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Brette lovell Jul 2022
The temptress being the trickster
In an unholy bond of foolish lust
"Confide in me and you'll be safe, tell me what scares you, what possesses you, what makes you scream in the dark
And you will always have me"
No fear to trust and let whispers of sorrows leave my lips
Turns to pleading to be understood
Play with my words and twist my mind...

Always tempted to trust the trickster
Brette lovell Apr 2022
It might not be your passion to speak a thousand words of true emotion
But it is mine to set free
As these words leave my lips
They are said to make you feel how emotions can connect two people
Within the sadness and the joy
There is a balance joined at limbo
Where two hearts can shape as one
And for a spilt second share in depths unknown
Brette lovell Apr 2022
You do not know what it means to be a woman...

We are seen to be pretty and quaint
To remain pure and intelligent
To be seen only by one, but desired by many to seem... worthy
Worthy of a chance of love
What a woman sees as a man's interest is quickly shone by the truth of being fuckable not desirable
We will be used for what's between our legs and not whats within our minds
We will pour out our passions and be blatantly ignored for them to feel... passion
To then be tossed aside and shamed for trying to feel loved
Desperation to hold any connection and form something that will forever be lust
Brette lovell Feb 2022
I'm tired
I'm tired of people giving me false hope for happiness that doesnt exist to them.
The promises they spew out in lust to only be forgotten when they get bored.
I'm not a toy to pick up and use until broken.
Then left to be disposed of
Shattered peices scattered behind your smile
You know what I was
so why lie..
Brette lovell Dec 2021
Passionate eyes
Like embers aglow
Rebellious flames
That only we could know
But fire.. oh fire..
Please burn slow
As this poison I breathe
Is desire to my soul
Brette lovell Oct 2021
A song plays and you come into mind
A slow scenario
Time floating with our eyes locked
Effortless beats of hearts shared between us
I imagine the times we laughed and caught glimpses of happiness
And i feel that what I imagined is real
But it wasnt real for you
Only for me
Brette lovell Jul 2021
Am I too much
Too outspoken for you
Why are you so happy with someone else
When I can make you laugh just as hard
I can make you smile from ear to ear
But still I'm left unchosen
Do I not comply with what you see as beautiful or fulfilling
Am I there for a boost when you feel down
A pick you up... but never a pick me up
Im sat on the sidelines for you
But I won't wait forever
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