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You havent felt the water turn into sharp needles against your skin
You havent felt the fire turn into a bliss of pain
You havent felt the earth decay around the echo of your footsteps
You havent felt the air in drawn so much your fighting
You havent felt the darkness be so peaceful
You havent felt the light to be so deceitful

So please... dont say you know me.
Used for her body
Never for her mind
Listened too
But not heard
Gazed at
without eyes of passion
Admired for her beauty
But never the beauty of her soul
Brette lovell Apr 11
She is the classic romantic comedy in black and white 
She is fierce but gentle
She is cold to the touch but not without a burning flame inside
She is passionate yet distant
Shes and open book, but so closed off
She is the laughter, but holds a broken smile 
Shes strong for others but weak within herself
Shes confident, yet shy 
She is surrounded by people but alone
Shes anxious but remains calm
Pretending is easy when you're used to it
Her mask never falls
I wear your jacket to keep me warm
I wear your jacket to show your love
I wear your jacket on late night coffee trips
I wear your jacket through the arguments
I wear your jacket when I laugh
I wear your jacket when I cry
I wear your jacket when I scream the pain away
I wear your jacket as a reminder that you were once mine
She cries in secret at night
It makes her stronger
She inhales the pain of the past into her lungs
And breathes out as floods swarm her warm cheeks
She imagines all the times she found love,hate, desperation, happiness and peace
And wishes she could have a taste of them moments again
Brette lovell Nov 2020
I was jealous
My god I was
How could you not want me, but instead you chose her
But who could blame you
She was beauty and grace
She was everything that made me insecure
So I tried to be her
I tried to be bitter
I tried to be sweet
I tried to be something I am not
To please you
To grab your attention
To steal the love you had for her
And gain is as my own
But I am the unnoticeable girl
I am a world full of secrets for your admiration
Brette lovell May 2020
She pours out her heart in black ink over blooming souls
Posion consuming love thats impaled so deep into the minds of innocence
She takes the purest form of love
And shatters every peice, as if glass ruptured
She sees the fragmentation of her reflection and breathes in her own toxic plague
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