[Better Now (Troye Sivan Spotify Singles Cover) is playing in the background]

I envy how you are able to move on so quickly
usually I am able to do the same thing
but there was something in the way we connected
the emotion ran so deep
it took over the two of us
so hot, so heavy, so fast
you and I both know **** well
that we never wanted this to end
but deep down inside we both knew
that this would crash and burn as fast as it started
wherever you are
do you ever think of me when you touch yourself?
do you ever miss your body being on top of mine?
do you feel me when you're ******* him?
my heart wants to know
my soul needs to know
[Now Or Never by Halsey is playing in the background.]

There is just something in the way that you hold me.
Something in the tenderness of your lips as they serenade my skin
As they dance gradually across the nape of my neck
"**** your lips they feel so good." I said
"Can you put them all over me?" I asked
"Yes, baby if that's what you like." she said
As she continued to kiss me I said
"As many different forms of love that are present in this universe
I never thought that your style of love would feel so good."
"Love is always present in many different forms." she said
"Love comes in so many different shapes and sizes." she said
"Just take a look at the two of us."
"Don't you see how beautiful we are?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"Can you feel how connected we are right now?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"The atmosphere is majestic." she said
"Our very energy within this room is vibrant and magnetic."
"Your voice, my voice, our voices shake the room with pleasure
every moment that we speak."
"And right now all I wanna do is color your skin with my breath."
"Just wanna cover your body in my lipstick."
She began kissing me in the weakest spot on my body: My *******
She ****** them tight and gentle
softly blowing over them and kissing them
"Mmm yeah." I said as I chuckled in subtle whispers."
"She then got behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck and kissing up and down and across my back while massaging my chest as she held me from behind
rubbing my ******* as she whispered softly in my ears "I love you."
as her breathing became faster and heavier.
"Let's ****." she said
"No need to tell me twice." I said
[High You Are (Branchez Remix) by What So Not & Branchez playing in the background]

We were both ***** that night
sitting comfortably on a hotel bed
As we smoked a bowl together
from your fancy ****
the high hit us both
with waves of desire
**** in our *****
Love in our hearts
Liberation in our souls
You grabbed my face
and started making out with me
with such passionate aggression
the moment being intensely beautiful
the night being so dangerously young
"Let's make this night last forever." you said to me
"We'll be young forever." you said
with a deep breath of passion following your kiss
with tears in my eyes I said "We will."
with the same expression you said "Perfect."
You pushed me down onto the bed
Got on top and continued to French kiss me
Rubbing your ***** and moaning into my ear
I'm licking and ******* your *******
as you take my **** and insert it
into your gorgeous *****
you started off riding me slow
asking me "How do you like it?"
"Faster, baby." I said
"Be careful what you wish for lol" you said in a *****, **** little whisper
As you ****** the tears right out of my eyes
"I want to pleasure you." you said
"I want to make you feel so ******* good." you said
"It's okay to cry baby." you said
"I know it feels good." you said
"**** right" I said gasping for breath while laughing at the same time
You laughing with me as you briefly collapsed on top of me
You got back up and started kissing me again
[Unforgettable by French Montana & Swae Lee starts playing.]
"Harder, baby" I said
"Lol I never thought you were daring enough to want to *** down mother nature's throat!" you said as you kissed my lips repeatedly in succession
"Don't underestimate me lol"
"Actually scratch that because as long as I'm under you
I don't even give a **** because the scent of you clouds my brain with such blissful emotion and euphoria."
"That's what you're supposed to feel silly." you said
"Now close that pretty mouth of yours and let me love you." you said
"The night is still young."
"Let us be."
'Let this be."
Random foreign chick I hooked up with after the club.
Xoaquín Oznian Dec 2018
[Summer's Over (Sammy Adams Remix) by JAYLIEN & Sammy Adams playing in the background.]

Come here baby
let me keep you warm
let me wrap my arms around you
let me hold you while I kiss the nape of your neck
let me give you the feeling of passion and pleasure
feel me as I'm breathing into your ear
feel me as I am kissing you beneath your earlobes
"Mmm baby" you say
before we know it
I'm unbuttoning your jeans
slowly sliding them off of your beautiful hips
and down your **** legs
you grab me by my waist and take my shirt off
you throw me on the bed
you start kissing my neck
as you are unbuckling my belt
unzipping my pants
you kiss my neck harder
making me moan
as you're rubbing on my *******
so tender, so gentle, so sweet
I roll over on top of you
you lay beneath me
staring deeply into my eyes
smiling while softly biting your finger
with that alluring look in your eyes
you cup my face in your hands
as I lean in to kiss you
we share a deep, passionate French kiss
as our lips are still pressed together you whisper
"I want you."
you begin reaching into my boxers
gently massaging my **** with your hands
"I want your ****" you whisper to me
You take my hands and put them right above your g string
"Take it off baby." you say
I start pulling your ******* off
kissing you from hip to hip
you moan softly
you then sit up, grab my face and continue to kiss me so passionately
caressing my body with your sweet, tender hands
rubbing all over my shoulders and back.
"You got a **** back you know that?" you said as you chuckled
"Has anyone ever told you that?" you asked
"I don't hear that very often but thanks lol." I said as I chuckled back
"Oooh and you have a **** *** too... lol"
you said as you squeezed my *** and gave it a light smack
you lean in and whisper in my ear
"Everything is gonna be alright, baby."
you then continue to kiss my neck
as I moan passionately into your ear.
A hot, **** hook up between me and a Romanian woman named Lavinia
Xoaquín Oznian Dec 2018
[Hurts So Good by Astrid S is playing in the background]

"Do you feel important now?"
you asked me in a gentle whisper
as you were caressing/kissing me
I said "**** yeah I feel important."
"Good" you said
"Do you?" I asked
"This is not about me. It's about you." you said
You smiled as you touched my face
as you pressed your ****, seductive body into mine
A blossoming trail of infinite kisses followed
tears in your eyes
**** on your lips
seduction in your voice
my hands on your hips
your hands on my body
tight was your grip
tight were your lips
the deeper you pressed them
into my neck
my nails digging into your skin
I cry at the very craving of you
what have you done to me?
hurts so good
Xoaquín Oznian Oct 2018
Come on.

Come on baby.

Don't be selfish tonight.

Let's be lovers.

Let's be more generous.

Let's be more nurturing and caring to each other

As we taste and explore each other's bodies

Open your legs.

Let me extend my generosity

To the legends within your hidden temple

An abundance of *** in the air

Is the sound of your voice

As you moan without care

I get so ***** thinking of you kissing my neck

and touching me in the sexiest places the way you know that I like.

I just need you on top of me right now.

My body yearns for you constantly.

It has grown so deeply attached to you that it craves your ***

and needs it to facilitate a healthy, ****** release

So come on baby

Don't be selfish, it's alright

Give me all of you


You'll be moaning with delight.
Xoaquín Oznian May 2018
Him: "You know I love you right?
She: "I know." she says in a *****, ****, whispered tone
She: "Just lay back and let me love you baby mmmm...."
Mmmm the way you kiss me... I love it
The way you touch me in such ****** places
Oooh I crave it so much
I just can't ******* control myself
Baby you make me feel so alive
I can't ******* put into words how you make me feel
I just feel every moment that the two of us experience together
I feel each moment so deeply
Omfg mmmm yeah...
Just do that to me again....
Make me feel that again....
And don't stop.....
I wanna keep going
Make me *** over and over
Make me *** as many times possible
I don't give a **** baby....
Just drown me with ***
Just **** me with your **** body
I don't want to feel nothing else but your **** body and skin
Mmmm yeah.... nothing else has ever felt so right
Oooooh yeah.... You know who the **** I'm talking about
You know who you are....
**** baby you're so wild.....
You drive me so ******* wild.....
And all I crave is more and more....
And more and more.....
Keep ******* me....
*** my body endlessly
**** I love the pleasure!
**** I love the pressure!
Mmmm make me scream baby!
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