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Georgiana S Feb 2011
Sing me songs of farewell
This red shaded dawn,
Recite me lines about unknown -
Please, recite them well.

Let your tongue disguise the words,
Make them look fair
While I'm statued in life's ropes
Tied to this porcelain cold chair.

Speak loud, stand proud -
Then look at me straight.
Let your shadow strangle my neck,
Bathed in my acid tears around.

It's neither's fault, you say...
Only this mischievious cicle
A clueless timed canvas,
That lead you feel this way.

I can't scream, can't defend.
I only let the ending end.
Take your promises back,
Take your tender looks too,
Burn each of one's illusions,
******* their ashes, take them with you.

Don't leave me your apologies,
Your blured confusions...
Just leave me here,
In eternity's fusions
Drowned in a heart attack.

The years have passed away.
My hands still tremble, mildly.
Wrapped in pottery shards and blindly
This disease have rot me inside
It's what they say...

In fact, I died at the bottom of the sea.
The cure is simple and hopeless to me.
Give me a pill of amnesia
And my five o'clock tea.
Georgiana.S 2011
DAVID Aug 2016
silence the everlasting
fire, and the thirst of
your skin,  well satisfed.

never doubtfull,  your eyes
shine of placer, desire, and
complete satisfaction.

humdty in my pelvis, the
silky and sour shine, in the
lap of this gratefull  and loved

and for a minute,
just in that moment, im
complete, serene, loved, wanted,
a full beast, serened and thankfull

the sorrow, the pain, and fouling acts,
and the brutal theft, are just bumps,
overcomed, erased with the humidity
of your ***.

doubtfull is the one, that  
has not loved, her lie is a heavy
cross, dark, fatal, deadly, her soul
will never love beneath the divine

in return, your eyes, truth,
love and venture, loving an
impossible, but loving even so,
stertores of your  loved and
kissed ******.

penetrated, softly and ferouciously,
are the echo of the fire, crashing the
sea, making life, steam, watering the
earth, generating the trofhic cicle,
of life, fire and water, steam of life,
passion between two beasts,
beautiful and loved.

your honney and your
desire, WILD, intense,
evergreene,  are vitals,
for a beast of montecristo,

that just drags, harm and pain,
of betrayal, every cut, every  scratch,
every stabing, made of me, the strong man
that y am.

unbreakcable, and living, loving impossibles
destroying the lies, ending the weakness
of  layars, full of hate,  and envy,
for losing  that, holding our

after that, and for their weakness
montecristo is the winner, a beast
with a heart, learning to love, the possible
and the impossible, to dissapear in the other,
rapped in her ligth, and her beauty,

the evil and weak of the mondego girls,
only speed up, their catastrophy,
y stand alone before their mistakes, and their
lies and anathems, turn against them,
truth clean the waters, and the fire make the
steam, that generates life, makng a full cicle.

so, threw desire, and mutual passion,
impossible happens, in the name of life,
and love, the desire quimera, could never erase
the time we touch, dispise the difference
full and wild.

generating steam, making life,
roaring, *******, groaning, and
in my mind and in yours, the same
desire, the overwelming truth, our truth,
and the incompresible lie, vain, the
echoes of the false, and ther infectious lies,
corrupting wath was always life.

the false notion of love, and their
acomplisses, with her conning, and the
not aceptacion, vain or insane,
dark, crazy and
this one's for the ladies. is not the engine is the choices, just that and aceptation , ] all mi love for the ones with aceptation and a clean heart.[
Cláudio Costa Feb 2014
Saw myself blinking,
in the mirror,
I don't know what it stands for
this thick fog won't become any clearer
the sun won't shine like it did before.
my insides are bursting up
A burden I just can't keep stored
This is a feeling I can sum up
As a heart replaced by C4
listen to me
when your only company is your own reflection
He's the one who will always be
Ready to aprecciate your soul collection
Feels somehow weird when you look to the clouds
And see none of the forms you used to see
Now I can't have any doubts
I grew up to be the demon I was afraid to be
My home forest looks pale and erased
That tree I used to climb now has turned for ashes
I see now that I've never faced
Reality, and now I suffer as it crashes,
And it scratches
The wounds that are now dug deep
They keep coming, those hometown flashes
And pin me down like it's inducted sleep
Reality was the big old Bible
Kept hidden inside the dusty bookshelf
Now my path is a vicious cicle
And I wimp like a baby like I bully myself
Born, live, die, I pretend
That's how my life should begin and end
But my greed came, it seized my soul
And it took us both to Inferno's blackhole
C  Dec 2014
too tired for words
C Dec 2014
My soul split when I shared you it
and I discovered, last minute
you had a history
of quitting

A life barely lived,
you caught me by surprise
To find at so young
you have been already worn-out

Too tired for words
that which tend to base growth
within a relationship that is fickle
you're a sharp ice cicle
Expo 86'  Sep 2015
Expo 86' Sep 2015
Some times i think i live in a never ending cicle, i climb all the way to the top to just look down and see you in the way so i slide down all the away, and finally when i catch up with you, my heart is full of cracks, and you are all glued with love from others figthers, so now i'm just waiting something to take place, here where every moment is a perfect place to take another shot of anguish and sadness watching you talk to all your lovers about what you and i planned to be
Aubree Brianne  Jul 2014
Aubree Brianne Jul 2014
You're like smoke
so faintly I can see you
but when I go to feel you
kiss you
love you
you arent there
youre like snow on a summer ground
you melt away so quickly
you course through my cells
Kind of like cicle cell
you cause me pain
You left scars
two inches deep
on my left wrist
Mariam Baalbaki Dec 2018
Everything has an ending.
You favorite song gets annoying,
Your friendships fall apart,
Your passion evaporates,
Your book has it's last dot,
Your life ends.

But every ending is a beginning.
You find another song,
You connect with other friends,
You discover new feelings,
You read another book,
The memory of your being stays alive.

Every cicle has an ending,
So it can start fresh again.
Dimitris Sarris Jul 2017
If you don't share someone's pain
you can never understand them.
But just because you understand them
doesn't mean you can come to an
agreement, for out of love sacrifice is born,
hate is born and we are able to know pain.
Build destroy repeat an endless cicle.
Is that what we want?
Is that what we are?
no darkerpassion had I
what was this
that we could escape
was that my childhood
or his dreams
they call to
puffed circles
watch my finger twirl

my fingers beneath her skirt
she twirls to me dream like
her lolli-pop kisses
we traded

for for
what scorn
she bleeds
to me
they drip
from floor

bubble gum mistress
chewing on my sleeves
her lovers on my coat tails
hopes she never leaves
we have shared
not the slightest part




no darker passion had I


— The End —