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Helen Aug 2015
you don't understand how long some people have been here
you don't understand the changes we've seen
you don't understand how much we've longed for the people to
be who they be
you don't understand how it breaks our hearts
to see such infighting
bought to our world from other pages
used to back biting
you don't understand, for us
that have believed from the start
that Hello Poetry was once a place
where we always laid our heart
we gave over our life to this place
we endured every change
when you see something different here
know we have suffered more than this strange
once upon a time
in an awesome time and place
when people googled

they found this space
they found inspiration
they found laughter that never ends
they found confidantes and a place
to plant
a never ending garden of friends
So if you're from another site
drawn here by the skin of tooth
sit a while in our midnight garden
and I'll speak to you a truth

Hello Poetry has been my best friend
for over 5 years, and all the friends
I've found on here, they've danced beneath my laugh, and held onto me so tight
that if I ever fall so wrong, they'll make
it all right

And that's the saddest thing
about Hello Poetry today...
is that most don't try
to make true friends
really real friends
or interact with them
in any meaningful way
Honestly, in over 5 years I've seen it all, every single change, the arguments, the kisses, the makeups, the losses and the successes... what I really hate to see is the pettiness, the juvenile and puerile ugliness that escapes from another shore, only to find themselves washed upon our beach.... Sorry, we roast such sorry carcasses, then we eat!

26/08/2015 - I am truly stoked to see this as the Daily and humbled but so very proud by the comments and sharing of my heartfelt desire for you all to see HP as I do.... Home. Thank you everyone :)
The gist of it being that I missed most of it, seeing that I wasn't there, do I care?
maybe I did but the bankers outbid me and now who can free me from this?

A kiss once or twice would be nice, but it wouldn't be fair, how could I let her share in what I don't care for
why should I put that in the mix?

If I could fix what was wrong and say so long to being broken, to being woken, tormented of mind,
I'd be inclined to sober more often than not,
I'd be happier with what I have got.

I may walk away, talk away to myself
I might fight with the demons inside
but it's true what they say,
you can run but can't hide
so I may as well stay
and to hell
with what
anyone thinks.
mjk plumage Sep 2014
There's nothing to see but abandon
Humans had nests everywhere, still away they flew
There's no civilization except evolved bloodlust organisms
Apocalypsing that which we once knew
With nothing on creatures except ruined skin and spores
Plant-infested creatures and beings - the outbreak was too quick and too new
There's no chance of survival except one-in-a-million
Too many victims from when everything overgrew
There's no way to shelter but running
From the terrible undead truth
There's no way to defend but attack
It's what everyone now has to do
There's no way to cope with the knowledge
When you finally figure out the clue
There's no way to fight once you finally know
What exactly you're fighting through
There's no way to stay in order
All survivors desiring 'He overthrew'
There's no warning when they make their strike
Distracted by your infighting, they bit with the venom of yew
There's no hope when the infection spreads further
Into the ranks of your few
There's no more love from a friendship of years
When from her mouth, poison and blood start to spew
There's nowhere to escape when they come again
The most intelligent of them have come for you
There's no way to survive but sacrifice
Let them throw your bones in their stew
There's no way to live but die
This way, you will be born anew
plants vs zombies? plant zombies.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Death tolls increase and                                                                                           Gravediggers are wanted                                                                                         Simply because those ugly wars                                                                             Sweep and reap more innocent souls                                                                      Here and there ...                                                                                                      Life is getting worse and worse                                                                               Simply because man kills man                                                                               Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                                  More graves are needed everyday                                                                           For those new dead people ...                                                                              Wars or infighting never stop                                                                            Here and there                                                                                                      For many reasons ...                                                                                            All corpses are still in the streets and                                                                  Inside those destroyed buildings                                                                         Here and there ..............                                                                                       Life is unbearable and ugly                                                                                 For many reasons ....                                                                                            There are no more gravediggers                                                                         Simply because everyone died ...                                                                        That's our world now ...                                                                                       Where are we ?!                                                                                                   _____________________
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
We live in a wonderful world ,but                                                                              It is tiny and may be less than any                                                                             Grain of sand or a grain of salt anytime ...                                                                 Although our world is very tiny ,but                                                                            It is problematic in every item that is                                                                           Available in it anywhere and everywhere ...                                                               That universe that surrounds us witnesses                                                                 That we are merely in a very tiny world ...                                                                   There is a big mess in this tiny world in                                                                      Which we are living and in which we are                                                                  Residing for good or for bad anytime ....                                                                  Wars , infighting , hunger, starvation,and                                                             Many other things that go on everyday ...                                                            We don't know if we are going in the right                                                           Directions or we are the wrong ways anytime !                                                   _____________________
Michael W Noland Mar 2013
Critical mass approaching in stoical exploding of feelings peeling off with the old flesh.

I'll cry myself to sleep if not just to keep the memory alive, thriving in the spite of a dual life fighting itself for its rites to righteousness, where the opposition is also right, in purifying infighting, for a light so bright, that my fragile eyes shall burn in its embrace, a sound of truth so profound, that my ears numb in the pound of drums as i look on blindly and deaf, pointing at the cliffs you want so much.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
The more I think about it, maybe the world is black & white.
People like to talk about ethical or moral grays. We romanticize the grays. It's in the theater. It's on Hulu. It's in advertising. It's carried in on radio waves. There's no escaping the idea that the purposefully vague person, the all too open mind, is the mind for which we strive.

It's my thought that all this focus on the subjective experience by the collective whole has desynchronized us from our base understanding of "right" and "wrong" as it applies to the entire human experience. Excuse me for saying so, but isn't the wanton use of subjective justice exactly how we've arrived at this point of contention? And it's no accident.

They, as in those in positions of ultimate power, who guard the same systems which govern our rules, guide our perception of reality, and drive our social development patterns, fight to maintain this status quo where we've forgotten the absolute in favor of an abstract, more easily marketable humanity. Marketable, hell, palatable is more like it. The fast and righteous adherence to the exponential goodness of humankind is a hard sell. And what is good? What is goodness? Goodliness?

It's nothing religious, but everything holy about our time on a blessed earth as creatures of no meager consciousness. It's the ability to understand and apply unwavering protection to the weak and destitute, and the wisdom to serve justice upon those who would create and maintain a kingdom of opulence in towers above their impoverished, above their uneducated, above their addicted, above their abused, above their loyal peasantry.

The more I think about it, the more I understand why objectivity has fallen out of fashion. Political parties and the grassroots movements that support their platforms are fighting and infighting within the confines of an obsolete construction. It's up to us. The youth. The movers and shakers.

Those of us who have the mobility, the determination, the means, and the conviction to make goodness work. Those of us able to stand up off the couch and volunteer in the community. The more I think about it, the more I'd rather play Overwatch.
I could have sworn there was a time when Alex Jones didn't believe in subterranean lizard people.
SøułSurvivør Sep 2014
It seems there is some infighting
On this site. I know who started
It, and I want him to please stop.

I had a horrible experience on my
Last site due to this sort of
Stuff. I unknowingly helped to
Contribute to this, as I thought
This person the VICTIM. He,
Apparently, is not.

I'm profoundly sorry
I ever got involved.

Concoxide Jun 2017
We might be unsightly
Inside but we're mighty

We may be in pain but we
Paint scenes with writings

We're paving the way
Through these days that are frightening

We're likening the race
to a game of infighting

Those like me are seen as they seem

Though one season we're nice
And others we're mean
Our cyclical minds are
Insightful with dreams
But disdainful of those
Who keep plotting their schemes

At times we're suspicious
When we shouldn't be
unjustly cry "witches"!
And dispense sentencing

We must temper our tempers
And our pent up paranoia
Instead of the judgement we spread
Let's Spread Love
Breeze-Mist  Aug 2018
In Too Deep
Breeze-Mist Aug 2018
Lying under waves of nightime heat lighting
I sit tight and try to stop my mind's  infighting
They say that a bounce back is helped by relaxing
But I'm three months in it and it's still collapsing
I've got one more week to lighten the relapsing
And I'm so tired of sitting and waiting to see
If I can somehow even fix this bizarre psyche
And as I try and as I fail to sleep
I keep realizing I'm in too deep

Some days I wonder if I'm just a distraction
From the relationship's latest course of action
When I'm not held up as a gifted prodigy
I'm just your problem child, one best left sight unseen
Upon wishing I could make myself weep
I realize again I'm in too deep

— The End —