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Chelsea Chavez  Jan 2016
Chelsea Chavez Jan 2016
The intimacies of half-light loom in the indistinct hour.

Mute weavers- nudging one another,
voluminous and pale.

Light exudes her milky latex.
Porcelain hand,
reaching towards the cool umbra. Always reaching.

All certainty ebbs here, in the achromic film.

The manes of the spirits gap the dusk floating as spectral pappus.

They are shaking.
So many spaces between the gloom.

And yet, only to divert the hospitable darkness..
The opening, enveloping absence.

I want to think of the fireflies, their universes of warmth.
Opening and closing their bodies to darkness.

Moss  Mar 2019
Lul Gottem
Moss Mar 2019




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Madeysin  Oct 2018
Madeysin Oct 2018
The match that lit the spark that burned between us, blew out. Extinguished agony, and bittersweet goodbyes. I choke on the smoke that was your essence every night.
Amber Blank Mar 2015
Its a pain that I'm unable to explain.
Physical yet emotional all in the same way.
To the outside world its invisable and non-existent
But inside there is a stabbing, gut wrenching pain.
A blade being ****** through my abdomen over and over again.
Until nausea over comes and chokes me close to drowning
The very organs that make me a woman are poisoning my blood, my life force
Every emotion is magnified, intensified
made into a life ending dilema
Every nerve throbbing, transferring through every part
Making my legs weak and my heart race
The blood running through my veins has become acid
Alone in this prison of emotional and physical hell
No tender hand to caress my cheek
No soothing, comforting words to lul me to sleep
No strong arms to wrap me up tight
No soft lips to kiss me goodnight
The darkness of solitude is seeping in
To encompass and destroy any small bit of hope left
Fate has cursed my every move
Tarnished every hello, expecting and waiting for the goodbye
Destined to wallow for all eternity in my own tears
Diagnosed at age 18, this has been a struggle my entire life. This is Endometriosis awareness month and the pain is real for all women
She Writes  Nov 2017
She Writes Nov 2017
I place my head on your chest
Let the rise and fall lul me to sleep
Feel your warm breath
Send shivers down my neck

Our legs intertwined
Your hand lost in my hair
I listen to the music
Of your heartbeat

My dreams come
To whisk me away
But I know I’m safe
Snuggled in your arms
Free verse about snuggling :)
La première est toute d'argent
Et son nom tremblant c'est Pâline
Sa lame un ciel d'hiver neigeant
Son destin sanglant gibeline
Vulcain mourut en la forgeant

La seconde nommée Noubosse
Est un bel arc-en-ciel joyeux
Les dieux s'en servent à leurs noces
Elle a tué trente Bé-Rieux
Et fut douée par Carabosse

La troisième bleu féminin
N'en est pas moins un chibriape
Appelé Lul de Faltenin
Et que porte sur une nappe
L'Hermès Ernest devenu nain

La quatrième Malourène
Est un fleuve vert et doré
C'est le soir quand les riveraines
Y baignent leurs corps adorés
Et des chants de rameurs s'y traînent

La cinquième Sainte-Fabeau
C'est la plus belle des quenouilles
C'est un cyprès sur un tombeau
Où les quatre vents s'agenouillent
Et chaque nuit c'est un flambeau

La sixième métal de gloire
C'est l'ami aux si douces mains
Dont chaque matin nous sépare
Adieu voilà votre chemin
Les coqs s'épuisaient en fanfares

Et la septième s'exténue
Une femme une rose morte
Merci que le dernier venu
Sur mon amour ferme la porte
Je ne vous ai jamais connue.
I just want to feel the heat
you next to me

Hold me even closer
tell me a lie

Something so beautiful
I'll have no choice

But to trust in your words
forever dream

Lul me to sleep
Make me concede
Don't let this stop

I want you to be here

If only for tonight
let me believe.
Enola Cabrera Jun 2016
I lay down begging sleep to come
But as usual my emotions came first
Thoughts of what we used to be, of you, of love, of everything hit me
It hit me hard until I was left with nothing but my ragged breaths to lul me to sleep
pri Jan 2019
long ago there was a beautiful girl by the sea,
and she told me that if
we can find love,
and that is all we can hope for.

she took my hand, and led me
down to the coves, to a woman,
who rested her hands on the rocks,
where the sea met the cave.

she whispered to me in the summer breeze,
as my linens rocked on the lines,
she led me across the sand
away from home.

when the skies grew dark,
she carried me home
across the grey waves,
she sang with the voice of storm rains.

as the stars came out,
she pulled herself onto the rocks beside me
and we lit lanterns
in the warm summer night.

i remember her as the winter sky
envelops the horizon,
as i gather my bags,
walk away from the caves we called home.

no longer does her voice sing in the coves,
nor am i allowed to become lost
in her teasing eyes,
let her voice lul me across the world.

all i have of her is a distant memory,
an echo of the voice that drives me mad,
the sounds of the water lapping lazily at the sand,
the smell of a warm summer breeze.

a soft touch -sand on my feet,
linens brushing my skin
rough rock under my legs,
and the ocean far below my cove.
Let us stay here forever
Let us just just lie on this bed staring into each other's eyes
as the snow falls outside
Let us allow the snow to pile so high
we have no way of leaving this place
Let us shut the world out and create a world of our own
Let us create a world so beautiful
it would be just like heaven
It would be our secret world
our special place where we can lie here for all of eternity
No one can harm us
No one can tell us how to be
No one can tear our love apart
It will be just you and I
Our two hearts beating so rapidly
it's enough to make non believers believe in love again
Let us believe in the impossible
Let us always dream
Let us always be in love

Dedicated to My Friends Jarod Drew Vermilyea and Nikki Lul
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: September. 27, 2015 Sunday 1:55 AM
btp  Sep 2019
btp Sep 2019
ik ben ******* *******
ik ben ******* gek
ik ben ******* gaar
ik ben ******* raar
en ik ben ******* moe
ik heb ******* hoofdpijn
en ik heb geen ******* social queue
ik ben kankerskaffa
ik zie alleen een waas
mn depressie is de baas
ik hou van SOA's
ik drink bier met een dikke lul
ik smoke van dat groene spul
ik ga hard op je *****
ik neuk je moeders snitch
word wakker in een ditch
gelukkig kan ik lekker snuiven
en de coke van mn nagels wuiven

— The End —