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  Feb 2015 Amber K
Crushing Love
13- You can't stay mad at him/her for more then a minute or two, and you have to actually try and stay mad.

12- You'll read his/her IMS or other msgs, over and over and over again.

11- You'll walk really, really slow while your with him/her.

10- You'll feel shy whenever your with him/her

9- While thinking about him/her your heart will beat faster and faster.

8- By listening to his/her voice you'll smile for no reason what so ever.

7- While looking at that person you won't be able to see anybody else that's around...only that person.

6- He/she becomes all you think about.

5- You'll get high just by their smell...

4- you'll start listening to really slow songs

3- You'll realize your always smiling to yourself when you think of him/her

2- You'll do anything for him/her

1- While reading this there was ONE person on your mind the WHOLE time.
Your welcome, I suppose.  \(^.^) / love ya'll!
  Feb 2015 Amber K
You're worth more than a poem.
But for now,
I'll try my best to make this much more than just a poem:
but a message from me.

What you don't know is,
every time she feels down, she rereads all your kind words.
When she's bored, you're not on,
she rereads them.
She spends all her time thinking about you.
She cherishes you,
You're the best she ever had.

She takes everything about you,
devours them, slowly savoring all the good bits (which is everything),
and then keeps them tattooed all over me,
never to be removed.
Each and every letter, engrained onto me with a flourish,
a kiss,
trailing her hands behind, stroking the way the gorgeous letters look
all aligned together to make such beautiful sentences.

Her eyes trail every word,
her hands caress the wonder machine that brought her you,
her ears thrumming with the sounds of you,
the music notes floating into her ears,
the way water flows,
for you are better than just any ordinary ocean.

You may call her an ocean,
but you are more than that.
The ocean only takes up 75% of Earth.
You are much more.
You are her sky,
her universe.

You hold the stars in your heart,
twinkling like little rubies.
Just like the moon and the sun,
you see everything.
The clouds are your façade,
and the rain,
your tears.

And all she wants to be is the satellite,
to explore you and learn everything about you,
to always circle around and around,
to never leave.

I know you won't break me,
or her.
And for that,
I am forever in your debt.
So come to me when you need me,
I will do anything to serve my prince.

With Great Love,
The Creep's Heart
There's my valentines day gift for my boyfriend ^^ Je t'aime, et merci beaucoup pour ton attention et amour. Vous êtes beaux et tres sympa. :) happy valentines day, mr. Right!
(Sorry this ***** ^^")

Comeback when you hear this song
By 2PM
Amber K Feb 2015
You visited me. I want to say it was because you loved me but even I know it was just because you had a kind heart and just wanted me to start going to school again. You smiled. But it seemed... Fake
You left and all I noticed was that you avoided using your left arm. And when you did, you cringed in pain.

I called you. You picked up. You sounded exhausted. You just wanted to sleep. I knew you were lying but I hung up anyway.

I saw you after school. You avoided my gaze. You had two cuts under your eye and your knuckles were bruised and bloodied. You "tripped". Ran through a forest like area and "tripped". I'm sick of the lies.

Something is wrong. Horribly wrong. You said you needed to do something for someone special. I could guess who that was. I didn't see you after that.

I know something is wrong. You flinched when I touched your shoulder as I greeted you. Your lower leg was bandaged and the white bandage was a dark black. I'm worried. Your glasses were chipped. You weren't resting well either. You had serious dark circles and a crazed look. You seemed almost like a zombie.
You left. And didn't answer my calls after that. I hate you.

Liar Liar Liar
I hate you
Just a rant. I... needed to get this off my chest.
Amber K Jan 2015
Do you not wish to see the sunset? Rays streaking across the skies and the soft orange that surrounds you.
I wish for you to, it's one of the few times you smile. A real smile and not the one you plaster on in font of others.

Do you not wish to see her?
In person, when you meet her
And gaze upon the one you love?
To see the expressions on her face as she hugs and kisses you?

And do you wish to see my heart breaking?
You are beautiful. And when you think otherwise, it tears me apart.  
I love you and your tears. Your sadness. Your sorrow.
Not because of them or despite them.

You experience so much pain.
Yet that makes you who you are.

I always thought that you could fly, drifting in the wind.
For you are snow.
This goes in so many different directions I... I don't know...

I'm worried about a friend. He's going through a lot so I just wish I could be there for him.
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