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Jul 2014
Down to my last bit of strength
Walk out of work in sobbing tears
Start the hike home
half a mile
81 degrees

"Yo Panda you look beat"
I stop dead in my tract
That voice
It shouldnt be here.
Is it really here?

Afraid to hope
afriad to believe
Take a gulp of air
look up.
Am I seing things?

Chillign against a car
a smirk across his face
arms crossed
sunglasses oddly on

Big brother Hawk
in all his dark glory
drove 8 hours give or take
just to make sure
I was ok.

Runnig into his arms
I cling to my big brother.
Wrapping them around me
lifting me up in a
big bear hug.

Safe, secure, peace.
In Hawks arms
I always feel
those three things
No matter what.

"You're safe now Panda,
I'm here for you,
You're not alone."

He whispers to me
And I know he means every word.
Tuesday (7/15/14) My best friend who is like a big brother to me drove all the way from Massachusettes to where I live just to make sure I was ok after my almost suicide attempt.
I love you so much hawk you are so important to me. thank you brother
Fenix Flight
Written by
Fenix Flight  25/F/The Kingdom of Amythest
(25/F/The Kingdom of Amythest)   
   ---, --- and Dark Jewel
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