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Andrew  Oct 2017
Andrew Oct 2017
The Sun shines on my computer
Creating a protective glare
But night comes like an intruder
At pictures I begin to stare

After I view their portrait online
I want to see their body on mine
We talk all night
Until I see the light
That they're not that bright
Or that they like to fight

Desperation swirls
I enter a world
Where the randomness of human interaction
Meets the randomness of my attraction
And the low visibility
Endears no civility
Will I spend infinity
In this digital city?

The creatures try to hide
They scatter in the distance
They're not hard to find
When their profiles leave imprints
But the parasites are quick
And the scavengers stick
Vultures fly from iPad to iPhone
Leeches try to make my pad their home
Devouring me until I'm bad to the bone
Like the solicitous predators
Who act like creditors
And the sly foxes
Who claim they're locksmiths
They all have claws and fangs
They're all just jaws with brains
I play possum
Until I've lost them

When monsters are made from loneliness
They try to trick me with phoniness
They feel I wouldn't want us to be together
And they're probably right
Because all I want is to spend forever
In love's divine light
Nocturnal animals just want the meal
Of my motion
They don't want to honestly feel
My devotion

In the wild
I am a child
The creatures cut deep
They make me weep
Until I choose to sleep
But when I avoid their glance
I avoid love's chance
I grow up and everything was done!
I wake up and everything was gone!
If you ask me who I am ,
I remain a man with a dream!

I'm good and bad
Always happy, never sad
I used to play with the sand
I was very glad
At that time I didn't have IPad!! I grow up and everything was done!
I wake up and everything was gone!
If you ask me who am I?
I'm my father's man
I like to be in the sky,
Don't ask me why, sometimes I'm shy!
That's all goodbye!

If you ask me who I am ,
I am  a dreamy man
A dreamy man, I am...
TH  Feb 11
Wasting time
TH Feb 11
Today I came home early from school
Grabbed some food and went upstairs
I took my iPad, opened Netflix
And lived my day like no one cares
Now the day is done and I’m still here
Right here sitting on my bed
Thinking about what I could’ve done
About the day that I could’ve had
While I’m thinking all this through
The clock is ticking and time passes by
I’m slowly getting more and more tired
Maybe it’s time that I close my eyes...

I just woke up and feel like a ghost
I guess I’ll come home early from school
‘Living’ the same day all over again
Oh boy, who am I but a time wasting fool
Aurora Oct 2018
Why Am I me
You see
When I was three
It was okay to run all over
living lovely
But now I’m much older
And it is becoming much harder to just be three
To just be me
You see
You can not run all over like you did before
Now you focus on important things and do a lot more.
It’s not like when you were three
You live
Not so happily
There’s people to please
Nerves to ease
Places to go
Places to see
But it’s not that easy
It’s complex and hard
You do it all alone
You start to miss home
So you go and see your family
Buts it’s not how it was
Not even when you were three
Everything little things changed
It’s definitely not what it used to be
You see
You used to come home
To mom and dad
You use to do home work
Or go on the iPad
But now you come home
Drop your keys
Go on your phone
Isolated from the world
At home
All alone
But i guess that is the world we live in
For this century
We chop down trees
We extinct bees
We’ve got better things to do than living lovely
But you miss
Your family
Your friends
But everything eventually comes to an end
You see
Living this life
These days
Isn’t as great as being three
Is different, difficult and not always taken with ease.
It’s becoming a hard game your not used to playing
You see
There’s no teammates
No players
No opposing side
It’s you against the world and it’s going to be a long ride
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
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And people are looking for one
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Employment तो do it फॉर yourself Age:
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girl and boy; and 1 change is very new
Drunken Technologies Technologies

Listening to water, short लाइट is
The same in the time as you अरे;
Have a sea इमेज, Look, like
mechanical पॉइंट्स, and the thief
ओवर; Many other people are full

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Jack Agua! Agua! Carol, Carol!
It was a lamp wings * all your
गैस It appears that Image = destination
to open the मार्क्स Mousiner And
Sarah Craig and since,
credit Like the industry, we love you
completely;    You do it yourself:
Some Christians, I'm eating food
is a good one Home for an unknown
Family IPad or good food and listening
This turns you to a unique way;
Technical Employment Water,
Yes yes
They were those चूसें तो     |be
shown as a picture This happens
When it is a lost Operation of our
number machines are all thieves
And half a glow full of discipline

You have set your age, your age:
Some Christians, 1 Snake Paris
The game Red Red has heard you
I'm glad to know the community
They want to go = Red: there are
In many and different ways, Jack, Jack.

Listening to drinking
water, Carol, Corso was
small. The lamp is two
wings. Mary is in Grand
Select Matrix, Travel.
Number of Marcus
Mousse and all Do not
do your dad before i love
you Very much Water
cervical, Less time is
a picture you can do a
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people just have one
direction is complete

Apart from you, you have it

Set उप your Own Z: Some
Christians; 1 db of residential
food प्राइस Pigeon is ड्राई and
durable || Happy food storage
First of आल रोड More work;
जack, Jack

Carroll, Carroll,  of course
This little print * was all
of यू what is grass? Is
हप्पेनिंग a trip, floor tray
फ्रीमॉसोरी Open and all
सिरप Since, credit industry
Is it complete?

You can do this for yourself
Age: Some Christians, what
I बात Home for an unknown
Unknown Member family
Or listen to good food and
Your रिवॉर्ड Road on the road

Water, Carol, Carroll! सिस्को's short
codes are those two कोड्स were our
मशीन thieves and हाफ full shine,
you have set your age: Some Christians,
are you happy विथ salt? Community
Different मेथड्स and jacks, jacks
Water was a कर्रिएर for drinking Small
two विंग्स the current matrix, travel
मार्क्स and the open number of sir do
नॉट do my dad

— The End —