Anshul  Jul 2014
Anshul Jul 2014

and suddenly on a random frequency
my whole family moved
we were in the car
Pa started humming
then mom joined, and then us
in that moment i realized
how safe
how happy
how loved
how satisfied
I am.

Family over everything
Folarin Seun  May 2015
Folarin Seun May 2015

Nuclear family
Extended family
Your close friends
Anyone who cares should be part of your family
Family is everything

Poppy  Dec 2014
Poppy Dec 2014

Grandpa: He is a knowledgeable Redwood Tree
Fostering generations of creatures

Grandma: She is a benign elephant
Gently nursing her beloved children

Father: He is a roaring lion
An unyielding beast that shields his kin

Mother: She is an assiduous ant
Constantly cleaning, cooking, and caring

Twins: They are pepper and salt
Inimitable personalities, but always together

Sister: She is a carefree duckling
Striving to flourish into a majestic swan

Brother: He is duct tape
Annoyingly sticky, but endlessly helpful

Imagine if this family was real. The twins will be like, "Don't eat me! My daddy will bite your neck off!"

Okay. That totally ruined the mood, but I have to note it.
Teresa Reyes  Feb 2015
Teresa Reyes Feb 2015

You have no idea what it’s like to grow up without a father. To grow up without any brothers or sisters. If a little girl grows up without a father she is lost in the world, not knowing who to trust. Grows up with a different expectation of men, that they’ll run out on you, just like their father. The feeling I get when I see my friends with their father and brothers/sisters is completely devastating. The feeling when I see a father with their child, so loving and protective of them… I wish I had that. When I see father-daughter dances at quinceaneras or any type of party, I get the feeling of emptiness in the pit of my stomach. Looking back I realize how much I wanted to burst into tears on the day of my quinceanera because I wasn't having a father-daughter dance. There is no father figure in my life. I absolutely despise it when people treat their brothers/sisters unfairly. They are so lucky to grow up with siblings. I’m never gonna be an aunt and have nieces/nephews. I don’t have an older sister to go to for advice, have the time of our lives while we sneak out, try new things with, or to explore the world with. I don’t have an older brother to look out for me, tease when he gets in trouble, or have his shoulder to cry on if I’m going through a breakup. I would love to have siblings younger than me so I can help guide them through life, show them what I've been through and make sure they never have to feel that much pain. I know everyone has to go through pain in their life but I would at least try to shield them from the worst. Tell them what’s right and to not go through the wrong path. Most of all I wish my mother would act like a mother. You’re not a teenager anymore mom. Stop going out to party, you go out more than I do. And that says a lot. You didn't raise me, grandma and Tia did. You were busy partying with your friends. I wish I could meet my father. I never wanted to meet him before but now I feel like it’s time. Then again he left for a reason, right?

Eric W  Mar 2014
Eric W Mar 2014

I do what I do for my family.
If you knew what I knew, you'd be the same as me.
Lovers, haters, the weak, and the takers,
It's all the same to me.
Motherfuckers, all of you.
All of you are family.

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