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Brette lovell May 22
She pours out her heart in black ink over blooming souls
Posion consuming love thats impaled so deep into the minds of innocence
She takes the purest form of love
And shatters every peice, as if glass ruptured
She sees the fragmentation of her reflection and breathes in her own toxic plague
Brette lovell Apr 15
I poured my heart through you as an hourglass cascading  through time
Although it is only time we'd of wished for
Time we had
Time we wasted
Or time that isn't yet filled
Maybe my heart turned your hourglass so that I was empty and yours was full
My time was then reset
Brette lovell Mar 10
The fire burned slow
Charcoal wood steaming
Scorching flickers of dead ashes, float gently through the wind
As we danced around the flames.
Inhaling toxic fumes,
Like the ones pressed against our lips
As we danced around the flames.
The destruction of the radiance
Igniting the regret,
As we danced alone again.
Brette lovell Feb 29
I am lost
I am found
I am here
I am there
I will feel nothing until I capture your stare
With a gaze so euphoric
With a touch so intense
I am guided by your curious eyes
That lead me to see sense
Brette lovell Feb 29
The morning skies matching your sapphire eyes
The clocks restart
And the world seems hushed by loud hearts
This blissful dream is tempting to my mind
To enter another world with you by my side
Brette lovell Feb 29
I can hear the evil
Smell it's ****** breathe
I can taste the harsh winds that swim through my head
The storms that are conjuring leave no rest
For it makes me feel lonely in this dark abyss
Brette lovell Feb 29
You tell me you love me
I know it's a lie
You tell me you hate me
I sit there and cry
You tell me you care
I love you I declare
You tell me I'm wrong
But I'm just singing my true song
You cry
I lie
I care
You declare
Your wrong it's your song

— The End —