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Xoaquín Oznian Jul 2020
Back in the day when I first started writing poetry
I was writing just to pass the time
Because at the time things weren't all too great
and the pressure came crumbling
What I wanted and hoped to gain from it was always there
In the subconscious of my mind
Though back then I wasn't thinking of it
Because like many others I was just writing
To relieve myself of years of emotional pain/abuse
What I really wanted from writing poetry
Wasn't just to write and never share with the world
Wasn't just to revel within fits of insecurity and manipulation
What I wanted from writing poetry was fame
That's what it's always been about for me
Though as I stated earlier I didn't know it at the time
But it was always the fame, the power, the popularity, the respect,
The admiration, the love etc...
And in my opinion poetry did bring me a small amount of it though to others it may seem like a bit of a larger slice of it but compared to other poets I really wasn't doing **** lol but yet I received numerous accolades.

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Today's Writing February 2011 Black History Month Writer Of The Month (Prior to defunction)

People in different parts of the world using my poems in their videos, in their photo captions, on their blogs.

Poetry featured in a few anthologies etc...

Wrote and published my own poetry books

Ran my own poetry club at my local library

Hell, I even had subscriptions to about five different poetry/writing magazines at once with my subscription to POETRY magazine spanning nine years because I would by a ******* subscription every paycheck so I would never have to worry about renewing.

I pretty much got what I desired but then I suddenly woke up and realized that I yes I do truly and badly want the fame but I want to obtain it through another medium.

Poetry isn't my passion.
Music is my passion.

So stop ******* asking me if I'm still writing poetry!
I don't and I don't ******* desire to write!
Xoaquín Oznian May 2020
["Vente Pa' Ca" by Ricky Martin & Maluma is playing in the playground]

I love the ladies.
I love the way the ladies talk ***** to me.
So sensual, so ****
So ******, so serene
It's as if I've got them all in the palm of my hand
It's as if it is all a dream
I got them sweet talking me
Yeah, they like to sweet talk me
They like to finesse and bless me
They like to kiss and caress me
Much quite like paradise
Where I can have whatever whenever I want
They tell me:

Señorita #1:"I don't usually do this daddy but you just make me so *****."

Señorita #2: "*** all over my ******* daddy mmm **** I'm so *****."

Señorita #3: "Papi my ******* is ready for you to ram your hard **** into."

Señorita #4: "*** **** this sweet, wet *****, daddy.

It's like I have them all right where I want them and I feel fine. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The relief makes me feel alive and well and that comes with being appreciated by all the pretty girls.
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2020
["Lucky Lucky (Original Mix)" by Jake-Tech & Paul HG is playing in the background.]

"You're a blessing."
"You're bad luck."
"You're hard not to love."
"You deserve a raise."
"You're a young god."
"Hey future Grammy winner."
"You're so ******* sweet."
"You smell good."
"He smells good as ****."
"I wish I would have aborted you."
"Won't you leave my house on this beautiful Sunday?"
"You're nothing special."
"We'd be the talk of the club."
"We can be friends."
"Are you interested in being friends?"
"You look so handsome."
"I love your outfit. It looks amazing."
"I want your jacket bro. Where can I get it?"
"My main man."
"Employee of the month right there."
"I love you bro."
"I hate you."
"I thought you were gay when I first met you."
"You're such a kind person and you have a good spirit."
"You deserve all the happiness that comes your way."
"Give it up you ****."
"I had a lot of fun with you."

1,000 words. 1,000 smiles. 1,000 tears. 1,000 wounds. 1,000 scars.

So much joy. So much pain. So deep. So uplifting.

I greatly enjoy the compliments. I love the attention.

I love it so much. It's like a rush.

I love it when people notice me.

It's like an addiction that I never want to get rid of.

What can I do but welcome it all?

After all I can just bottle it up and stuff it down my throat, right?

I can ignore and demolish the negative.

I can smile and invite the positive, right?

After all, I got all of these cam models, strippers and escorts to provide me with ****** companionship and limitless intimacy.

And as long as I got these cam models, strippers and escorts to provide me with said ****** companionship and limitless intimacy

I'll be alright.
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2019
[Did You Wrong by Sweater Beats & MAX is playing in the background]

All I want tonight
All I need tonight
Touch me so...
Touch me, whoa...
♥Feelings ♥
the feeling


Do it again.

Kiss me, ooh
Kiss me low
Kiss and blow

Take control
Let ☆YOU☆ go

Scream & shout
Let it out

'Cause it's so easy
To run from the truth
was never a sin
it was a gift
from the universe
to remind us
that we are gods
  Feb 2019 Xoaquín Oznian
I feel brought back to life
By the touch of your lips
I feel most like myself
With your hands on my hips
Why do I feel most grounded
While I’m falling from the grips
Any feedback is appreciated!
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