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mjk plumage Feb 2016
and ill still be
drifting between
all my daydreams
at thirty-three
and we will see
what does it mean
to truly be
mjk plumage Dec 2015
ill always be fine with your eyes locked on mine
mjk plumage Nov 2015
the only thing thats worse than me is the weather
mjk plumage Nov 2015
two types of people: mathematicians, and those who cannot be mathematicians
mjk plumage Nov 2015
maybe someday i will have the wings i dream of
mjk plumage Nov 2015
when the aliens come down in their spaceship
when they land on earth after their lightyear-long trip
would they see the war? would they see the hate?
would they see the body count? would they see the weight
of our actions when we cause all this pain?
would they take one glance at earth and never come again?
beam me up.
mjk plumage Nov 2015
if everything i've ever said was written on my skin
maybe then you'd finally know what i hide within
just a random thought.
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