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Ronald Jones Sep 2017
Hiccups is gastric CUBISM.
Ronald Jones Jun 2017
on hot summer days
he'd prance through the sprinklers
this lonely boy, unto himself
and rush back to his apartment
to look in the mirror
at this glistening African Prince
Ronald Jones Jun 2017
Watch how the sun will  slowly sketch it
in charcoal, then lay on colors, then give full body
to what, a few minutes ago, was
the thinnest apparition...
Ronald Jones Jun 2017
The Ruckus That Led to The Ridiculous Trials

HE, their male object
THEY, legs crossed wrong, sat flirting
IT rose, pitched big tent
Ronald Jones Jun 2017
trump believes in climate change
(think on that and weep)
the clue is the word change
Ronald Jones Apr 2017
Tad Cummins
Elizabeth Thomas
A beautiful ****** odyssey

We need to re-think our rights of ****** privacy and society's ****** witchcraft.

We need to re-think our ri
Ronald Jones Apr 2017
We send messages as bombs
We're the new terrorists of the moment
What horrors might this foment?
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