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A butcher gave me a rotten piece of meat
chased around by flies
threw it on the backyard compost pit
snakes and wandering dogs dilly-dallied not

A beggar man gave me a broken button
in exchange of alms
threw it on the sideline of the road
a child picked it up

put it in his pocket
bought a lemonade
he smiled and stared
back on a button-full pocket

a bleeding hand and sharpened knife
stained clump of calabash seeds
emptied it somewhere behind the kitchen sink
where leaves grew and vines intertwined

hope fill up empty places
from thrown away lives
sprout from nowhere
from trash and useless things

hope is a seed given by a loving heart
thrown away by those that appreciate it not
found by the needy and broken
casts lights on the downtrodden

hope adds another reason to live
a space in the heart to forgive
hope rises like the sun
every morn on the horizon

when curtains are drawn it persists
it reaches out in slivers and warmth
do you have it's tiny seed?
perhaps a button or piece of rotten meat?

tell me where its buried
I'll dig and look for it...
any, just any piece of it
for another day to live
Huddled in a corner
watching time fly by
seasons change
memories fade

nowhere to turn to but my paper and pen
hoping to empty the shattered pieces of my soul
to find a new hope to go on
to find comfort in the storm

its an endless race
a pointless journey
or so I thought
as sadness eats me up

what is this feeling that haunts me?
barren, cold and empty
Nowhere to go
nothing to do

so I just take a paper and pen
hoping it could chase away nightmares
Empty the sadness
Make me sleep better
Fly away, fly away, take me away
My heart is aching,
My tears are racing
For the heartaches that I am cradling

I am bleeding
I shed my tears non stop,
I want to tear my heart out
gauge my eyes out

I cant move,
I cant breathe
paralyzed by the pain
I wanna be swept away

Erase my existence
Ease my pain
Take me on my sleep
take my life away
Dear God, Thank you for the sunrise
for the stars that shine at night
Thank you for the morning dew
for the fireflies that are so few

Thank you for the warmth of the morning sun
they give me hope that this day will be fine
thank you for your smile I see in the green of the trees
for the wind you sent for a comforting caress

Dear God, I am not okay
My heart is bleeding
I am weak and ashamed
I walk to work with hands shaking

God, I am tired and afraid
Frustrated and way too scared
Take my problems away
this heartbreaks, don't let them stay

Dear God, where are you now
I can feel my hope slipping away
I am losing the will to go on
Take me away
Dry tear ducts
Downcast heart
A rumbling stomach
A spirit shattered from the very start

I wanna fly
I wanna dive
Wanna go further
Challenge limits and go beyond

But now that I have ran a mile
my spirits are down
my mind is in chaos
can't even get to smile

I felt so low
sad and lonely
and tears wont run down
sleep doesn't come

no one to talk to
no one to run to
no arms to find comfort
to laughter to fill in doubts

my emotions are running in circles
too strong, they're starting to resemble black holes
caging in the light
******* in everything upon its sight

Same me, save me please
a bruised heart
a shattered dream
and that's all that I am
O, pluma kong kay rikit
siyang saksi sa'king hirap at sakit
siyang sumpungan sa paghihinagpis
kaibigang kung dumamay ay walang mintis

Sayo'ng piling akong aluin
sama ng loob ko'y hilumin
mga duda't alilangan ko'y pawiin
pag-iimbot ko'y tulungang palipasin

O, plumang mapagtiis
patawad sa aking pag-alis
Mga mata'y kailangan imulat
Isipan ko'y magpapahinga muna sa lahat

Aking kaibigan
aking natuklasan
bawat tinta'ng iyong iniluluha
tila ay isa ring pika

Mga salitang aking isinusulat
ay tila pika na nahambuhay na nakamarka
sa isang pirasong papel
ginugunita, inaalala bawat kasawian

bawat hinagpis at pagpupuyos ng kalooban
mgapikang nagpapaalala, muli't muling sumusugat
sa puso't isipang gustong makalimot
kaya't ika'y kailangang iwanan, aking kaibigan

masakit man sa kalooban
ngunit, marami akong gustong kalimutan
sa'king patuloy na pagsulat
sa muli't muling pagbuklat ng mga aklat

ako'y tila muling buamabalik
sa mga panahong puno ng hinagpis at pasakit
kaya ika'y iiwan
pagkakaibiga'y kalilimutan

paalam aking munting pluma
salamat sa pagdamay at sa magagandang gunita
kay bigat ng aking damdamin
sa paglipas ng panahon ako sana'y iyong magawang patawarin
Oh, fast-paced city I used to call home
when I was little and to and fro I go
I missed you so when they sent me far
to live on the countryside, you left my heart with a big scar

you built me a dream to study in a huge university
You built in me big dreams that only I can see
I was used to the lights that seem to be alive all night
the endless honker of the busy road far from sight

Oh, big, big city I used to cry for you
longing for a vacation, a day or two
But I am a changed young lady now
I am longer attracted to your deceitful show

I can see through your shiny skies
your roads all alive all day and night
It is a wonderful sorrowful world
where there are big crowds but small hearts

where people would do anything just to be continue to live
cheat, steal, lie and never forgive
where money is easily earned and easily spent
where virtue and dignity poses no strength

where words are deceitful
where actions are made on impulses
where decisions are hastily made
to match your fast pace

where people are enslaved by society's toxicity
if there's even such a word to match your cruelty
people here are riders of your jokes
where their hearts are blind
their minds are clouded

people here are selfish as can be
rude as they can possibly be
they all think they are ENTITLED to everything they thought to deserve
where they live like foreigners on their motherland

people open their mouth all the time as intellectuals that they think they all are
like how empty cans clatter
where they think being rude is equal to power
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