).  the "lovers" chose to fly anyway because ultimately, love reminded them of the misplaced souls that they possessed.
(( though love only taught them of the ubiquity of hatred within them ))

— The End —