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Your smile can pierce through my dark heart
A smile that reaches the eyes
Eyes that speak a lot of joys
And the heart that peaks through every time you laugh

They say that you have cold eyes
Your stares are scary
Your stupid antics are creepy
And that you are too high most of the time

But I really love all these traits of you,
It makes me wonder what kind of person you really are
You seem gleeful and always happy
But I see myself in you too when you fall silent

You are confusing me with your smiles
My gullible heart wants to believe in all that you say and show
But I have to use my brain and know that you are human too
You have emotions, and actions that are not visible in front of the camera

I for one cannot judge you for who you really are
Good or bad, it’s not my problem
You sing, dance and smile because it’s what you love to do
You are a sunny ball of mystery to me

And for that, I am once again reminded
That such emotions are not mine to invest in
I like the way you smile
But the warmth can be faked

And sometimes even the most sincere emotion it seems,
Can also be forged
It’s not my problem you if you are a good or bad person
And that's why I can’t invest in these kind of emotions

You have a very long road ahead of you
Hopefully, whatever happens in the next few years
That warm smile that reaches your eyes remain
Soak up all the happiness under the sun, fair boy
Does God answer on short notice?
Does He show up even if it's too late?

Does He answer short prayers?
Does He hear abrupt grumblings?

Does He sense my despair?
Will He read my poem?

If so, God will you please show up now?
Rescue me
Give Him your Sabbath
One day in a week
Rest on the seventh
For Sabbath was made for man to keep

Rest from your work
From your worries and fears
Let this day be for Him
One day in a week

Rest your mind and heart
Let the worries of the world drift apart
For as your father care for the birds
Shall He provide all your needs

Think not of the storms of tomorrow
Let tomorrow worry of its sorrows
Give God your Sabbath,
Every seventh once a week

Let the day of rest be filled with thanks
Thanks for His goodness and mercy
His providence and grace
Offer him this day, this day for His glory
Oh, I’ve found the sweetest song that my ear has ever heard!
My heart has ever known!

‘tis are prayers by friends, family and strangers
Oh, how sweet are they that they remind me of Your love,
They remind me that you are a listening God

And I am not alone, no, I am never alone
For I see you in their eyes, I see you move mountains by the content of their hearts

Oh, what a sweet, sweet song it is.. The prayers that I receive…
‘tis the most wonderful gift,
Like a delivering troop, a chariot of fire and gold…
When the night seems so cold and dark
I long for warmth
When the sun doesn't shine in the morning
I knew rain is coming

But I still look out the window
For Your warm smile to show
In the midst of chaos Your voice is my escape
Your mercy reaches me through faith

Oh, I cant explain the joy
the peace and calmness in your employ
A short cruise in paradise
and the warmth of your smile
A butcher gave me a rotten piece of meat
chased around by flies
threw it on the backyard compost pit
snakes and wandering dogs dilly-dallied not

A beggar man gave me a broken button
in exchange of alms
threw it on the sideline of the road
a child picked it up

put it in his pocket
bought a lemonade
he smiled and stared
back on a button-full pocket

a bleeding hand and sharpened knife
stained clump of calabash seeds
emptied it somewhere behind the kitchen sink
where leaves grew and vines intertwined

hope fill up empty places
from thrown away lives
sprout from nowhere
from trash and useless things

hope is a seed given by a loving heart
thrown away by those that appreciate it not
found by the needy and broken
casts lights on the downtrodden

hope adds another reason to live
a space in the heart to forgive
hope rises like the sun
every morn on the horizon

when curtains are drawn it persists
it reaches out in slivers and warmth
do you have it's tiny seed?
perhaps a button or piece of rotten meat?

tell me where its buried
I'll dig and look for it...
any, just any piece of it
for another day to live
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