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Cláudio Costa Oct 2018
come along.
slow, swift, no matter the pace
I promise it won't be long
just run to me the way you're faced
you then shall find my arm's embrace
and fall asleep to nature's song

for time that passed with countless seasons
your steps were treading on my trail
for chance that came by unknown reasons
you're in the train that took my rail

the strides you took in my direction
I couldn't let you take them back
and if you can't find one objection
then come and walk, along my track

you're a thrill ride
and the cold breeze that comes through
you're a summer night's sky
and all the stars in its view.

come along.
Cláudio Costa May 2016
feet on below
mind up above
it is yet to know
where she wanders, my love

come down already
from the foam of your dream
you float yet you're steady
playing notes down a stream

I can hear your voice
and its echo in distance
it's a morning rejoyce
it's a call to existence

waking up and it's you
holding me in a clutch
so simple, so true
your smell, your touch

in the night then you shine
standing in for the day
I can not make you mine
but I want you to stay

the sun standing up there
looks below when you rise
because under your hair
you're the moon in disguise.
Cláudio Costa Jan 2016
Weather grows austere in this land
As I hold my soul in a clutch,
I seek the warmth of a helping hand,
For fear infects me. Pain. Too much.

By gods labeled as misbehaved,
I clench my fists and lock my jaw,
And I shall see my name engraved
As a defier of mortal law.

We must stand tall, protect our kin,
Be our own creator of fates,
For all we are, have always been:
a "postponed corpse that procriates"

Let the lightning crack the trees,
Blood and fire scorch the soil,
I will not fall on my knees,
I will not cede to the toil.

Piercing winds will strike me down,
Higher forces will invade,
Yet those who rage will be let down
For they shall strike me unafraid.
my attempt to write an epic poem. hope you enjoy it(:
Cláudio Costa Nov 2015
poeira, estrela
Disperso-me no lençol infinito
Vendo-as pintadas numa tela
De tamanho não restrito.

Nébula, lua
Anos-luz de distância
compõem a verdade
da nossa insignificância.

Mergulho na paisagem estelar
No cosmos mais profundo
Não sei se hei de abandonar
Mas nada pode justificar
Que permaneça neste mundo
sem o teu abrigo
E vai para além de mim
Tudo aquilo que persigo
Mas ainda assim,
Diz que sim,
vem até ao fim
Subo já o teu varandim
E levo-te comigo.
Cláudio Costa Aug 2014
Arms and the Heroes, who from Lisbon's shore,
Through seas where sail was never spread before,
Beyond where Ceylon lifts her spicy breast,
And waves her woods above the watery waste,
With prowess more than human forced their way
To the fair kingdoms of the rising day:
What wars they waged, what seas, what dangers passed,
What glorious empire crowned their toils at last,
Venturous I sing, on soaring pinions borne,
And all my country's wars the song adorn;
What kings, what heroes of my native land
Thundered on Asia and Afric's strand:
Illustrious shades, who levelled in the dust
The idol-temples and the shrines of lust:
And where, erewhile, foul demons were revered,
To Holy Faith unnumbered altars reared
Illustrious names, with deathless laurels crowned,
While time rolls on in every clime renown'd!
A little poem from the illustruous times of my country, Portugal.
Not mine but felt like sharing
Cláudio Costa Feb 2014
Saw myself blinking,
in the mirror,
I don't know what it stands for
this thick fog won't become any clearer
the sun won't shine like it did before.
my insides are bursting up
A burden I just can't keep stored
This is a feeling I can sum up
As a heart replaced by C4
listen to me
when your only company is your own reflection
He's the one who will always be
Ready to aprecciate your soul collection
Feels somehow weird when you look to the clouds
And see none of the forms you used to see
Now I can't have any doubts
I grew up to be the demon I was afraid to be
My home forest looks pale and erased
That tree I used to climb now has turned for ashes
I see now that I've never faced
Reality, and now I suffer as it crashes,
And it scratches
The wounds that are now dug deep
They keep coming, those hometown flashes
And pin me down like it's inducted sleep
Reality was the big old Bible
Kept hidden inside the dusty bookshelf
Now my path is a vicious cicle
And I wimp like a baby like I bully myself
Born, live, die, I pretend
That's how my life should begin and end
But my greed came, it seized my soul
And it took us both to Inferno's blackhole

— The End —